Saturday, January 25, 2014

Facebook Scam: IPhone Video - Rihanna and Chris Brown S xtape Leaked Today

"The Facebook post: "[iPhone VIDEO] Rihanna & Chris Brown S xtape Leaked Today," is a scam created to trick Facebook users into completing surveys, "liking" or sharing a fake Facebook website. The post promises Facebook users a leaked sex IPhone video of Rihanna and Chris Brown", only if they "like" or share the same website. But, there is no video."

"It is this fake Facebook website that the scammers want you to "like" or share, which will make it popular. Once the page is popular, these scammers can sell it to online marketers or other scammers. They will also make money from the surveys that are completed by gullible Facebook users who were tricked into completing them."


Please let your friend know if he/she has shared it!

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