Friday, March 2, 2012

Cab Scam in Rome - Singaporean Victimized

:( lost $300 euros in a money pounch when taking a cab... The cab drivers in rome is really sneaky and tricky, my hand lugguage was left half open to look for hotel map, after i took out the hotel map, taxi driver quickly offered to help me carry, then ask me to sit in the front seat, then he put my hand lugguage in the seat behind the seat of his, purposely went around the back of the taxi and to the seat behind of his so that he got time to take my money pouch, i still stupid enough to take out $60 euros to pay him from my jacket... In my hotel, then i realise he took my money pounch and explans his sneaky actions.... :( last time i took cab is take $20 euros quickly change to 5 euros, then say i tale wrong money, so need to give again.... This time is take my money pounch.... WARNING: if travelling to spain or europe... please be ultra careful must have all lugguage close up and put it with you if possible, do have the right amount bevore taking cab, there is a website that can gauage cab fare online. Its a lesson learn for me... Lucky they nv take my passport... :)

The above was taken from Facebook hours ago. The victim was Miss Hilary Ng, a Singaporean who was travelling at Europe.

There have been various minor scams in Europe, which travellers should take precaution of. Please take good care of yourself when you are out of Singapore. The world is big and there are many unexpected scams out there waiting for you.

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