Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mixed Vegetable Rice Scam in Singapore

Mixed vegetable rice is a common Chinese food in Singapore. You can find stalls selling them in coffee shops, hawker centres and foodcourts.

It has become a norm for mixed vegetable rice stalls to come out with dishes that consist of mixtures of vegetable and meat. However, we are not sure if they are doing it on purpose or not, some "meats" are well hidden inside the "vegetable", such as eggs.

If you pick a dish of meat, it is definitely more costly than a dish of vegetable. Two or three dishes of meat would definitely explode your budget. Therefore, some people may consider "disguising" of meat in vegetable as scam.

In most of the stalls, dishes are being lay all over without being classified. After picking the dishes that you want, the staff will then calculate the final price. You will definitely be shocked if the person is asking you for the payment of three dishes of meat instead of two vegetable and one meat.

"What a scam! My lunch cost me freaking $7.20. Lesson learnt! Never eat vegetable rice at food republic."

The picture above was taken at a Food Republic foodcourt in Orchard.

The owner of the photo ordered three dishes in total. The vegetable on the left, the 5 prawns with vegetable on the right, and the egg (supposed to be counted as vegetable) on the top. She thought she would be paying for the price of two dishes of vegetable and one dish of meat, however, it turned out to be the opposite since the egg actually came with small prawns camouflaged.

For the same price, you can actually get two plates of them at other places.

Anyway, if you are going to order food from a mixed vegetable rice stall, do check out with the staff before you decide on any dish because you do not wish to be charged higher for just a tiny portion of meat among the vegetable.

We hope all mixed vegetable rice sellers will try to solve the problem, probably by placing dishes of meat and vegetable separately.

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