Thursday, February 14, 2013

Email Attack from Germany Targeting Yahoo Emails

Happy Valentine's Day to you again. Unfortunately, this time, we are bringing you bad news.

We have detected multiple scam email spamming.

email scam

The email comes with no subject and the content includes only an URL. All the URLs are of different domain names but all of them are from Germany with the country code of ".de" just like http://xxx.DE/xxx/xxx. (Singapore's country code is ".sg")

We believe once you click on the URL inside the email, your email account may be compromised as well. Then, the hacker or bot will automatically generate emails with similar URLs to mass send to the email addresses inside your address book or contact list.

We have no idea if your system will be affected. However, so far, all the affected emails are from Yahoo, including and

If you have received such email from your friend, please notify him/her immediately. The affected person should change the email account's password, notify all his/her friends inside the address book or contact list, then do a full system scan on the system using any anti-virus software.

We would like to remind everyone not to click on any URL from any random email even though the sender is your friend.

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