Friday, January 20, 2012

Tagged Scammer Lawrence Tan Failed

The tagged scammer's account, which we have reported last year, has finally been removed by Tagged on around 9th January 2012.

Initially, the owner of the photo stolen by this scammer had tried to email Tagged as indicated in their website. After the first respond of Tagged to ask for a recent photo of the owner/victim, all emails sent to them were "bounded" back. There was totally no way to contact the staffs for assistance as they did not even have a "contact us" form.

This Lawrence Tan scammer eventually strike using the mobile phone chat feature of Tagged to try to hook up with the victim's friend (he obviously didn't know their relationship) and she managed to make him divulge his MSN email (, and thus pawning himself.

He could have been considering to abandon that email address ever since...

Anyway, if you were to google for the email, you can probably find him being involved in an adult forum, which is mainly in Chinese language. A brief investigation of the website shows that it displays photos and contact numbers of China women who come over to Singapore to make extra money.

You can probably guess what Lawrence has been up to all these years.

Before Lawrence Tan's Tagged account was removed, probably with the aid of the victim's friends who had helped to report him, he had uploaded and changed his default photo to a picture of a dance floor. He had removed another victim's photo from his profile but still keeping the latter one.

Girls, please be aware of the people you make friends with through the internet. If they were to add you up in MSN or other messengers such as Yahoo or Skype, make sure they have webcam to prove that the photos in their social network profiles really belong to them.

Please do not be fooled by guys with big belly, sitting in front of their computers and getting satisfied by online teasing or whatever.

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