Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Internet Romance Scam

Below is another romance scam alert by one of our visitors:

Okay, another romance con artist going by the name of Desmond Cliff, attracts Singaporean females. He claims he is Alaskan, been living in California, and outstationed in Sabah, Malaysia. Works for Chase company. Wife died of childbirth, both parents had died, and only brother left. He is in, facebook and also yahoo messenger. From his accent and spelling and words use, one can tell a little later, that he is not American. Americans don't use 'severally', nor say 'back' as 'buk'.. only UKs and Nigerians do that. Be careful. His stories will look so real when it comes to asking you to help him financially. He would tell you how he got help from others first, and then you are his last resort. How he needed just that much left. I was a victim. Glad it wasn't so much but I am still threatening him to repay me back. Learned my lesson with all this wealth of information on the net. Also, everybody in US will be listed in PeopleSearch, so check out first. Be careful out there.

Sorry reporters, this victim did not leave any contact behind as well.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Assistance for CNA Documentary on Scams

Third Floor Pictures is working on a crime documentary for Channel News Asia - examining cons and scams. If anyone has fallen for these frauds, we'd like to work with them and share their story. We can assure absolute anonymity. They can e-mail me at khai at thirdfloorpictures dot com with their name and contact number or call me in the office at 64387169.

Above is an appeal from a very friendly guy, Khai, from the company "Third Floor Pictures".

Your kind assistance will be greatly appreciated. If you were a victim, we are sure that you do not wish more people to fall for the same fraud.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Chain Mail Forwarding Scams

Chain mail has begun as early as the use of email has existed. They begun with scams threatening you that if you do not forward to a number of friends, something bad will happen to you. Then, some very nasty people invented scams like the following:

Dear : All,

Hello, My name is Krista Marie and I have a new born baby named Natalie.

She means the world to me, and just recently, the doctors have discovered that my little Natalie has "Brain Cancer."

Unfortunatly my husband and I don't have the money to pay for the bill.

But my husband and I have worked out a deal with AOL and they have agreed to give us 5 cents to each person that received this e-mail.

So please, forward this to everyone you know, and help out my little Natalie and I.

Thank you.

Your Sincere :
Krista Marie

* This is NOT a joke e-mail, this is regarding to save a new Life. Please dtake this message seriously. Thank you!

We do not know if Krista Marie and Natalie are real people. However, the whatever "deal" with AOL is definitely a scam because there is no way AOL can know if anyone has received the forwarded email, at least not by sending the image as an attachment. The number of viewers may be tracked if the image is being hosted by AOL and is embedded as HTML inside the email.

We strongly despise scammers who create such prank since it will greatly kill the morale of kind souls in the world.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fake Distributor Online Scam

The emerging of internet has helped many businessmen to reach target audience easier. Selling products online means there is no need for a physical store, which will help to ease the business cost since rental is usually the biggest component.

However, there is an issue of reliability at stake. Many scammers have emerged to harvest in the large market with fake or imitation products, which are usually of lousier quality than the actual manufacturers'.

It is often difficult to trace the sellers when the online buyers face issues with the products.

In our opinion, it is worth the risk to try out non-consumable and non facial products; on the other hand, we should always exercise extra care in identifying the sellers' credibility. For products that you will put into your mouth or apply on your skin, you probably have to research more.

There is a compaint from a beauty products distributor that someone has been using her name to sell the products, which are supposed to be sold only through her.


We do not know if these products really work. Our primary concern is that if you were to get them from unauthorized distributors, there is a high chance that they are counterfeit goods, which may harm your health. Secondly, if anything happens, you may not be able to pursue the matter if you get the products from an unknown online fake distributor.

It is therefore better for you to get any product from the appropriate distributor instead of getting them at discounted price from unknown distributors or people who claim to be representing the distributor.

A decent product that is allowed to be sold online should at least have a decent company website. Do check with them for more information when you are in doubt.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beggar Scams - PRC Old Lady

Translated from Chinese (pardon us if there is any mistake):

"Daughter is suffering from Leukemia"

"Female beggar makes a hundred dollar per hour"

"Came to Singapore from China and is being accused of gaining sympathy"

A few weeks ago, there was this news of a PRC lady who was begging on the street. We are not sure if she is genuine about her sick daughter even though many people think that it is weird for her to be able to afford the air ticket to travel from China.

