Thursday, September 26, 2013

Singapore PA Job Scam

Many "rich" people have been trying to find "personal assistants" online. These simple and high paying jobs do attract many young girls. However, how many of them are real? It seems like some of these advertisements are more of attempting to hook girls into dirty jobs.

Taken from Facebook from Bella

So I'm currently looking for a part time job, and I saw his post on a fb page for singapore part time jobs that he's looking for a PA (personal assistant).
The pay seemed good, I was interested so I texted him.

As you can see in the first screenshot, he seemed pretty polite. nothing wrong there. And he also provided such 'detailed explanations' about what this 'JOB' was going to be like (pui). He said that I would just be helping him take down notes, calculating stuff, run errands etcetc.he EVEN stated in his post that the girl needed to be fluent in the english language. (lol nice try there). So I believed him.

But after that he went on to say that he'll be treating me to my meals, bringing me out to movies with him, drinking with him, clubbing with him and blah. And that he'd even fetch me from my house and back home wheneer i'm 'working'. That's when I started to find it kind of...weird? Like what kind of job is this LOL got so relax one meh..?

Tonight when I texted him about when I could start work, things just got so fucking weird. He even asked if I could start, tonight. Like the very moment I texted him. Like wtf..? Then he went on and told me about his 'past experiences' with a different PA, that she got drunk and he ended up losing his phone and all his money and waking up with her naked beside him. LOL and that he fired her. Like k dude wtf are you trying to prove LOL that you'd reject a girl that comes for free? Give me a break I'm not stupid.

So he suddenly went all like 'aiya i better not hire you for midnight la scared you drunk then i cnt control myself' like wtf is with that? He then proceeded to ask me 'unless you're okay with mutual sex rs like that with me then i'm cool with it ' EW WTF??? EW EW EW????
AND BEST PART IS HERE. WHEN I TOLD HIM THAT I WASN'T INTERESTED ANYMORE, HE WENT ALL 'oh ok anw you're not gna be pa-ing for me, you're going to be doing it for a singaporean celebrity' LOL THEN WHAT'S WITH ALL THAT CRAP YOU JUST SAID ABOUT SEX WITH YOU?? GIVE ME A BREAK PLS HAHAHAHAA.

Guys like him should just be publicized in my pov, god know's how many other girls he's said such gross things to or maybe even managed to fuck before. So beware guys. Heres his fb :

Screenshots taken from Bella:

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  1. Desperate case of a sex maniac. Welcome to Singapore! Only in Singapore.