Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Irene Tan's Tagged Fake Profile

Here we go again - yet another fake Tagged profile using our Singapore girl's photos. Will these scammers realise that when they use local girls' photos to add local people, their scam will be exposed soon?

Fang L

Profile URL:

Last Active: 18 hours ago

Profile Views: 1484 times

Profile Skin: boom

Tagline: i'm not a perfect person, i make a lot of mistake but i still love those people who stay with me after knowing how i really am

Member Since: June 1, 2013

Gender: Female

Location: singapore, Singapore

Age: 25

Relationship Status: Single

Interested In: Friends, Dating, Serious Relationship, Networking

Ethnicity: Asian

Religion: Christian

Orientation: Straight

About Me


stand up for cancer... i dedicate it to my love ones...


romeo and juliet :)I'm a HUGE fan of horror flicks, though most of the ones out there these days aren't that great.I absolutely LOVE werewolf movies-cept the gingersnaps series..


Family Guy, Deadliest Warrior, M*A*S*H, American Dad, LA Ink, a few things on TruTV, anything on the military channel, Ghost In The Shell: SAC, CSI Miami, Future Weapons, Dogfights, Deadliest Catch (yes i like it), Monster Quest and others


Santini by Pat Conroy, Moon Called by Patricia Briggs, The Dark Elf Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore, and Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy. My favorite authors are: Patricia Briggs, Laurell K Hamilton, Tom Clancy, PAt Conroy, Irvine Welsh, JRR Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Alice Borchardt, Kelley Armstrong, RA Salvatore, Lian Hearn, and others..I've recently been introduced to the Twilight series..and YES I like them so far..If people dont like them or the movie..well I do and you can keep your opinions to yourself..I respect yours if you respect mine....


swimming, bowling,


Any new people. i am looking for some one who isn't afraid to spend time with me. some one who wants to keep me well taken care of. A man who will leave me thinking of him when he is not with me


to make my love ones happy and in good health

Best Features:

I've got nice EYES for one thing I guess. At least that's what I've been told. I think one of my best features that's not physical is my loyalty. I'm very loyal to my friends. I will not turn my back on someone. Once you're my friend, you've got someone there for ya through thick and thin....

About Me:

Well.. I am a very out going person! I am who I am, and nothing else! I absolutely can NOT stand 'Fake' people!-what so ever! I am a very caring person, that loves to be with my family, and my friends! I have a great personality as well!

Perhaps, the only smart thing about this faker is that he/she has a decent profile write-up. He/She does not seem to be buying "pets" and thus is unlikely to be using the profile to play the PETS game. The profile is also set to "private" while most fake profiles are "public". We have no idea what this scammer is trying to do.

Despite the fake account is only around 12-day-old, the real owner of the photos, Irene Tan, has already encountered "hi" from three or four strangers on the street.

Kind souls, please report and block this fake account.

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  1. She scammed me and kept telling me to send money to someone named Tessie Datiles in the Philippines.