Like what we have mentioned in one of our entries about the begging scam, passers-by should help the poor in the long run by contacting the town council, member of parliament or MCYS to help them. If you give a person a fish, he can live for a few days, but if you teach him how to fish, he can live for many years.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Call From Number +65333458 Scam

We have just received a call from the number +65333458.

"+65" is the country code for Singapore, which means if someone uses a phone line to call you in Singapore, "+65" will be displayed at the front.

The person who called had an Indian accent, who spoke very fast and was recommending us to get a free package or gift from "Bank of China".

As he continued to shoot nonsense, we took a look at the phone number and realised it was very weird. If we were to break down the number into country code and phone number, "+65" and "333458", the phone number was different from the normal 8-digit Singapore number - it was just 6 digits.

We knew something was wrong and regretted even picking up the call. As we said "Sorry, I'm not interested", the fellow ignored us and continued to recommend his product until slamming his phone.

Lesson learnt for the day is that phone number that appears on the caller ID can be faked like email - we have heard about it before but the "+65" in front is really tricky. We hope nobody is tempted by whatever free package or gift.

We are not sure what kind of scam they are trying their luck on, however, companies that fake number are obviously up to no good.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blog Comment Spam Scam

If you own a blog, whether it is hosted on free Blogger or WordPress, or even on your own webhost, you will somehow receive comments on your blog post. Depending on the popularity of your blog, you may receive more.

Generally, having many comments mean your blog is interesting or popular, however, if most of the comments are actually nonsense, your blog will look rather ugly.

What do we mean by comments which are nonsense or spammy (we mean "spam" in an act-cute way)?

Some blog comments may sound logical but they are simply general comments that can be applied to almost all blogs. Examples would be:

  1. Comments that thank or praise you for your contents and they definitely will not mention which part is good because they are being automatically generated.
  2. Comments that tell you your blog is good but has problem when being displayed on certain internet browser.
  3. Comments that ask you for your RSS URL when it is already being shown clearly on top of your blog.
  4. Comments that advise you to include RSS so that visitors can get updates easier when you already have RSS for your blog.

Some comments may also be lengthy but the contents are on certain topics that are totally irrelevant to your blog entry or even your entire blog. Other comments are obviously spams that contain only links to other websites.

Regardless of the type of spam comment, they will contain at least an URL of the website that the spammer (scammer) owns. The URL can be included as part of the comment or at the bottom of it, or simply on the "website" column allowed by your blog. Most of the time, the "name" of the comment owner will be the product or website's name, and sometimes, but rarely, is a human's name.

Take a look at the following blog comment:

Hello, Neat post. There's an issue together with your website in internet explorer, may check this? IE nonetheless is the marketplace leader and a large section of other folks will leave out your excellent writing due to this problem.

The spam blog comments are obviously scams.

Most of the scam comments are automatically generated by software. Most of them are also randomly generated using certain sets of words.

What do we mean by sets of words?

For example, The first set of words can be "He, She, It, Luckie", second set "is, is indeed, has" and third set "a dog, dog, a puppy, puppy". When the software spins the sets of words and creates a spun sentence or paragraph, it can turn out to be a combination of the sets of words, for examples, "It is indeed dog", "She has dog" or "He is a puppy". Generally, the sentences do make sense but may not be in perfect English. We have already been living in the internet life where most people do not type in proper English anyway - this includes our blog (We will try our best to do it better though!).

The scam blog comments are created for free advertisement and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes.

If you were to approve the scam comments to appear on your website, your visitors may click on the URL included or you may even click on it yourself to see what is it all about - this will create extra traffic for the scammers' websites. As for SEO, search engine's spiders and bots may misunderstand that the scammers' websites are popular because their URLs are appearing on other websites - this is also the reason why the scammers would want to spin the contents of the scam comment to make them look differently.

Some very hardworking kiddy scammers would do the spamming manually because those software to do it do cost some high monthly subscription fees.

By the way, there are also some scam comments that actually do not include an URL or they would simply add "" or "" as their URLs. This is just a trick for you to approve the comments, thinking there is no harm. Eventually, the scammers are just trying their luck that your blog's system would add their IP or email address to the whitelist, so that their future scam blog comments may be automatically accepted depending on your system. Therefore, we would advise you to do manual moderation of comments for your blog instead of allowing whitelist.

We should not allow scammers to have their ways. Let's be alert and block these scammers.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Facebook LIKE IT Scams

For various reasons, many people have been trying hard to get more subscribers on their Facebook. This is why many scams have appeared in Facebook and most of them do not even require any programming or hacking tactic.

