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  1. I lodged a complaint with Singapore Police on 17th January regarding a gold jewellry scam executed by De Silva Jewellers situated in Tanglin Shopping Centre. Brief details are:

    I gave a large amount of 18k gold to De Silva, a mixture of White and yellow pieces, and asked him to melt them and remake two bangles, to my own design. I accepted his quote for this work and after many months did receive two bangles. I then saw evidence which proved De Silva had not in fact melted all of my original pieces, and several of them were on display for sale in his shop. I reported this to police, who immediately confiscated my pieces which De Silva had fraudulently kept, and said they would investigate. Despite me providing police with photographic evidence of all gold items given to De Silva for melting, plus corresponding weights for each item, and also producing evidence that he had tried the same scam with a friend of mine, the police decided De Silva had no case to answer, and won't even tell me what has happened to the confiscated items, which in themselves are worth several thousand dollars. PLEASE DO NOT GET CAUGHT OUT. Despite the evidence I provided, plus a witness statement from another person he had tried to scam, no action has been taken and the police refuse to communicate further. I no longer tell people what a wonderful place Singapore is, I share the above story with them and they inevitably conclude that corruption thrives in Singapore and is condoned by the authorities

    1. Hi,

      I am also a victim of fraud and despite giving full evidence, I was told the case is closed without reason. Apparently, if the Attorney-General Chambers (State lawyers) decide there is no case, the police just parrot the conclusion.

      I have also heard that this gahmen department is horribly under-staffed. Maybe that explains your further injustice.

    2. Sometime it is not fraud. It is you people that do not understand law.

    3. I got scam by $30 i have the person posb number only if i report to the police, will the person be tracked and found? and what about my money....

    4. Beware of hermes birkin scam for Singaporeans.she claims to have staff discount in Hermes Florida.

      She uses the name SYDNEY DALIA OR LISA DALIA. She will provide you every little detail, photos, receipt reference and tracking number and will keep in touch with you very closely like a trustworthy person. when item is shipped after bank payment. You WILL receive your parcel, NO BAG, instead she delivers a used bra and a hair brush to humiliate you.

      The following are her details.

      Account #: 4528276177

      Routing #: 241070417

      Name on account : Sydney dalia

      Bank name: Charter one, Citizens Financial Group


      Beware ladies!

  2. RedSnow Closet from Facebook was a scammer. They are selling polaroid cameras at a really cheap price, they also sell clothes and other fashion stuff. I bought a Fujifilm Pink Heart edition of Instax Mini 25 Polaroid Camera from them and they told me that the camera will be mailed out on Friday and I will be receiving it on Monday. But I never received the camera. I messaged them on Facebook to check on the status of the delivery of camera, but on the next day, I realised their profile is no longer in Facebook. RedSnow Closet just disappeared from Facebook over the night!!!

    Anyone know of this RedSnow Closet? the POSB account they use is 024-66236-5. Will be be able to get back my money if i report to the police?


    2. hi there, did you got scammed by Kimiyo Casing? I got scammed by them I not monday yet, but they are selling a product that official company haven't even release them yet. This is devastating, why is the same bank account still functioning, don't the police able to track this account owners down and nab them. I am gonna lodge a police report later on. Pissed. On wednesday a few buyer like me, purchase the item impulsively as we don't want to wait for the next batch. Slowly ppl start to comment and giving info on the original product, hence we notice we are scammed. And now i believe that this is really a scamming case.

    3. She's now KIMIYO CASING on Facebook and she's selling Instaxgram at $135 and films $35 for 200 (Er fishy??) and apparently alot of units have been paid for. Apparently it's just a concept, they aren't even out yet! People have been commenting on her page as they can't contact her. A scam is highly suspected. Her bank account number is 024-66236-5 too! Girls please make a police report ASAP.

    4. Same here too! and her facebook account has been deleted

    5. I just lodged a police report. I too bought the cam too! Those afftected pls lodge soon!

    6. My sis had been scammed by the same person too, that KNN!

    7. I also got scammed by her.. KIMIYO Casing. Did My Report, But also can't get back my money T.T And was told that there's risk when we blogshop on these unofficial shopping site. By right, we also in the wrong to shop online which is unofficial site. Next time i better shops from Ebay or Gmarket. Much safe. =( So Overall its seem alot of others reported but dont seem any useful.

