Friday, May 4, 2012

The Most Disgusting Theft Method

Two Chilean nationals, Octavio Guillermo Silva Arancibia, 63, and Marisol Del Carmen Godoy Vivanco, 51, were caught for stealing $27,000 from three victims in Singapore. They were each jailed two years on three charges of theft.

Their plot was to throw faeces on their victims to distract them before pretending to approach and help the troubled victims. The two thieves would then make use of the chance to steal money from the victims who had just gotten money from the banks.

For details of the crime, do read AsiaOne website.

We would like to remind everyone that regardless of the amount you have withdrawn from the bank or ATM machine, do take extra precaution of the money. When anything weird happens, do think about the money you are holding first.

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