Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fake Employment Scam Targeting Foreigners

As reported by MediaCorp Channel 8 news, there is a stupid scammer who offered to help foreigners to get jobs in Singapore via the Internet.

He got the victims down to a restaurant and asked them for a sum of $1000 each so that he could help their overseas relatives to get S-Passes to work in Singapore. The reason for placing the deposit was to make sure the interested job applicants would not go back on their words.

Why do we label the scammer as "stupid"?

The waitresses recognised the scammer as an ex-staff of the restaurant and thus his identity has been exposed to allow police to summon him over for investigation soon if he has not left Singapore.

We are sure that similar scam method would eventually evolve. Do take note and be careful.


  1. Even Singaporeans are conNed by this agency at international plaza #18-17 asking $100 deposit money he calls himself Justin of Singapore jobs market. He refuse to refund back after 7 days although there is receipts.

  2. I encountered this kind of scam artist recently his name is Peter Ong of CPS consulting agency asking me to pay $ 100 for the processing fee to them.