Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Unusual Internet Love Scam

Recently, an internet love scam has created a stir in Singapore.

internet naked webcam scam - Yap Siew Ting's photo

Yap Siew Ting, 17, and her boyfriend, Alexander Soh Zhi Ren, 21, are being charged over certain crimes. They have managed to persuade victims to appear naked in front of webcam and even masturbate for the girl while they secretly recorded/filmed the process. Eventually, they started extorting money from the victims, threatening them that the videos would be circulated online if they refused to abide to the terms. More than S$100,000 was extorted from the victims.

This is one of the most unusual online scams ever exposed in Singapore. How many people would expect such thing to happen to male victims? Moreover, extortion is always deemed as a major crime in Singapore and thus, most people are quite unlikely to expect it to happen.

This also reflects badly on our society for a 17-year-old girl to showcase her body in the hope of earning trust of her victims. Her boyfriend who is supposed to safeguard her from other guys is making use of her body for the unlawful gain.

Nonetheless, this is a wake-up call for all males not only in Singapore but all over the world.

If you have frequented social networking websites often, you may actually get to see very sexual remarks and requests from guys on girls' profiles. These people are easier to be targeted since they are more open. However, scammmers may prefer potential victims who are less experienced.

We have analysed and pointed out some issues, which guys should take note of.

1. Look into the mirror. Are you so attractive that a girl is dying so badly to see more of you?

2. Hot girls are surrounded by guys, especially when social networking websites are so common; hence, what makes you think the "chiobu" has time to entertain you?

3. Girls in Singapore are generally not as bold as other countries' and do you really think you are this lucky to meet one here?

4. How long have you talked to the girl to make her so fascinated or obsessed over you?

5. Technology is good enough that there are many free screen-capturing software for video-capturing. Besides that, mobile phones with video camera feature is even more common.

Guys really need to reflect on their conducts over the internet. However, girls should also take note of this incident as well.

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