Sunday, December 1, 2013

Beware of Online Selling Scam from Foreign Countries

Recently, there is a growing number of advertisements from suspicious users posted in our local forums for sales of photography gears. The prices that they have offered are quite amazing and the items are new (the forums' sections are actually meant to be for sales of refurnished items). Their member accounts are also new.

When we tried to clarify with one of them, the person told us we had to make payment online while the actual item is located in foreign country.

As a matter of fact, parallel import goods may be cheaper than local ones, partly because of non-local warranty or lower tax; however, if the item cost less than 50% of local price, you should really beware of the catch.

As our local police force may not be able to deal with criminals in every foreign country, we advise everyone not to try luck in all the cheap offers. If it happens that you send the payment via online transfer and the seller does not mail the item over as promised, it may be beyond anyone's help.

Will you purchase electronic items via online from Kazakhstan or Pakistan?

If you have purchased items from such sellers and realised you have been conned, do post your encounter in the comment section below. Meanwhile do spread about this and encourage your friends many things are too good to be real.


  1. I have a scams about buy the phone online. The price is cheap but after payment the seller say that they sent the wrong product to me. I need to pay deposit money make sure after the phone deliver to me I will sent back the number of wrong items and they will give back to me the deposit money next day. I give the deposit money up to $3000 but I don't get anything from them and also can't contact them.
    I'm very upset now , I already report the promblem to police and wait for 2 weeks but I didn't any call or answer from police.

    1. What was the account number you transferred the money too. Was it a POSB BANK. I got conned like that for $5000. I reported this to police and also to the posb bank for reversal