Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Overseas Phone Call Scams

Have you been getting phone calls from overseas?


If you have picked up the call by accidental or due to your courage, do let us know how does the scam work. Did the scammer ask you to collect any prize or tell you that your relative is being kidnapped overseas?

If you don't know how to differentiate between overseas and local call, do read on.

Whenever anyone calls you, the number will display a plus "+" on the left, together with the country code (a number). For new number calling you from Singapore, you may see +65 on the left because 65 is Singapore's country code. If you receive a call from your friend without "+65", it may be due to you saving his/her number without it on your phone's address book before that.

Currently, Singapore's numbers consist of eight digits. Numbers beginning with "6" are for residential and office use, while "9" and "8" (newer) are for mobile phone. That means you will only receive calls from your local friend with either eight or 10 (with "65") digits.

Scammers can be tricky enough to use numbers starting with the digits "6" or even "65" to call you. Since residential and office number starts with the digit "6", we may fall into their tricks and think it is a local call.

Do note that it is also possible to fake phone number.

Now, back to the main topic... Whoever knows the real intention of the overseas calls, do update us!

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  1. Hi,

    I am staying in KL, Malaysia. I received this +67690110 number today afternoon.