Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blog Shop Scam -

We have just received a complaint about a blogshop from Jolene.

Bought a ring online for $3.50 and after i transferred the money to the seller, she said she will mail it out.
About a week later, there was no news and so i texted her.
She then replied saying, 'my suppplier run away already, how much you paid me?' followed by, 'I can't refund you your money'.
I got angry, naturally, and told her i will report her to the police if she doesn't refund me.
She then replied saying, 'I only do meet up for refund . And u have to sign a letter to prove u won't make a police report against us , we will need ur IC photcopied as to prove.'
Her replies were sent only yesterday, 16th march at 8:24pm.
Not only hasn't she refunded me, she has also locked her blog and avoided my calls.
This is an obvious case of fraud.

Her blogshop:
Her mobile Number: 93610***

blogshop scam Singapore

We note that:
1. The seller has collected the money and the seller has the responsibility to resolve it in a way that satisfies the buyer (in a reasonable way).
2. If anything has happened to the supplier, the seller has the obligation to contact the buyer and not let the buyer "chase after" her.
3. The seller does not even seem to know how much her buyer has paid her, which is ridiculous.
4. The seller has no right to make the buyer meet up for refund, unless, the seller is willing to pay for the transportation fee and time lost.
5. The seller has no right to demand for IC photocopied from the buyer.
6. The seller has no right to make the buyer sign a letter to prove that no police report will be made.
7. The seller is using threats.
8. The seller has locked up her blog instead of broadcasting an entry to clarify the problem to account to all buyers and visitors.
9. The seller has tried to avoid the buyer who has handed over the money.

We acknowledge that the blog shop owner behaves like a scammer in the way she deals with this issue.

We would encourage all victims to report to the police about this blog shop scam. As long as the scammer holds or once held a Singapore number, we are quite confident that our Singapore police force is able to locate her.


  1. I also ordered a few things from her!!! Lucky i havent pay her the money for anything!!!! Few months ago, i ordered a few things from her wif my frens....n until now i oso havent get anything!!! She say she sent to wrong address n have to locate back which takes bout a week n have to send back to korea n then to sg again!!
    In total its gonna take 5 weeks!!! Srsly? She don hav responsibility n don even noe how to do business!!!

  2. i ordered from her and she ran away with my $30... i paid her then out of no where she say she go on haitus and my stuff never came nor did she refund me

  3. Yes omg... Many angry shoppers spammed her wall. At first she said she is on Hiatus and would be back but of course she never did. Nearly gave her $60++ but thank gosh I didn't.

  4. i also got scammed by her!! she took like abt 180+ from me n my friends!!! never got anything... omgod i wish she just die!!!!! but return the money to us back before that ah... omgod!!!!! ugh