Friday, June 8, 2012

3 PRC Scammers in Woodlands

From ChannelNewsAsia:

SINGAPORE : Police have issued a crime alert, warning residents in Woodlands of a scam targeting senior citizens.

An elderly woman was cheated of cash and jewellery by three suspects who are believed to be Chinese nationals.

The suspects, two women and a man, offered to perform prayers for the victim to help her ward off a mishap that could lead to her death.

In exchange, she would hand over her cash and jewellery.

Police have described the male suspect as 1.7 metres tall, medium built and in his 40s.

He was last seen wearing a short-sleeved shirt, black pants and leather shoes.

The two women suspects are in their late 20s, about 1.5 metres tall and slim-built with long hair.

They were last seen wearing white T-shirts and three-quarter pants.

Police urged senior citizens to remain vigilant to prevent themselves from falling prey to fraudsters.

They should not fall for anything that sounds too good to be true, especially if they are asked to surrender their money or valuables.

They should walk away if they suspect anything and inform the police.

The public can help their elderly family members by updating them on such crimes.

We would like to highlight that the scam may can conducted at any place in Singapore, which means that non-Woodlands residents, whether is Singaporean or foreigners, should take note of this.

The public should help each other by observing the neighbourhood and watch out for "aunties" or "uncles" who are approached by suspicious strangers. This is easier to be said than done but we are sure that if everyone does our part, we will be able to stop some of these scam cases and bring the scammers to justice.

By the way, elderly are not "stupid" to be conned. Many do have health issues and thus, they are just vulnerable to scams at certain time of their lives, which will happen to even young people. We just have to do our part to educate everyone.

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