Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day - Find Tagged Fake Profiles

Hey everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!

This entry is a little Valentine's Day present for you as we will be touching up on a simple way to discover some of the fake social network profiles. Of course, this is just a small portion of them.

For (or Facebook) users who have added many "chiobus" in your account, there is a very high possibility that many profiles in your friend list are fake. There are many types of scammers in and luckily, scammers who sign up for additional fake accounts are mainly for the sake of playing the Pets game to increase their Pet values. Apart from that, there are scammers who use fake accounts to spam for their services and websites, including for whatever "swingers' parties". Some fake profiles are more "deadly" since they are used to fool horny guys to show off their private parts in webcam before extorting the lost sheep, while a few are owned by oversized girls who is lack of attention from guys.

We have a account with quite a large number of "female" friends. If you own an account as well, you would know that would give notification if any of your friends' birthdays falls on the current day. Usually, we have ten to twenty friends who have the same birthday on each day but we have a surprise on Valentine's Day.

screenshot of tagged birthday on valentine's day

We actually have 41 friends who have the same birthday and it happens to fall on Valentine's Day, which is so amazing!

This is actually not something very coincident as parents do not specially pick this day to give birth - at least to say, they cannot control the exact birth date. According to our analysis of scammers, 14th February is a good birthday because it gives others a romantic feeling. More guys would send you a message with: "Hey! You're born on Valentine's Day and you must be a very romantic girl!" At least, there will be a much higher chance that they would have such fantasy.

Therefore, if you screen through your Tagged or Facebook account, you may find some suspicious friends. For our account, we have blocked around 10 of them who are obviously created for the Pets game. makes it difficult to remove friends as they do not have a link on individual profile page to do that and thus the easiest approach we can take is to block the scammer while he/she remains in our friends list. As for Facebook, the famous fake profile "Natalia Mmk" and another, "Ling Aiting", which we have yet to expose in this blog do have birthday falling on this romantic day as well.

Catching the fakers by birthday can be applied to those who are "born" on first day of the year as well. Many scammers are lazy to think of a date and thus, they would leave the birthday as 1st January. It is also safer to use this date in case the social network would challenge the user for birthday in order to recover the account in some cases.

However, do take note that there are certainly real people who are born on these days too. If you are in doubt, just initiate a chat with "her" and she will be exposed soon with her real motive if she is a fake account.

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