Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fighting Against Facebook Scammer - Kingston Romeo

Impersonating scam has become so common that everyone should take extra precaution when making friends online. It is difficult to determine if an online friend is using his/her real photos. We should therefore remain calm at all times and not let the "good-looking" photos overrule our minds.

Usually, fake female profiles are created for various reasons. This article will, instead, expose a male "user" of Facebook.

From the Facebook name Kingston Romeo ( and the way he comments, we can almost be sure that he is a native Chinese Singaporean and therefore, the name "Kingston Romeo" is a fake name.

He is stupid to use a quite popular local guy's photo instead of foreigner's one. The photo even has a copyright watermark at the bottom, linking to the owner's personal homepage.

The above photo was screenshot after he changed his profile picture.

Kingston Romeo has been posting sexual comments on girls' profiles. He has done worse thing such as posting the nonsense on underage girl's profile. We will not post the girls' URLs here even though they seem to be quite open and not blocking perverts.

This Facebook scammer was probably down on luck that he was exposed by another fake female account's owner on 4th February 2012. She (Yes, we have reasons to believe it is either a female or shemale) happened to be in the owner's friend list and informed him that his photo was stolen.

The victim reported and blocked Kingston Romeo and created a Facebook event to invite friends to report him as well.

On 6th February 2012, the scammer messaged another girl who happened to be the victim's friend as well.

Kingston Romeo:
hihi sexy :)

is the dp u?

Kingston Romeo:

just asking. curious

Kingston Romeo:
i am

so u are the one in the dp?

Kingston Romeo:

Friend2 managed to get the scammer's email address - - and shortly, the scammer somehow realised he had been exposed and changed his profile photo. If the email address truly belongs to him, he is the same scammer in Tagged who had used the victim's photo as well.

He messaged another girl, but this time, he admitted he was a fraudster. He stopped replying her after that.

We have no idea how many girls he had tried to hook up during the period when he had used the victim's photo.

On 10th February, Facebook's staff finally replied through email:
Subject: Follow-up about your recent report to Facebook


Thanks for your recent report of a potential violation on Facebook. After reviewing your report, we were not able to confirm that the specific profile you reported violates Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Please only file a report if a profile:
- Pretends to be someone else (Ex: yourself, a friend or a celebrity)
- Doesn't represent a real person (Ex: pet accounts, fictional characters or a person who doesn't exist)

If you still believe the profile violates our policies, use this form and provide us with a government issued ID for re-review:***********

Learn more about our community standards:

The Facebook Team

Give us feedback to let us know how we are doing:**************

The victim used the link provided to make an "appeal" with evidence but the Facebook staffs had somehow decided to fail their users; there was also no reply from them thereafter. The scammer Kingston Romeo's profile was still around more than a month after it was reported by many Facebook users of the victim.

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