Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Online Social Networking Website Scams

Social networking websites refer to websites such as Facebook and MySpace, which allows friends to link up together via the internet.

Many couples have started dating after knowing each other through such websites. Social networking websites are mediums that allow shy people to approach and make friends with others.

Recently, through the main stream media, there are more reports of scammers from foreign countries who target Singaporean ladies. They make friends with the ladies through the internet and their patience allows the ladies to believe in them after months of online interaction.

The usual scammers will try to con the victims to transfer money to them or their counterparts directly. Such tactic has already been ongoing for many years.

The latest trick of the scammers is to plan to drop by Singapore to visit the victims. They will pretend to be detained by the immigrant officers for under-declare the amount of money they have brought along. Then the "immigrant officers" will call the ladies to ask them to bail the scammers out by doing bank transfer of money.

The Singapore police force has clearly reminded everyone that the authorities in Singapore do not accept any bank transfer of money for bail or fine.

Everyone should be aware of such scam. Similar scams may also evolve any time as well. Do take care of your family and friends, and educate them on online scam.

Do not let love overrule your brain. It is not easy to establish cross-border relationship and most people will not be serious about it.

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