Sunday, June 17, 2012

Phone Line Guarantor Scam

One Singaporean girl has trusted her friend and become the guarantor to sign up a SingTel phone line. S, now owing SingTel $3000+, is facing charges from SingTel over the $3050 bill used by her friend J.

Dear friends. I will be going to court in 3 days because of a mistake by a person whom I thought was my most trusted friend, J. She asked me to be her guarantor 3 years ago with Singtel in order for her to sign a plan. I only agreed because i trusted her and she promised to pay her bills. All was rainbows and butterflies until she stopped paying for her phone bills that accumulated to $3000+. I don't know what or how she managed to choke up that amount! Singtel had to turn to me because I was the guarantor (duh). I tried to contact her countless times the past 3 years, but she seemed to disappear every time I or my friends tried to contact her. She cut all ties with me and didn't return any of my calls. I had no means to pay that huge amount of money as my family is not well to do. In addition, I am still studying full-time and I have to pay my own bills as well as my family's household expenses. Moreover, I did not use that line. All students will understand how hard it is to study and work and at the same time, support the family.

I was foolish and am embarrassed to say I befriended and trusted this girl too easily.

Today, singtel finally appeared at my doorstep, warning me of the dire consequences which I will face in 3 days if I do not pay up the $3050. I'm really at my wits end, thus I'm turning to social media for help.

I have learnt my lesson not to trust people too easily, especially with money, even if they are my best friends. I have made that mistake once and I will never make it again.

Please help me keep a look out for J and if you do see her, please ask her to contact me or Singtel to clear the debt. I will be forever grateful for your kindness and understanding.

This is a lesson for everyone to not trust your friend too easily.

Updates (18 June 2012):

Photo of scammer and URL are removed as requested by commenter who stated that the scammer had already re-appeared from the lowest level of hell to contact the victim.

Updates (20 June 2012):

Regarding the number of Anonymous posters here, it would of course be much appreciated if they were to use some aliases.

All new comments will take some time to appear because they will be moderated - just to avoid bots from spamming the blog, which happens frequently. We appreciate all the commenters so far for the language used.

Scams Singapore is not connected to any of them.

Updates (21 June 2012):
We have received an email from J to update us - she will be paying the amount owed by installment. All names are removed since the matter seems to be resolved, unless S wants to further pursue it.


  1. They already met up and talked about it. Would appreciate if u can take down this post.

    1. Hi there Since you know that they already met up and talked about it and asked to take this post down.I'm pretty sure that you know that it hasn't been settled at all.Please get the info right before you start bragging here.

    2. If you read the whole post again, this post is asking for Jessica's whereabouts. Not to defame her. And if you read the description again and knowing the true story behind, this is a proof of propaganda.

  2. Thanks for the update!

    We have removed the photo and all URLs linked to the victim.

    This is a good lesson for everyone and thus we shall keep this post here.

  3. And as well for the names. Thanks.

  4. Nah they haven't settle it. The person refuse to pay. So yeah you can keep the post up :)

  5. so what was the outcome? did the scammere pay the full sum of what she owes singtel and free this poor victim?

  6. It's not even settled. Jessica trying to delay payment not wanting to pay.

  7. The amount of 3000 does not belongs to Jessica entirely. And of course, she said 3 years she tried to contact Jessica for countless times when her friends and herself tried to contact Jessica. She didn't contact Jessica for more than thrice except the day they met up. Upon receiving lawyer letters sent to victim, she tore and threw it away without informing Jessica. Yes, Jessica is at fault for not taking initiative. But why didn't the victim try to make a visit to her place or drop the lawyer letter at her door step? And why Jessica did not return her calls is because she don't even have Jessica's number. This whole post is simply bullshit to gain sympathy. I would advice Jessica to make a police report and only pay her usage. Jessica is good enough to show up and be responsible to pay in order not to let the victim go to court. How can the victim actually deflamed someone when she already know her friends are in contact with Jessica?

  8. And of course I believe one don't have the ability to use up to 3000. I was told that it was both the victim and Jessica's. So please take note, this post is a form of propaganda

  9. Hi everyone, from what I heard, the victim is willing to pay her share of the bill which is $450 as that is what the victim's liable. So now that's settled, I just hope Jessica will be able to keep her promises to pay her share of the bill as well.

    We're all adults now and we shouldn't push responsibility. Let the both of them face the music and pay for their consequence.

  10. Blogger, appreciate if you could take down the names. Don't try to tarnish one's character be it shuxuan or Jessica. Now they are so many anonymous it would be good for you to take down this post.

  11. We can always ask them to post up a breakdown of the cost and each party can do their side of explanation. I believe the amount might have included some termination fees etc. If there's nothing to hide, what's there to be afraid of?

    Since jessica did not respond to the victims calls in the first place, would there be any use of calling up more times in a day or even going up to her house?

    'And why Jessica did not return her calls is because she don't even have Jessica's number' This sentence is a lil contradicting to me. You mean jessica did not have the victim's number? or victim did not have jessica number? Either way, it's still contradicting.

    Lawyer letters might haven been sent to the victim's house, but wouldnt singtel send the phonebills countless times to jessica's house? Maybe jessica didnt check her mail or the lowest level of hell didnt have a mailbox. QUOTED 'Photo of scammer and URL are removed as requested by commenter who stated that the scammer had already re-appeared from the lowest level of hell to contact the victim.'

    The post was to gain sympathy you say? Sympathy for what? Money? It looks like the victim was trying to source jessica out and apparently, it worked. She seemed like she was at her wits ends and had to use this method to look for jessica. It doesnt make sense for the victim to bear the consequence alone.

    If things do not work out, i believe a police report would be the best for all. Dont resort to violence! We dont want any slashing incidents in singapore again!

    Whatever it is, i believe you guys should work things out. Be responsible for your own actions. That's the most important.

    So it seems like the matter aint resolved. Maybe contacted, but not resolved. Interesting..

  12. She can't pay that full amount of money, but she say she hired a lawyer. And I don't know where her money come from to hire a lawyer. Conclusion, she just don't want to pay. Yes, one don't have the ability to use up to 3000 but because of her termination line which she doesn't pay up, the victim line has to be cut off just because of JESSICA HO. If it's not because of this, the victim line is still in use. The problem lies on Jessica, if she don't want to pay then next time don't take friends for granted. This person simply can't be trusted.