Thursday, May 17, 2012

Call From Number +65333458 Scam

We have just received a call from the number +65333458.

"+65" is the country code for Singapore, which means if someone uses a phone line to call you in Singapore, "+65" will be displayed at the front.

The person who called had an Indian accent, who spoke very fast and was recommending us to get a free package or gift from "Bank of China".

As he continued to shoot nonsense, we took a look at the phone number and realised it was very weird. If we were to break down the number into country code and phone number, "+65" and "333458", the phone number was different from the normal 8-digit Singapore number - it was just 6 digits.

We knew something was wrong and regretted even picking up the call. As we said "Sorry, I'm not interested", the fellow ignored us and continued to recommend his product until slamming his phone.

Lesson learnt for the day is that phone number that appears on the caller ID can be faked like email - we have heard about it before but the "+65" in front is really tricky. We hope nobody is tempted by whatever free package or gift.

We are not sure what kind of scam they are trying their luck on, however, companies that fake number are obviously up to no good.


  1. I RECEIVED IT TOO! But i didnt pick up...
    The number looks suspicious...

  2. This is NOT a scam. They are just using a computer or an IP or
    internet phone because this is an authorized call center of Bank of China. This caller ID owns by the top two telemakerting company in the country. So, there no such thing about scam. And aside, they are not asking for any payment. They're just promoting a credit card. For the information of all, it's an outbound type of call doing a random call. So, if you are qualified to get their credit card, they're just want to send you an application form for you to fill up thru courier. This blog or message is just ruin the reputation of both companies.

  3. I just got this number and fortunately i didnt pick it up.

    by the way, recently i have stupidly picked up 2 calls from bank of china. both times, the person on the other end of the phone sounds Fillipino.

    The funniest thing was, last friday, i got a 62599613 number, informing me i have won some free facial from Body contour. Then they asked me if i have credit card.

    When i said no twice, around 5 minutes later, a man claiming to be from bank of china (whose accent sounds the same as the woman before me) asked me if i want to sign up for a credit card from BOC.

    I feel its all a scam, especially when they all sound like from the same country. BOC definitely is weird company.

  4. thank you for the notice!

  5. I received a scam/spam call from this number (+65333458) as well.
    I picked up the phone and screamed in a high pitch voice. The male pinoy caller hung up the phone after saying hello a few times.
    I hope that I've scared the person off...

  6. I like telemarketers, whether they're promoting real products or trying to get me to attend some kind of "prize presentation". I usually say things like "What are you wearing?" or "Oh, you have such a sexy voice." or "Oh, yeah I like the sounds of that. Say it again. Again. Again. Oh yeah that hit the spot" then I say "Ooh, thanks for that. I haven't let go of a load in ages..." then I hang up.

  7. i will just act like no reception hahas! eg. ehhh ehhh ehhh ahhh ahhh ahhh i i i i cannn't hearrrrr then hang up! =D this is useful! wahahas!