Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sim Lim Square Scam - IT Products

Sim Lim Square is an IT heaven for most people in Singapore, which sells cheap IT products. Unlike Funnan Centre, shops at Sim Lim Square may even give you discounts on the spot.

However, there are quite a number of scam complaints about shops in Sim Lim Square. Although we believe most of the shops are running honest business, we cannot rule out that there are black sheep among them.

Below is a complaint about a shop we have received today. The email is unedited except for the unit number of the shop.

Hello there,

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus at Sim Lim Square. I knew that the shops there can have very differing prices, so I went around to find one with the lowest price. I found it at #02-77. I made sure I was careful before I made the decision to buy, because I knew that there has been many scam cases that happened there, so I asked if the price they quoted includes everything, warranty, all accessories in the package and tax. Well everything was ok at first, but after i paid for it, the salesperson brought the phone to the counter at the back to do setups. He then told me that i needed to buy a memory card to increase the speed of the processor. I knew the phone came with 16GB of internal memory, but he said no, the programming and all will be under the external memory. After i bought the memory card and the guy did whatever programming that he claimed to do, he told me the total for the setups and programming will be 300 SGD (I can't rmb the exact amt that he quoted) on top of the 640 SGD that i have already paid for the phone itself. I was really angry cause he didn't tell me that he was going to do all those programming and that I'll have to pay some more. He also claimed that I wouldn't be able to access the internet if he did not do the setups for me. I refused to pay that extra 300 bucks and in the end haggled it down to 200. When I went home and was trying out the phone functions, I came across the storage space section and realised that the memory space on the external memory card is not used up at all! So basically, I paid 200 bucks for nothing, aside from the memory card that was totally not needed!

Then again, of course I knew that it was my fault that I wanted to find cheap deals, but it's just so dumb that i was made to pay that extra 200 bucks for nothing! And the salesperson lied that the phone will not work if he did not programme it for me.
I just want to warn people so they don't get scammed like I did.


We would advise everyone to go to only shops that are recommended by friends.

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