Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Travel Agent Scam

From reader JC:

Hi Guys,
anyone know this freelance travel agent - Ms Kee Kim Noi? (aka Bambi Kee)

Ms Kee Kim Noi, who is a freelance travel agent, claimed that she has linkages with certain airlines and agents, helped several people to book air tickets or packages.

After she made the booking for us with Farmosa travel, she went missing with our money. As Farmosa travel did not receive any payment from her, the booking was cancelled. Ms Kee, apparently went missing with those money. Therefore, would like to see your help if anyone has come across this person or know anyone who has.

She will usually sell you air tickets or packages and asked you to transfer money to her bank account. After which, she will delay issuing the tickets or the tour packages until you give up and wanted to take back the money. Then, she will claimed that the money is delayed with her "agent" and the refund will keep dragging until you do not get a single cent from her.

Would like to connect with anyone who knows her or anyone who has friends who knows her so that we can go to the police together.