Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Former principal found guilty of embezzling school funds

According to Channel News Asia, the former principal of Maris Stella High School, 66-year-old Anthony Tan Kim Hock, has been found guilty of misappropriating S$67,700 from the school's chapel building fund account between March and September 2009.

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We urge the managements of all public sectors, including schools, to make appropriate decisions when it comes to handling of public funds.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Bogus Repairmen

From the Singapore Police Force facebook:

Breaking news:

Police have arrested 3 Malaysians aged 20, 28 and 30 who are believed to be responsible for numerous cases of theft in dwelling at various housing estates island-wide by posing as repairmen or contractors.

The "bogus repairmen" targeted elderly persons, posing as licensed contractors from HDB to gain entry into the victim’s unit on the pretext of checking/repairing pipes and leakages. Upon entering, one of the culprits would engage the victim at the kitchen or toilet while the other culprit searched for cash and valuables in the other rooms of the flat. In the latest case reported on 28 March 2013, an 81-year-old woman living at Toa Payoh fell prey to the "bogus repairmen" who made off with $200 in cash.

Police would like to advise the public to adopt the following measures:

a) Always keep your grille gates locked and never open the doors to strangers;

b) Do not allow anyone who claims to be a repairman to enter your house without verifying his identity;

c) If in doubt, verify his identity with his company, or contact your family members or Police for assistance; and

d) Do not keep large sums of money or valuables in the house. Keep the money in a safe or deposit it in the bank.