Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Impersonate Scam Targeting Model Naomi Liu

For various purposes, scammers have been creating fake profiles on social networking websites such as Facebook and Tagged. Scammers targeting Singapore residents do not only impersonate foreign models, but our local ones as well.

Popular Singapore model Naomi Liu is someone who has been facing problems of her photos being misused by others to impersonate her. We are not surprised since she has been publishing her daily attractive photos online to share with her fans. The model with extremely sweet looks and hot figure indeed has caught the attention of many guys, including scammers.

Below are just a few of the fake Facebook profiles who have not only used her photos, but also using her name, trying to impersonate her totally. We are not sure of the purposes of the scammers though.

We would say the first scammer is the cleverest out of them since he or she has actually placed Naomi's blog URL inside the profile information page, which will further mislead visitors that it is the real Naomi's Facebook page.

It is rather difficult to identify some fake social network profiles if you are unfamiliar with the existence of models. In the cases of the fake Naomi Liu's profiles mentioned above, there are in fact not many obvious clues that can identify them as scam. Unless you know the real Naomi's Facebook profile, you should not blame yourself even if you fall for the tricks.

What we can do in order to prevent being scammed is to exercise extra care and not being blinded by the hot photos of social networking profiles in your friends list. Models are usually being pestered by their wishful fans and do not have much time for you. If any hot model in your contact list tries to hook up with you, you better not say "yes" to any request.

Meanwhile, please help Naomi to file report in Facebook to report the fake profiles.

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