Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blog Comment Spam Scam

If you own a blog, whether it is hosted on free Blogger or WordPress, or even on your own webhost, you will somehow receive comments on your blog post. Depending on the popularity of your blog, you may receive more.

Generally, having many comments mean your blog is interesting or popular, however, if most of the comments are actually nonsense, your blog will look rather ugly.

What do we mean by comments which are nonsense or spammy (we mean "spam" in an act-cute way)?

Some blog comments may sound logical but they are simply general comments that can be applied to almost all blogs. Examples would be:

  1. Comments that thank or praise you for your contents and they definitely will not mention which part is good because they are being automatically generated.
  2. Comments that tell you your blog is good but has problem when being displayed on certain internet browser.
  3. Comments that ask you for your RSS URL when it is already being shown clearly on top of your blog.
  4. Comments that advise you to include RSS so that visitors can get updates easier when you already have RSS for your blog.

Some comments may also be lengthy but the contents are on certain topics that are totally irrelevant to your blog entry or even your entire blog. Other comments are obviously spams that contain only links to other websites.

Regardless of the type of spam comment, they will contain at least an URL of the website that the spammer (scammer) owns. The URL can be included as part of the comment or at the bottom of it, or simply on the "website" column allowed by your blog. Most of the time, the "name" of the comment owner will be the product or website's name, and sometimes, but rarely, is a human's name.

Take a look at the following blog comment:

Hello, Neat post. There's an issue together with your website in internet explorer, may check this? IE nonetheless is the marketplace leader and a large section of other folks will leave out your excellent writing due to this problem.

The spam blog comments are obviously scams.

Most of the scam comments are automatically generated by software. Most of them are also randomly generated using certain sets of words.

What do we mean by sets of words?

For example, The first set of words can be "He, She, It, Luckie", second set "is, is indeed, has" and third set "a dog, dog, a puppy, puppy". When the software spins the sets of words and creates a spun sentence or paragraph, it can turn out to be a combination of the sets of words, for examples, "It is indeed dog", "She has dog" or "He is a puppy". Generally, the sentences do make sense but may not be in perfect English. We have already been living in the internet life where most people do not type in proper English anyway - this includes our blog (We will try our best to do it better though!).

The scam blog comments are created for free advertisement and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes.

If you were to approve the scam comments to appear on your website, your visitors may click on the URL included or you may even click on it yourself to see what is it all about - this will create extra traffic for the scammers' websites. As for SEO, search engine's spiders and bots may misunderstand that the scammers' websites are popular because their URLs are appearing on other websites - this is also the reason why the scammers would want to spin the contents of the scam comment to make them look differently.

Some very hardworking kiddy scammers would do the spamming manually because those software to do it do cost some high monthly subscription fees.

By the way, there are also some scam comments that actually do not include an URL or they would simply add "" or "" as their URLs. This is just a trick for you to approve the comments, thinking there is no harm. Eventually, the scammers are just trying their luck that your blog's system would add their IP or email address to the whitelist, so that their future scam blog comments may be automatically accepted depending on your system. Therefore, we would advise you to do manual moderation of comments for your blog instead of allowing whitelist.

We should not allow scammers to have their ways. Let's be alert and block these scammers.


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