Saturday, July 27, 2013

Job Scams Regarding Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Scammers have created fake email address to email to victims regarding job opportunities in Singapore. The scammer would then collect fee from the victims.

Do note that big organisations and companies will have their own domain name in their email addresses. For example, Tan Tock Seng Hospital's domain name is and their email addresses will be something like They will not use free emails such as GMail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook.

By the way, the scammer may also get similar domain names like tssh or ttshospital to trick. When in doubt, always Google for the real website and check with the authority.

From Tan Tock Seng Hospital's Facebook page.

Dear friends,

We wish to alert you of a possible scam, where emails requesting payment for employment opportunities at Tan Tock Seng Hospital were sent to residents in the Philippines. These emails invited interested applicants to attend a supposed 'Tan Tock Seng Hospital Working Visa Interview Coaching' in the Philippines on Aug 3-4. Please note that Tan Tock Seng Hospital did not send out any emails of this nature. The emails are from, which is a bogus email address.

Tan Tock Seng Hospital does not have a consultancy firm in the Philippines, nor do we collect payment from candidates for any training or coaching. Any interest on job opportunities are to be made directly with our Human Resource department at

We have reported this matter to the authorities. Do warn your friends or loved ones who may have received similar emails. Our thanks to those who alerted us to this. Thank you.

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