Thursday, June 7, 2012

Online Cheap Universal Studios Tickets Scam

Recently, there are some scammers who claim to sell Universal Studios Singapore tickets at a cheaper price via the Internet.

Some victims have bought the heavily discounted tickets online in big bulks and realised they have been cheated when they did not received the theme park's tickets after transferring money over to unknown individuals.

As reported by TodayOnline, a 41-year-old woman saw an offer for seven tickets at S$380 and paid S$500 to buy 10 tickets. She did not receive the tickets as well.

The public should purchase their Universal Studios Singapore's tickets at its official website and not from individuals to avoid being conned.

If anyone has encountered similar scam, do call the police and drop us an email to highlight the details.

Reporters, do note that there is no victim who has contacted us at this point of time. Once we have any lead for you, we will update and remove this paragraph.

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