Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fire Extinguisher Scam in Singapore

During September 2011, this lady was seen in Tanjong Pagar (Singapore) area, trying to sell fire extinguisher.

Door-to-door sales in HDB (Housing Development Board) flats was never uncommon but this lady was trying to deceive the residents by providing false information.

First, she introduced herself as a representative from SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force).

Second, she told the residents that SCDF would implement a law that every household should have a fire extinguisher by year 2012.

She claimed that she was selling fire extinguisher at a cheaper price before the law was implemented.

What she was trying to do was to instinct fears in the residents so that they would buy fire extinguishers from her.

The residents called the SCDF directly to check and they were told that SCDF did not send anyone to sell fire extinguishers. Whereas, there was no plan on the law that every residential household should own a fire extinguisher.

The residents went after the lady who was trying to use the same tactic to con their neighbours.

They demanded her to show them her ID card again but she refused. She then declared that she was from an agency representing SCDF and that she was not directly working under SCDF. They followed her as she continued her scam. Soon she knew they meant business and quickly left the place.

This lady was lucky that the neighbourhood police centre, after receiving the complaint through phone call, did not send officer down immediately to investigate.

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  1. Yes, this same lady is now going around the Old Airport Road's neighbourhood, doing the exact same thing. Just today, when i reject the deal, she became loud and aggressive when I told her I am not going to pay her the balance after my $50 deposite, she insisted to take back the fire extinguisher. When I insist not since she is also not returning my deposite. She called me "Cheat!" ... even when i told her that I have filed police reports and CASE over the company over the misleading sales, she did not backed out; but instead became more agressive asking when and what time the police will come. So I made an emergency call for the police to help settle the dispute.
    They explained that I had to still returned the extinguisher, but I should file a police report.