Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bogus Property Agent Taken By Laws

Recently, a 45-year-old man, Tan Cher Peng, has been sentenced to four months' jail and fined S$32,000 for representing himself as a property agent without being registered with the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA). He is the first person to be sentenced under such laws.

All property (real estate) agents have to be registered in Singapore. This is to ensure that all property agents are being monitored and are subjected to terms and conditions to protect consumers in the market. All property agents have to pass certain test(s) and not have criminal records in order to obtain the license from CEA, which also lift up the standard of the agents in Singapore, not allowing any Tom, Dick or Harry to handle customers without proper knowledge.

Currently, all property agents have to wear a lanyard with his identification card provided by his company at all time while at work. The card will also indicate his CEA registered number.

If you find anything amiss with the property agent, you can always call CEA to check on him. CEA will also help to investigate if the agent displays dishonesty.

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