Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sim Lim Square Scams in Singapore

Following the earlier complaint by our reader regarding the Sim Lim Square scam on purchasing of Samsung Galaxy Tab, there is a complaint lodged to Stomp regarding the exact same shop. However, the complaint is regarding Nokia phone this time.

From Stomp:

STOMPer einnor warns others against this shop in Sim Lim that charged her friend for 'software installation' without her friend's knowledge. When confronted, the shop owner smugly asked the friend to get a lawyer to sue him.

The STOMPer elaborates:

"Recently, my classmate from China bought 2 Nokia 302 phones from a shop in Sim Lim for 560 SGD.

"The shop told my friend that the phones require a software to work when my friend brings them back to China.

"The owner didn't tell my friend how much the 'software installation' was, so my friend thought that it was free as she is using the phones in China, and so she agreed to the installation.

"In the end, the bill came up to $1410.

"This is obviously a cheating case. And when my friend asked for a refund, the owner said no and proudly asked my friend to find a lawyer and sue him.

"STOMPers, be careful of this shop."

Following this news broadcast by Stomp, Facebook user Doris Winata shared it: "They charged my sis $850 for itouch which cost $450. @_@".

"Yea.. They return 100$ and gave a screen protector. My sis gullible ma"

She cannot confirm that it is the same shop but the shop is definitely in Sim Lim Square.

Victims who have been cheated by any shop should report to the police and CASE so that the scammers will not be able to victimize more people. It is time to uphold the reputation of Sim Lim Square, which is one of the IT heavens in Singapore.


  1. Thinking aloud - and point 1 - based on some conversation overheard - need checks to validate
    Not sure if it is real - time CASE do something 1st among itself -
    1. Understand that a person 1st must join CASE _ before launch a complaint - not sure what it means ( need to double check)
    2. Suggestion - when a shop does case against them - case need to investigate and if more than x times maybe 3 - the CASE Body can place warning of fine ( if this be possible) and alert the Govt (Police ?) if it is close to cheating
    3. The Ministry incharge of CASE body - high time an internal audit be carried out on (a) why head of dept never suggest improvements (b) why they did not act
    4. If a body/ for that matter any person whom is incharge of a body/board is never looking at continuous improvement till public outcry then bring up to parliament - then are we having wrong people in these places ? Under Private sector MNC we terminate such leaders of the board

  2. Recently went to Sim Lim sqaure to buy norton anti virus. Was at global IT shop. Was greeted with a 'good morning'. Said no norton anti virus. Trend brand very good. Only $9. I than asked for 1 piece. He took out and saw the label and said 9.90. I felt uneasy told the person don't want. He got furios. Started shouting at me.Dun come to my shop anymore! Told him will update experience on web. Said will sue. Was afraid of my safety. Left scene.