Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fake Foreign Student ID Scam

A 47-year-old female suspect was arrested for selling fake student identification cards.

Police had received information about her printing shop at Bencoolen Street that was reportedly selling fake student cards. On the next day, police officers raided the place and arrested her (the shop owner), retrieving various foreign student cards' templates that were believed to have been forged using the shop's computer. Printing-related items, including a computer, a cutter, some plastic lamination cards and nine counterfeit student identification cards were seized.

The suspect seemed to be selling her services, including printing and sales of the counterfeit student cards, between the price of S$25 and S$65.

Investigations against the suspect are ongoing.

As mentioned by MediaCorp channel 8 news, the buyers are using the student identification cards to purchase cigarettes.

We assume the buyers would have stated their age much older in the student cards and thus we can expect the buyers to use the fake foreign student identification cards to catch R21 movies, enter clubs and pubs, and even to take loans. The wrong usage of the cards may lead to other complications.

We believe buying and owning counterfeit foreign student identification cards are both illegal. Therefore, scammers who are currently in possession of them should think thrice before using them.

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