Sunday, April 29, 2012

Malaysia Bersih 3.0 Fake Picture

On 28 April, 2012, thousands of Malaysian protesters rallied for clean and fair elections in the event called Bersih 3.0. Bersih means clean. Police shut down much of the city centre and closed off the historic Merdeka (Independence) Square in Kuala Lumpur (KL) with barriers and barbed wire, enforcing a court order that the protesters should not enter the symbolically important site.

It was supposed to be a peaceful rally but it was said that some hundreds of protesters tried to go beyond the barricades and police retaliated with teargas and chemical-laced water. More than 400 people were arrested, compared to the previous protest at the count of 1,600.

While many supporters of the Bersih event did not join in the protest due to various reasons such as fear, most of them were circulating photos and videos online to encourage and compliment those who were brave enough to join in physically. However, we soon found a grand photo surfacing online, which could have boosted the confidence of the Bersih event a lot, although it was edited.

We take for example, the portion at the bottom right side. After zooming in, you will see the image below.

The image is of course not sharp. However, looking at the intersection portion between the building and the crowd, you can see some blur effect. Many other indications have shown that the picture is a fake one.

We would label the image as a prank.

Anyway, some comments on the photo in Facebook...

Dora Ting photoshop...

Robert Ku 看了好激動 眼淚快流出來了
(He means it's very touching and his tears are almost dripping)

Wong Khai Yang 太假了吧-.-

Zeo Lee Not real, i hope is real too.

覃英豪 ‎== edit 到有点假

Meng Swan lol so fakeeeeeee

Rain Kooy 颖 真的拍出来的原装照片吗?那些人离谱到有点像电脑合成的。。。

Lily Tam Yew Kim 有那么多吗?好壮观!是真的吗 ??!!

Alesjendro Jong i alwys use photoshop. n i know this is photoshop effect.......

KaiSeng Tan 管他真的假的~就算照片是假的~也不够我们的吉哥假咯~

Shinomori Mizu 照片很明显是PS过假的。不过要表达的东西是真的

Weng N PeiYuh photoshop photo la.... pls upload real photo, my friend

Ye Lao Shi 这是假的。人的比例远近一样。

XiAo Q Biiluii edit 过的==

Dav Tenzi 就算是假的,也应该 like 一下 。。。

Chris Leong Ppl bigger than the window

冬冬 建筑物影子倒影是3-4点 ,现在是1.25pm , po这照片的人真的不是一般人的笨啊!

Jackson Jc fake la...who did this de.. no skill

Catherine Chong 这照片是假的,独立广场周边有人,但是草场里还没进入,另外法院里面怎么可能也有人呢?

Delvise Ngeaw ChunWah definitely photoshop but hope its real!!

Ting Ik Hon this picture may be photoshopped but the people's will is definitely bukan main-main punya

Boon Chong Tan this is a FAKE per 2.30 pm....the Police still holding Merdeka this photos is a FAKE one !

Eden Chow need to improve ur photoshop skill bro, too fake..

韩-念 那些高高的大厦不会从上面丢bersih 的布下来~

Hugo Hanjie come on...don spoil the whole bersih...this is too FAKE

Jane Tay 虽然是假的,但是看似满地菊花开,很有美感不是吗?(^ ^)

Goldheart Emma now i know why my daughter asked me to instal photoshop lol

Vic Tea But, I guess it was about 75,000 people there

Samantha Ong Chui Ping I was there, and the whole KL turn into yellow!

Caspian King Yeap! someone did a good photoshop of this...

Ahmad Zainuddin Yaacob At least one or two will believe this.

Mib Zaabar this is photoshop...confirmed...but there is really 250,000.

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