Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tips to Secure Credit Card Details

On 28 February 2012, Mr Lin found out that someone had used his credit card to buy Malaysian and Sri Lanka airline tickets, total about $10,000 in transactions.

Later, Mr Lin figured out that the transaction was made through internet.

When he was asked if he had given away his credit card's details within the past few months, he answered no.

For Mr Lin's case, he was lucky that his bank would be taking care of the issue for him, which would also mean that he would not have suffered any loss in the end. However, he would need to have his credit replaced, causing some inconvenience.

Tips to Secure Your Credit Card Details

Some websites may require users to provide the details of their credit cards to sign up for something or just an account with the website. They claim that they will not charge any amount as long as the user does not purchase any item or credit from them. We should always reserve our doubts.

Some trusted merchant websites may keep your credit card information with them after you make purchase. This is designed for your convenience so that you need not re-enter your credit card's details for your next purchase. Although you may trust the website, do note that even the Americans' government websites can be hacked - your data on the web can never be 100% secured.

One possibility is that Mr Lin's computer has been infested by virus. Moreover, as smart phones such as iPhone become an essential gadget, more people have been going online with their phones and even making purchases. However, most users do not install anti-virus software or application inside their smart phones; therefore, making the mobile device more vulnerable to attacks.

If you are travelling overseas and need to use your credit card for payment at places such as restaurant, try paying up at the cashier counter personally. It is possible for someone to duplicate your credit card within a short period of time. It is good that you can keep your eyes on your credit card.

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