Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Singapore Web Hosting

This is not so much of a scam but we just want you to take note of it; sometimes, scam is just some inches away from the borderline mark that separates ignorance.

For some reasons, some companies or individuals would want to get a Singapore webhost to host their websites. The greatest benefit is due to geographic location. Obviously, if your target audiences are based in Singapore, you would want to get a Singapore web hosting service so that your visitors can load your pages faster since they are staying in Singapore as well. This is because it will take less time for the data to be sent to the browsers compared to having your server stationed at overseas.

For some reasons, it is so annoyingly that Singapore's web hosting costs much more than web hosting services from other countries. We can assume that land space, equipments and manpower are very expensive in Singapore. Perhaps, foreign webhosting companies may be larger in size and can afford to get equipments in bigger quantity (bulk purchase) and thus cheaper.

Here comes the problem...

A Singapore web hosting company may not have its web servers physically located in Singapore.

The web hosting company may be owned by Singaporean or has its office in Singapore, but it does not mean that their servers are placed in Singapore. The company can also be an affiliate of other foreign web hosting companies.

Therefore, if you are looking for a Singapore web hosting service, do spend some time to look through the company's website or check with the staff regarding the physical location of their web servers. If the location of the web server is not of a concern to you, you may as well subscribe to the service of a foreign company, which can reduce your cost quite a lot.

If you are looking for a Singapore web host, we would recommend Vodien. Its basic plan is at SGD $8, which is one of the cheapest you can get for the specification. Most of all, their support team is really prompt, friendly and professional.

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  1. Thank you, this really helps.

    I am looking for a web host, and had no idea of the issues that you raised. I naturally assumed that all web hosts are physically located in Singapore, and that pricing is competitive to that of foreign countries.