Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Phone Kidnapping Scam Warning from SPF

Despite the frequent warning of such scam, there are still victims falling to such scams out of anxiety for family member.

Members of public are advised to be aware of kidnap scams, which have surfaced, and to adopt the following measures:

• Call ‘999’ immediately when you receive such calls;
• Remain calm and contact your loved one to confirm his or her safety; and
• Do not remit any money.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Rental scam in Tampines Singapore

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is my true story for which conclusion is yet to come. Four family put advt on Gumtree seeking flat on rent. In response one HDB owner from tampines contacted potential tenants and has signed tenancy agreement with all including me almost at same time in period of one month. On last minute he canceled the deal with everyone with one reason or another and holds back most of good faith advance given to him(one month rent and one month deposit). Till now I have four cases in my knowledge with whom he has done it. He keep on making some excuse not to return money. He is still contacting potential tenants.

Three victims has filed the police report. Police has asked us to seek SCT help. We all three went to SCT and SCT has ordered him to return the money back in three cases.
From my limited knowledge of local law, as part of enforcement of order only movable property can be seized for which we are not aware what are his movable properties are. I request my all fellow stompers to be aware and cautious in such case. It was our hard earned money for which we are still exploring all possible avenue to get it back. Money is just one part in such case but kind of frustration and mental trauma ( feeling to get cheated) is another part.

If you happen to encounter such scam in Tampines, do send us an email to get connected with the writer.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 Premium Membership Scam

"I was charged $88 on my credit card by so I called up my bank to check what transaction this was as I did not recall having made any purchases recently on their website. Was informed by the bank that this is the membership fee that they have imposed on all their "premium" members which I never knew I was. Did not receive any notification from Streetdeal that they would be charging me. They just went ahead and did it. Emailed them to request for a refund as I had no intention of being their premium member, and this was their reply:"

Greetings from StreetDeal.

As per the company's discretion, the membership has been revised and there has been a change in the membership fee effecting from 1st January 2014.

As such, all our Premium customers are changed from the annual membership fee to the quarterly membership fee.

Thus, you are charged for the new quarterly membership fee of $88.

In the meantime if you should have any inquires please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,

Theepa Magantharan | Customer Service Executive | StreetDeal Singapore Pte Ltd

W: | E:

T: +65 6361 0888 | F: +65 6535 7882

305 Alexandra Road | #05-15 Vantage Automotive Centre | Singapore 159942

The email stated that this $88 is a QUARTERLY fee. I have since cancelled my card and requested my bank to do a chargeback. Googled online and realised that many people have been cheated already, so want to spread this to as many people as possible. In addition, I have been leaving comments on their Facebook page for them to return me my money but they have been deleting my comments and blocking me from seeing others' comments.

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