Saturday, October 20, 2012

Janice Tan Fake Facebook Account

Another fake account by the name of "Janice Tan" ( has been exposed.

She seemed to be "flawless" for the past few months, adding guys to her list, updating her profile with statuses and "new" photo, appearing online in Facebook Chat sometimes. Her Facebook account just appeared like any other hot girl's account.

It was only until hours ago when she used another girl's photo, though without the head portion, she was being seen through.

"fell in rain and bump knee... paaiiinnnnn......"

The owner of the photo is called "Eve Lim", an ex model. The photo was taken years back.

When Eve approached her, she blocked Eve in Facebook straightaway, and also removed the photo. It was too late since we had already made a printscreen.

We have no idea what is her motive. The scammer seems to have created a few fake accounts...

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