One of the most common Facebook scams is to get people to LIKE certain image in order to "make things happen". There are scams that say if you like the image, your Facebook profile will change colour there from the original blue one, while some say if you LIKE it, special things will appear or the image will move.

The reason why scammers would want more people to LIKE their images is so that the victims' friends would see the same post in their news feed, so that they can fall into the trick (LIKE it) too. This chain effect can spread extremely fast.

The latest Facebook LIKE IT scam is about the change of notification icon into a "heart". This scammer (We are not sure if he's the originator) would even prevent people from commenting on his post so that nobody can expose him straight away. Next, he added comments that whoever subscribes to his profile would get 200 new friends requests. This is definitely tempting to Facebook users who wish to become more popular by having more friends.

This scammer's name is Phillip Johnson with the URL of and he has created many scams to make himself popular.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Media Scams - Bersih 3.0

Even with the rise of the Internet, mainstream media still dominates the news market. Most people in all countries would follow news on the TV because of its convenience and supposed-to-be accuracy. The news reports would release latest news from the government as well, which is essential. People who depend on online news would likely face over-feeding of information from different sources and have the problem of differentiating the truthfulness of reports.

However, in some countries, the media is well controlled by the government such that news can be covered up to make the government look good. News may also tend to be biased against opposition parties. The World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders is one way to judge the accuracy of the press in all countries.

One of the worst presses in the world currently is Syria's, where the government prevents foreign reporters to enter the country and its state controlled media has been broadcasting about how the government is well-liked by its citizens when many parts of the country are having regular protest against the government. Many houses have been destroyed by the government in the name of warring against "terrorists" who have taken up arms after their peaceful protests have been cracked down deadly by the government.

There are endless ways that state controlled media can be propaganda or be used to cover up flaws of the government. For example, when two politicians from the ruling and opposition parties are at loggerheads, the newspaper can use an uglier photo of the opposition politician so that he or she would look bad, painting a bad image over him. If video recording is included, the news on TV can put the argument of the ruling party's politician last so as to create an impression that he or she is the final winner. When there is a chaos caused by public transport operators' lack of preparation, state media can start filming when situations are better controlled or filming can be done at places that look neater. When high ranking government officers are involved in crimes and are being sacked immediately before trial, the media can focus on the word "ex officer" to make the government look better.

Recently, Astro (in Malaysia) has censored news from BBC and Al-Jazeera on the footage of Bersih 3.0. Malaysian Police said 25,000 had attended the demonstration but rally organisers said 250,000 protested.

Original Astro Broadcast of BBC News

Original BBC news with Astro Broadcast of BBC News

"You can clearly see that it was edited if you look at the rolling text. The broadcast was about 5-7 minutes behind schedule, so they had time to remove parts."

From Sarawak Report:
We revealed that viewers in Malaysia saw 30 seconds less of the report than people watching the same news bulletin across the rest of the world.

These crucial seconds included a scene of a police officer apparently shooting at peaceful civilians and also statements by demonstrators explaining why they had taken to the streets to protest at election rigging.

The removal of these sequences could be judged to have introduced a bias away from the more even-handed and objective approach of the original report, in an attempt to show the police and the government in a better light.

However, as the resulting discussion has revealed, this form of “self-censorship’ by press and broadcast licence holders is commonplace in Malaysia. In order to keep their licences, organisations have to abide by a ‘Content Code’ laid down by the BN regime.

From The Malaysian Insider:

Following the election watchdog’s last July 9 rally, censors had blacked out parts of an article in The Economist, which had called Putrajaya’s handling of the event overzealous.

The article titled “Taken to the cleaners — an overzealous government response to an opposition rally” had chronicled the chaos on July 9 when police fired chemicals to disperse tens of thousands who had gathered to demand electoral reforms.

Among the parts blacked out were mentions of the heavy-handedness by the police and accusations that the government had withdrawn its offer for protesters to use a stadium for the rally.

The Home Ministry had also used black ink to blot out portions of the article that mentioned the death of one protester and the alleged bombardment of chemicals into the compound of the Tung Shin Hospital.

More news on Bersih 3.0 video doctored can be found at CNA
and Free Malaysia Today.

There are also some videos that show very nasty stuffs...

State controlled media is a "double edged sword". When being used in a good way, it helps to keep the country more stable. However, it is also a deadly weapon used by autocratic rulers all over the world to control the minds of their citizens.