    8. I got scammed too.

      Already reported to police n hope this idiot get caught!

      Using same account number and all cases of scam and y still not caught!!

    9. She's now Lovely Paradise on FB. And is starting another batch of Instagram Socialmatic to unsuspecting customers! She's still using the same bank account somemore.

    10. guy.. right now she change to lovely paradise in FB.. beware!!

    11. My Sis had been conned by this too! She had reported to the police, n we believe that this person had opened a new FB acc. to scam further, we are trying to get information from the newest acc.: Lovely Paradise

    12. She now knOw as lovely paradise in Facebook beware!!

    13. do you guys manage to get your money back for the scams?

    14. This evening, she had just deleted her latest FB account - Lovely paradise! Keep a lookout guys, maybe she might be opening a new account to scam people again.

    15. Hi girls You all can alert DBS / POSB so they can do something about her bank account. Investigate or freeze I guess. It's ALOT of money she's scamming. Might just be $100+ from each person, might not be a lot to some or it might even be a whole month's pocket money for another person. What I'm trying to say is money is still money. Everyone rally together and make a combined police report. The police is there to PROTECT US, the citizens. Even if we don't get our money back, JUSTICE has to be served to her. Keep those reports going in to the police, I'm sure it really isn't that hard to track her down. We've seen newspaper reports of scammers serving jail sentences. KIMIYO

    16. I got scammed by her too!! I lodged a complain already. POSB SAVINGS 024-66236-5!!! Many others lodged a complain but that person have not been arrested!! What is the police doing?!?!

    17. I sent Kimiyo Casing a message on the Instagram camera during her first spree. I believe she had her account set to private after receiving all the payments.

      Now she's doing a second spree on this same account because she just replied me. Beware!

    18. She changed her name to "Fel says " and deactivated her account after I busted her. Her real name is Felicia Goh. I got her new bank account number (DBS). I'm lodging a police report on her tmr. If anyone else wants to get your money back from her, please email me your receipt & other relevant details such as conversations with her at

    19. Hello people, thanks for reporting to the police! Let's help to make Singapore a better place for everyone!

    20. i just got scammed by her. On Tuesday she told me to transfer $280 to her POSB account 118-97327-5 for an instagram polaroid camera. She was using the name Fel Says. She was supposed to get back to me today but I saw that her account is deactivated. I did some checks and found that no such camera exists and its all a scam. i have made a police report against her.

    21. I have been assigned an investigation officer and I think it will help if more people who got cheated report her too. Please email me if you want to report her and hopefully get your money back.

  3. There is this girl by the name of Christanna Johnson Williams who used an email address ( created at Yahoo India. She sent me several emails claiming to be a simple person looking for a good business partner. A google of that name reveals a black lady who is neither in business nor from India. Then she called me on my mobile phone and spoke in a heavy accent and offered some 'business' which I could not make out clearly. I hung up the phone on her.
    She is really fishy, so I thought I should warn others about her.

  4. I have an e-commerece website, when they first contacted me and ask if I take credit cards which is strange because I have all (4) credit cards in a Logo on my front page of my website. When you say yes, they will order from 1500.00 to 4500.00 worth of product all in multiples of what ever product they choose. They are usually pick the very expensive items. They immediately start asking you to ship asap, i wait for tracking number they say. They ask everyday or every other day if you shipped yet. They wait until they know the package is shipped and in customs and then they report to the credit card company it was an unauthorized purchase. What stinks is , the scammer gets the product and if you have a pay-pal shopping cart like I do, pay-pal on this end takes the full amount of the order out of your account until it is settled. You have to go to the details link on pay pal in your account to see if you are eligible for seller protection when someone places an order. If not they take the entire amount out of your pay-pal account which puts you in the negative if you don't keep a lot of money in there. If you have seller protection, they leave the money in I guess and work out the dispute with the credit card company. These orders all have addresses that are shipped to a building on Airport Rd in Singapore, building No. whatever. This is most likely where the freight forwarders are to ship somewhere else. I shipped one order and the dispute ended in my favor but shortly after I received 3 other big orders all going to some building on airport rd in Singapore. They are telling there buddies they found some sucker in the states that will send out the product. I have since stopped all sales to Singapore and if I do get an order, I immediately refund the money right back. I hope this helps save someone from this scam of people ordering product off your website and then claiming unauthorized purchase after you have sent the product. You lose the product and your account gets all screwed up for up to 30 days until they get it worked out.

