Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Facebook LIKE IT Scams

For various reasons, many people have been trying hard to get more subscribers on their Facebook. This is why many scams have appeared in Facebook and most of them do not even require any programming or hacking tactic.

One of the most common Facebook scams is to get people to LIKE certain image in order to "make things happen". There are scams that say if you like the image, your Facebook profile will change colour there from the original blue one, while some say if you LIKE it, special things will appear or the image will move.

The reason why scammers would want more people to LIKE their images is so that the victims' friends would see the same post in their news feed, so that they can fall into the trick (LIKE it) too. This chain effect can spread extremely fast.

The latest Facebook LIKE IT scam is about the change of notification icon into a "heart". This scammer (We are not sure if he's the originator) would even prevent people from commenting on his post so that nobody can expose him straight away. Next, he added comments that whoever subscribes to his profile would get 200 new friends requests. This is definitely tempting to Facebook users who wish to become more popular by having more friends.

This scammer's name is Phillip Johnson with the URL of https://www.facebook.com/PjayalwaysStrappeg and he has created many scams to make himself popular.

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