Nevertheless, the emerging of the Internet has not only provided sources to alternate voices, but also helped to tune down the propaganda from governments in order to avoid losing more credibility.

It is always good to rely on a few different sources of news from the Internet. Do read the comments posted by visitors and analyse the information before making your own judgement.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Photoshoot Scams - Nude Model's Photographs Leaked

If you are a model who has been promised a good amount of money and sweet agreements to keep the photos private for a nude photoshoot, you must be very naive.

So what if there is even a contract being signed by the photographer or photographers that they will only keep the photos of your totally exposed body only as part of their personal collections?

We are very sure that celebrity Edison Chen Guanxi had also promised his numerous of flings that he would keep their sex photos and sex-tapes as personal collection - and in the end, all the nude photos are leaked. Do you still remember the "NYP Tammy" video incident that happened years back?

Is there anything that can remain as a secret with the high technology nowadays, especially with the great Internet, which news and scandals can be circulated within seconds? This is why the terms "leaked" and "exposed" are related to porn websites.

We do agree that nude photography is a form of arts, but is also subjected to the real intention of the photographer, which is impossible to be judged. A photographer who can take very nice photographs does not mean that he has a good moral as well.

By the way, taking naked photos in the public is at this moment still illegal under Singapore's laws.

Eileen Yumiko Yap nude picture
Above screenshot is property of photographer Roy Chuang. We have censored part of it due to its sexiness although it doesn't show any of Eileen Yap's private parts.

Recently, a part-time model Eileen Yumiko Yap's nude photos are leaked into the Internet.

In an interview found in XinMSN:

FHM Models 2010: Top 15 scouted babes
Eileen Yap, 21, Sales Beauty Consultant

Vital Statistics: 32"26"36"; Height: 1.68m

What is the sexiest thing that you have done?
That would be when I get naked at home.

What is the sexiest outfit that you own?
My Cosplay costume.

If I win, I promise I will...
Wear a bikini and wash cars.


Photographer in trouble over naked pictures

A photographer has been accused of outraging the modesty of several models he was working with.

The allegations came to light after nude pictures he took of the women surfaced on the Internet.

The photographer, 41-year-old Chen Jun Hao, went to a police station in Geylang at 10am yesterday morning (23 April) in an attempt to clear his name.

Mr Chen has come under fire recently after nude pictures of a 24-year-old part-time model began circulating around the internet.

Soon after these photos were posted, another photographer came forward to accuse Mr Chen of behaving indecently towards models he has worked with.

On his Facebook page, the photographer cited six other alleged instances of Mr Chen behaving inappropriately towards models.

Some of these models complained that Mr Chen would ask them to remove their bras while others said the photographer allegedly asked them to change in front of him.

One underage model even claimed that Mr Chen shaved her pubic hair.

Mr Chen has refuted these allegations, insisting that models could have walked away instead of acceding to his requests.

He also said that it was standard practice to have models in wedding gowns remove their bras.

In his defence, Mr Chen also claimed that the fitting room in the studio was too small for the models to change into their wedding gowns, which often come with wire frames for their skirts.

He said he would walk away to give the models more privacy when they change into these gowns.

We can find screenshots of models relating their stories with Chen Jun Hao aka Tan Choon How aka Mike S aka Candle Ghost to another photographer Roy Chuang at his Facebook Page - "Mike S (Candle Ghost) Exposed!!!".

We are not aware of the truthfulness of the accusation to Chen Jun Hao, however, we believe such things are happening in the modelling world. We hope all model wannabes would take precaution.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Online Friendship Scam - Weblink Sign-up

More scammers are using social networking site to scam or solicit customers. After exposing two profiles (Chi Chi Yamaguchi and Natalia Miyo Minako) who are taking advantage of the newage media to pretend making friends with online users, we have come across another one by the name of Nathalie Lee.

"Nathalie Lee" is hot from the oven! We mean "she" is a new scammer who has appeared since late April 2012.

Their common practice is to create accounts in (recently merged with, which allows ease of making new friends, before gathering their new friends to their Facebook accounts where they do the mass spamming of their "weblinks".

We first interacted with Nathalie Lee in her account at She appears to be a Thai and there are many photos of her taken in Singapore.

hello there can i add you in FB yahoo or msn to easy to chat?

or you can add me there.''heres my email see you there

and have good day <3

Next, she started sending a message to invite us to add her in Facebook, Yahoo Messenger and MSN. Our experience tells us that majority of Thais would use MSN rather than Yahoo Messenger and her Yahoo email has aroused our suspicious.

