Sunday, March 25, 2012

Online Scams - Branded Bags

Accordingly to CNA website, police had arrested a 22-year-old woman on 21 March 2012 who is believed to be involved in at least two cases of online cheating.

The suspect had placed an online advertisement on the website "" for the sale of branded bags, using the username "Bagjunkie".

The first victim made a police report on 03 March 2012 that she had been cheated regarding a branded bag. She had "bought" it from the suspect and transferred a sum of S$1,400 to a bank account provided. The suspect became evasive and the victim did not receive the bag. Preliminary investigations revealed that another victim was scammed for the purchase of a S$1,450 branded bag as well.

The lady would attend court on 23 March 2012. If convicted, she could be jailed for up to 10 years, and fined.

Anyone who has news to the final verdict, please update us.

Online Scams have become more common. The number of scams will continue to increase as more people begin to make internet part of their lives, including online shopping.

One tip that we can provide for online shoppers who like to shop on similar websites is to trust only shops/profiles that have more kudos or positive reviews/comments. Of course, not every shopping website would provide shoppers with the features to rate or comment. For newer shops, there are always higher risk.

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