Saturday, November 26, 2011

Online Scams Regarding Pets Adoption

There is a demand for pets adoption since it is usually much cheaper than buying directly from pet shops and this will aid in saving the pets from being abandoned by helpless owners who somehow cannot keep their pets anymore. Other than the price, some pets are rare in Singapore and can only be imported from other countries.

In many cases, people breed pets specially to just for sales. They place advertisements online and claim "pets for adoption" and demand for adoption fee. "Adoption" is a term which has been badly abused by these pet sellers.

Recently, a lady was searching online to buy a kitten and she was almost being scammed. Somehow, she got into the Singapore news to share with everyone about the fraud.

In fact, this type of pet adoption scam has been ongoing since years ago. It is quite surprising that finally a person has stepped out to educate the public about it.

The pet scam's plot is simple: The "owner" of the pet will claim that the pet is for free but demand for a fee to transport the pet over from a foreign country. He/she will also promise to take care of all necessary documentation and arrangements to ensure that the pet is being delivered right at the buyer's house. After the buyer transfers the demanded fee over, the "owner" will go missing.

New scam techniques may have evolved.

We hope online shoppers will take extra precaution in buying things, especially from foreign sellers. This should also be applicable to online shoppers from all other countries.

Don't be a prey of scam.

Do donate your money to charity organisation instead of being conned.


  1. I had scammed by a lady name Evelyne Teh on a ad of locanto. She mention that she has two puppies,Yorkie for adoption. Her email address: She told me her sad story about her daughter was dead by a car accident,so she had no heart on the puppies....she needs to find a loving family to adopt them. She say she is at Atlanta,so we need a shipping for the puppies... I was so happy,didn't realise that is a scam..
    She say what I have to do is just stay online n the puppies will delivery directly to my door address. I need to give her my detail and she will get a agency to process the delivery... It sound so easy n convenient. The cost for the delivery is only $310USD....
    Next day,this agency call me with this number 66927812953, to ask me to process the payment for the delivery. They sent me a email from to follow the instruction to wired money by Western Union.
    This is the detail they give me sent to their director
    Name: Ndifor Ndi Elvis Nditah
    Country: Thailand
    City: Bangkok
    Zip code : 10230
    MTCN: 681-941-5506
    Their HQ company branch is at Animal Transt Department, Pets Department, Sumatra Branch, Indonesia.

    They ask me not to say out the reason for transfer to avoid paying high tax. I am so silly to believe it. After the payment,they mention the delivery is processing,even sent me a copy of owner ship certificate to prove it is true....then they email me again to say that I still need to get insurance for the puppies which cost me another $1250USD....they mention that it is refundable when the puppies is arrive to my address... If I refuse to make the payment,they can't process the delivery! Then, I realised that I had scammed...cos it sound like no ending payment!

    I just a pets lover who wish can give the lovely puppies a warm home....n they make use of our soft heart to scam us. It really feels so sad... What I can do to all this bad scammer?

  2. I've got scammed, be alert.
    If you have got scammed just like me, there's no way u could get ur money back.....u should
    1) stop contacting em
    2) block em on phones and email
    2) put their informations online as detailed as possible

    From company Dulles airport ( LAN CARGO SHIPPING PLC. )
    : ( was scammed by this email with a Thai phone number:
    +66 95 941 9284.) lived in Thailand.
    * the comment fact about em is that they show very much concern about the pet that they are giving off, they will ask questions about you. They will insist that they are not selling and making money off their pet but you will have to pay the shipping fee of the pet through "Western Union or Money Gram" ( when u see this it's 100% a scam.) Below are the sample email one of em send me.

    Thanks for the interests in my puppies
    I have available two Pomeranian puppies
    These little litters are called Cleo and Lola
    The male is called Cleo and the female is called Lola.
    They are raised in my home with children, already spoiled.
    so they had the best care available
    These two puppies left available have the following details:
    age: 12 weeks old
    Recognition: Registered
    Health Problems: no health problem
    Living Conditions: They can live any where.
    Trained: well trained and home trained.
    Health Condition: excellent in health condition,vet
    checked, registered and confirmed health guarantee.

    ***these are the kind of question they will ask and want u to answer em.
    Where are you located?
    Do you have a vet?
    have you ever had a pet before?
    Does your home favors pet?
    Do you have kids?
    They shall come along with all their papers.
    I am not selling these puppies but giving them for adoption
    to any pets loving and caring home

    The reason, why i am give out these puppies is that,
    I am very busy and hence could not make up time to stay with the pets.
    Nobody is ever at home to take good care of these puppies.
    So, i truly needs a good loving and caring home for these puppies. ( they make out good stories )
    Can you tell me more about your self ?
    Pending your respond

  3. We just got scammed from these people in Thailand too. We transfered S$300 for a kitten and then they demanded more money (SGD850) saying the kitten is now at the airport waiting to board the flight.

  4. Thks for informing, nearly got scammed too, luckily went to search for the number and realized it was a scam. The new email they are using now is, phone number is still +66 95 941 9284

  5. is the e-mail address of a scammer that is trying to scam people into "buying" many types of kittens and puppies, including Scottish Fold Kittens. If you see any advertisements from this e-mail address, it is a scam!! This is from personal experience.