24/4/2012 4:46:30 AM scams-singapore: hi
24/4/2012 4:46:42 AM nathalie: hello
24/4/2012 4:46:56 AM scams-singapore: how are you?
24/4/2012 4:47:26 AM nathalie: im fine
24/4/2012 4:47:42 AM scams-singapore: where are you from?
24/4/2012 4:47:48 AM nathalie: thai
24/4/2012 4:47:52 AM scams-singapore: mmm
24/4/2012 4:47:55 AM scams-singapore: in singapore now?
24/4/2012 4:48:33 AM nathalie: yes for vacation
24/4/2012 4:48:41 AM nathalie: hmmm do you have FB?
24/4/2012 4:49:05 AM scams-singapore: yes
24/4/2012 4:50:47 AM scams-singapore:
24/4/2012 4:50:51 AM scams-singapore: who do you come over with?
24/4/2012 4:55:28 AM nathalie: done
24/4/2012 4:58:17 AM scams-singapore: okay
24/4/2012 4:58:23 AM scams-singapore: when are you leaving singapore?

We tried to prompt her for more information but she stopped replying after adding us in Facebook.

Nevertheless, we managed to find our answer in her Facebook profile at We could see that her Facebook account started at around 23 April 2012.

Visiting her photo album, we could see that she was quite hardworking to upload quite a number of photos. There was an album "walking SG alone :)" that had caught our attention as it was pretty weird for a foreign girl to walk around Singapore alone and yet able to take so many photos of herself. How many girls would carry a tripod stand overseas to take self photos?

Haisss So hot in here Y_Y) i cant sLeep... tsk .
anyone ONLINE im online on my WEBLINK.. you can see me there now...
if interested just message me ....

Edrian Abdulla: Thank you for inviting me there. your so hot baby ^^
April 24 at 3:03am

Nathalie Lee: lolz its ok ed :)
April 24 at 3:03am

Edrian Abdulla: i thought your a cam model sorry,, i was wrong please forgive me darling. yah your rite its all free to see you there and it safe
April 24 at 3:04am

Nathalie Lee: its ok for me FOR THOSE who dont believe in me its ok,, im not forcing them to see me and know much better
April 24 at 3:05am

Edrian Abdulla: just dont mind it ok im here for you darling i will comfort you forever please dont share your weblink to other only me
April 24 at 3:06am

Nathalie Lee: wahahahahaha.... i dont think so,, can we chat on my weblink now ed im to lazy to reply u here
April 24 at 3:07am

Edrian Abdulla: ok darling .
April 24 at 3:07am

On her wall, we could find a status that sounded very similar to what Chi Chi Yamaguchi and Natalia Miyo Minako had been posting. Nathalie Lee tried to allure visitors by hinting that she was hot and she mentioned about her "weblink". A "guy" by the name of Edrian Abdulla commented on the status and mentioned that the weblink was safe. It was pretty funny that he also apologised for mistaking Edrian Abdulla as a cam model because she was indeed a cam model and that was not a "mistake". The mistake should be him apologising in order to create the impression that Nathalie Lee was a real person and not a fake or cam model.

We explored Edrian Abdulla's Facebook profile. His first update was at April 24 at 2:58am, just a few minutes before commenting on Nathalie Lee's status. We believed his Facebook account was just created and it was just a dumby account for the sake of promoting Nathalie Lee.

We explored Nathalie Lee's information page on her Facebook profile and saw the weblink at

I'm originally 22. Lily is the name and writing is my game. I have an intense passion for writing.I belt out to rocking songs at the top of my lungs. I don't know what I would do without my family & friends. I have a fascination for vampires that usually drives me insane. I read books that can take my imagination on a roller coaster ride.

I love interesting people and unique stuff. I adore everything wild and free.I proudly wear my tattoos.I take photos like my life depends on it. Do not judge me and I in turn will not judge you. I will not lower myself to the status of a hypocrite of that you can be assured. Some consider me deadly when I'm armed with my camera. I loathe people that apply their personalities like toothpaste.

This time round, we picked up our courage to visit the weblink. is a website that provides free webhost services with limited features compared to their premium accounts. The scammer with the username "cam4free05" is simply using the free service.

