Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Internet Romance Scam

Below is another romance scam alert by one of our visitors:

Okay, another romance con artist going by the name of Desmond Cliff, attracts Singaporean females. He claims he is Alaskan, been living in California, and outstationed in Sabah, Malaysia. Works for Chase company. Wife died of childbirth, both parents had died, and only brother left. He is in, facebook and also yahoo messenger. From his accent and spelling and words use, one can tell a little later, that he is not American. Americans don't use 'severally', nor say 'back' as 'buk'.. only UKs and Nigerians do that. Be careful. His stories will look so real when it comes to asking you to help him financially. He would tell you how he got help from others first, and then you are his last resort. How he needed just that much left. I was a victim. Glad it wasn't so much but I am still threatening him to repay me back. Learned my lesson with all this wealth of information on the net. Also, everybody in US will be listed in PeopleSearch, so check out first. Be careful out there.

Sorry reporters, this victim did not leave any contact behind as well.


  1. A male by name of Cao Bin chinese male born in 1980 approaching you with romance and promises of love with lie intention of getting your finance. Beware ladies. To gentlemen, beware as his approach with sympathy that he needs financial aid for his poor situation. He first approach as friend and slowly with aggression with threat.

  2. Hi, if you wish to expose this scammer to the public, do email us and we can refer you to reporters and others working on documentary programmes on scam, who may be interested to assist you.