Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jamie Yeo Impersonate - Michelle

jamie yeo singapore imposter

jamie yeo singapore imposter

This fake account was created a couple of years back and remained "quiet". The one and only photo she had uploaded obviously was Jamie Yeo, our Singapore celebrity. Doing a google search would show the photo.

Some girls are extremely low in confidence due to their looks and they would add celebrities' photos inside their social media profiles to "trick" guys into contacting them. However, this "Michelle" played fool and insisted the photo was her. It was obvious she was up to no good but we were really too busy to go on and find out her motive.

After getting exposed, "she" cleared her friend list and her only remaining friend was "Lynette W".

We are not sure if "Lynette W", created on October 4, 2013, is a real or fake profile. "She" does log into her profile but has not cleared her friend request. Scammers who have created a number of fake profiles in Tagged normally do not have time to work on the profiles.