The profile name was "Lily Han", which was different from Nathalie Lee.

There were links to other websites such as Adult Friendfinder, OnCam4U and Streamate. For all we know, Adult Friendfinder is a friends-making website that allows free sign-up. However, you may have to pay in order to upgrade to their premium member, otherwise, you may not be able to communicate with the female members, which is redundant.

Using Adult Friendfinder, the scammer will earn through "affiliation", which means that he/she will make money from the website's company if you were to sign up. The bonus would be large if you were to upgrade your account. For female member sign-up, the scammer would make higher commission.

Create a FREE Account Now!

Signing up is absolutely free, you will NOT be charged for your membership. We will only verify that your credit card is valid. You will NEVER be charged, unless you are entering any clearly marked paid area of the site.

The page also mentioned about verifying of credit card, which is definitely not safe to do so.

To conclude, we are not able to identify if Nathalie Lee is using her real photos. However, we are 100% sure that she is not there to make friends with you or provide any free webcam show service. If you are genuine in making friends online, do skip such profile.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Housing, Property, Real Estate Agent Scams - "No Commission" Scam

Recently, an irresponsible advertisement posted online by a real estate agent (also known as property agent or housing agent) has caused a stir within among agents in the industry. This is because all the housing agents have felt the danger of their "ricebowl" being destroyed by the black sheep in the market.

real estate agent scam

Buyers DO NOT need to pay COMMISSION!!!!!

This very unethical and irresponsible advertisement is misleading property buyers because they have to pay agent fee if they were to engage any real estate agent. A real estate agent's main job for the buyers is to educate them on their affordability, source for desired houses within budget, negotiate with the sellers or their agents, settle the documentations and give appropriate guidelines as when needed. All these require time and effort.

The superior of this real estate agent has been notified and has instructed the agent to take down the advertisement.

In the market practice, sellers of HDB flats would have to pay housing agents 2% of the selling price as commission; buyers would have to pay 1% to their housing agents.

A few years back before CEA was established, unethical housing agents used to use this tactic to lure direct buyers to contact them. If the buyers were interested in the houses, the agents would make the buyers accept them as their housing agents in order to earn another 1% of commission from the buyers. Buyers would have to pay the unethical agents since they did not know the exact procedure. Even if the buyers were not interested in the houses, the unethical housing agents would sweet-talk the buyers to entrust them as their housing agents to find other flats.

When a housing agent was representing both buyer and seller of the flat, the housing agent could get 3% of commission in total from both sides. However, it became complicated due to conflicts since the housing agent of the seller was supposed to push the selling price up while the housing agent representing the buyer had to push the selling price down.

Hence, a new law is imposed such that an agent is not allowed to represent both the buyer and seller in a transaction.

However, some property agents would continue to use such tactic to attract buyers without an agent representing them. The unethical agents could easily get their friends or team-mates to represent the buyers as to earn the extra 1% of commission even if they needed to split the amount.

It is best that you can find a real estate agent who can represent you and act in the best of your interest. We do know of some trustworthy agents born in Singapore. If you are in need of advice or help regarding buying, selling or renting of any residential or commercial property, we would be glad to share their contacts with you voluntarily - we will not even claim any cent from the agents.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Most Disgusting Theft Method

Two Chilean nationals, Octavio Guillermo Silva Arancibia, 63, and Marisol Del Carmen Godoy Vivanco, 51, were caught for stealing $27,000 from three victims in Singapore. They were each jailed two years on three charges of theft.

Their plot was to throw faeces on their victims to distract them before pretending to approach and help the troubled victims. The two thieves would then make use of the chance to steal money from the victims who had just gotten money from the banks.

For details of the crime, do read AsiaOne website.

We would like to remind everyone that regardless of the amount you have withdrawn from the bank or ATM machine, do take extra precaution of the money. When anything weird happens, do think about the money you are holding first.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Impersonate Scam Targeting Model Naomi Liu

For various purposes, scammers have been creating fake profiles on social networking websites such as Facebook and Tagged. Scammers targeting Singapore residents do not only impersonate foreign models, but our local ones as well.

Popular Singapore model Naomi Liu is someone who has been facing problems of her photos being misused by others to impersonate her. We are not surprised since she has been publishing her daily attractive photos online to share with her fans. The model with extremely sweet looks and hot figure indeed has caught the attention of many guys, including scammers.

Below are just a few of the fake Facebook profiles who have not only used her photos, but also using her name, trying to impersonate her totally. We are not sure of the purposes of the scammers though.

