Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Identity Theft Scam in Malaysia

identity card scam

According to the star online, a 65-year-old Malaysian hawker, H'ng Yu Choon, from Penang is facing problem of losing his Malaysian citizenship as "he" is now a Singaporean.

He was pickpocketed near 30 years ago and had lost all his important documents during the incident. He had then made a police report and had his identity card replaced. When the new system of using Mykad was implemented, he had also replaced his identification card.

He does not have a passport and has never left the country before. However, accordingly to records, "he" had renewed his passport five times and had recently migrated to Singapore, giving up "his" Malaysian citizenship.

It is either a technical problem or the result of identity theft.

Nevertheless, we should just take good care of our personal belonging, especially the important documents.

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  1. Actually what I'm about to tell is more related to Malaysian customs. Recently my mother learned from her good friend that her relative whom was a Ex-Malaysian was recently detained at customs at Penang Airport, her relative was there with her entire family consisting of her husband and 3 children during the 2014 Hari Raya Holidays, all were local born Singaporeans except for her, at the customs they told her that she owes the Malaysian government outstanding income tax of nearly $20,000 ringgit but the problem is She has moved to Singapore when she was 15 years old and she has never worked her entire life in Malaysia period. She tried explaining to the custom officers that its impossible for her to owe the Malaysian government so much income tax when she has never worked her entire life in Malaysia. It is then the custom officers called their Supervisor out and in a very menacing manner, told her that she will be detained by Malaysian authorities pending further investigations and the investigations will require more than 2 weeks as it is Hari Raya and most of the civil servants are on leave. In the end, seeing that it is of no use to reason against them, she paid the full amount claimed by the custom officers. I've also heard from my other Malaysian friends mentioning of similar incidents of targeting Singaporeans whom are Ex Malaysians! Please help to spread this story.