We would say the first scammer is the cleverest out of them since he or she has actually placed Naomi's blog URL inside the profile information page, which will further mislead visitors that it is the real Naomi's Facebook page.

It is rather difficult to identify some fake social network profiles if you are unfamiliar with the existence of models. In the cases of the fake Naomi Liu's profiles mentioned above, there are in fact not many obvious clues that can identify them as scam. Unless you know the real Naomi's Facebook profile, you should not blame yourself even if you fall for the tricks.

What we can do in order to prevent being scammed is to exercise extra care and not being blinded by the hot photos of social networking profiles in your friends list. Models are usually being pestered by their wishful fans and do not have much time for you. If any hot model in your contact list tries to hook up with you, you better not say "yes" to any request.

Meanwhile, please help Naomi to file report in Facebook to report the fake profiles.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Online Friendship Scam - Sexual Weblink

Following the exposing of Miyo Minako scammer, we have also discovered another similar "horny" girl by the name of "Chi Chi Yamaguchi".

Chi Chi Yamaguchi started off in as well and sent message to invite her new friends to her Facebook account. She was less aggressive than Miyo Minako though as she did not spam sexual Facebook statuses daily to advertise for her "free service". Another difference between both of them is that there is a higher chance that Chi Chi Yamaguchi is using her real photos and videos in her Facebook profile - at least she is not posting a girl's photo in Singapore school's uniform.

Her profile is longer available and unfortunately, we did not take any screenshot of it before that. It is likely that she can or has already set up a new Tagged account though. is probably still keeping the profile in their database but they will not entertain anyone who would like to have a quick peep at it.

We had some interactions with her but we were rather tired of that since we already knew she was up to no good in the first place. She was simply trying to get guys to go to her "web link" to see "free show".

Here are the printscreens from Facebook Messages:

And in case you cannot see the texts in the pictures properly, you can read the conversation below:
March 2

Chi Chi Yamaguchi


Chi Chi Yamaguchi
sO what r u doing now my new friend?

nothing much. you?

Chi Chi Yamaguchi
here just lying on my bed
done watching pornsite

i see

Chi Chi Yamaguchi
are u alone there?


Chi Chi Yamaguchi
Mmmm good

anyway, i'm going off. see you.

Chi Chi Yamaguchi

March 2 (later...)

Chi Chi Yamaguchi
Hello ^^ How's ur day?

good. you?

Chi Chi Yamaguchi
a liilttle bit tired for now .. after all cleaningmy closet,bed,etc..... im aLmost DONE NOW,,;;
and wer r u ryt now


March 17

Chi Chi Yamaguchi
Hello there dear, [:)] are u busy

hi. yes. what's up?

Chi Chi Yamaguchi
what u doing ?

doing some work

Chi Chi Yamaguchi
just listening music and chatting w. my new friends, in my weblink [:)]

i see

Chi Chi Yamaguchi
wanna join me


Chi Chi Yamaguchi
some fun?


Chi Chi Yamaguchi
Hello there [:)] not sleeping yet

no. you?

Chi Chi Yamaguchi
so what u doing rite now


Chi Chi Yamaguchi


Chi Chi Yamaguchi
what u doing like? what

cheating money

Chi Chi Yamaguchi

You can no longer message Chi Chi Yamaguchi. Learn more.

We did not expect her to block us in the end. She was probably wondering why a guy did not initial any conversation with her at all and when she started the chats, the guy stayed "cold" and was not allured by her declaration of "being horny". And of course "cheating money" was actually describing her when we were intending to confront her.

Why would she want to people to view her web link?
The person has to register an account on the website that requires his credit card details, which he will be promised that no amount will be deducted. She will either be able to access the credit card details directly or be given a referral commission. In neither way, she is not genuine in making friends with you.

As usual, our advice is that there is no free lunch in this world. There is a lower percentage for hot girls to give you any free show on the internet. If you are going for any free bite, be prepared to be bitten by them on your wallet. Even if you are better looking than Tom Cruise or Jay Chou, there is a high chance for you to be cheated over the net. Obviously, if a girl wants to have "fun" with you, she would have done it over MSN or Skype video call.

If you are going for genuine online friendship, do not expect the girl to start arousing your lust at the beginning of the conversation; open-minded girls do exist but most of them would restrain themselves.

If you are single, go and get a real girlfriend instead!