  5. Fraudster Threatening Sex crime: I received a mail to call a number 9350 2840. The call got cut and received obscene message soliciting pros. I replied asking for identity and later a stupid scamster called from 85870482 stating that he is a cop and I need to meet him at jurong west police station. He said some guy having no 85958031 and complained about me because i messaged her daugher (mob9350 2840). I knew I did not msg anything wrong still he called me.
    I subsequently searched this number in the internet and i found a link that this guy/guys has/have been threatening many people link:
    These miscreants should be punished. Please suggest a way to post this link to police anonymously to help fellow singaporeans to face these kind of cheap crooks

  6. Be careful of Monroe Trends on Facebook selling MAC brushes and other cosmetics. Profile has been deleted but there might be similar scams online.

    After transferring $, seller came back with an offer to buy 2 products at a discounted price. I agreed and transferred more $. Said delivery will take about 1-2 weeks as items are from Canada warehouse.

    Seller then deleted facebook account and all I have is the account number. POSB SAVINGS :145-14097-8

    Please be careful when shopping online, especially with individual sellers.

    I got burnt this time :(

  7. Kimiyo Casing

    Got scam by the instax mini 25.
    Reported to police already, can believe this idiot can keep scamming and not get caught yet!


    My hard earb

    1. I got scammed by her too!! I lodged a complaint already. POSB SAVINGS 024-66236-5!!! Many others lodged a complain but that person have not been arrested!!

  8. me too i lodge report on 1 aug 2012, which police division u guys lodge. muz pressure the IO liao... this bloody kimiyo casing better dun let me know who is he or her, i break his or her bones off...

  9. If I were to see this earlier..... YES, LOVELY PARADISE! was being scammed too! gonna lodge a police report soon

  10. Ya me too frm lovely paradise! Lets all of us work together to make a report and follow up closely woth the police. I am sure we can get our money back. She/he needs to pay us!!

  11. yes me too! i got scam on the instagram polaroid. SHALL we do something about it. Im sure the police can track based on the account number. i wont let her go! anyone with me on this? email me

  12. ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Clement Daniel
    Date: 23 August 2012 09:13
    Subject: Please help me

    Hope you get this on time, I made a trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia and had my bag stolen from me with my passport, cash and credit cards in it. Unfortunately for me, I've made contact with my bank but they are not providing a fast solution. I will be glad if you can lend me some money to sort my self out of this predicament, I will pay back as soon as I return. Western Union transfer is the best option to send money to me. Let me know if you need my details(Full names/location) to make the transfer.

    I await your response.

    Clement Daniel
    Daniels Home Stay,
    Kit Kat Road (Rids Dale Branch Rd), Fort Kochi, Ernakulam Dt,
    Kerala State, India - 628 001.
    Phone :+ 91 9985557181 and +91 484 2211581
    email :
    web :

    1. This is a funny one. They basically spam all emails they have gathered.

  13. I've just been scammed recently by this "BEATS SHOPPEE" on Facebook selling Beats by Dr Dre products.
    They were having a "NATIONAL DAY HALF PRICE" promotion. So on 8th Aug i transferred to this POSB SAVINGS 209-73123-1.
    I was told if i transfer on 8th Aug(Wed), i will get my item latest by 10th Aug(Fri). However on Friday, the seller went quiet with all my messages to the number 85754854. Tried calling but couldnt get through. Check the fb & it was still active with the seller still adding friends. I saw 2 people already commented tht they have not receive their items as promised. Few hrs later, THE ACCOUNT WAS DEACTIVATED!
    The next day, i made a police report. But have yet to receive any updates.
    Do be careful guys when you made purchase online. :(
    Anyone with infos on this fb account,do let me know. :) N also anyone who've been scammed by the same person.

  14. Hey I would like to know if there is anyone here who got scammed by

    If I make a police report will they be able to find out who she is? I only have her bank account number and her blogshop email.


  15. Alert PROFIT ON LAND.

    This company is misleading customers, telling them about land banking, land investments. They dont invest the money on land or anything, they invest in other products to make the returns. Be aware, all their plans are long term, there might not be there to honor their Guaranteed returns. Another Profitable Plots story. BE AWARE.

  16. Scam site please check and shut it down.

  17. Hi I am from Philippines and almost victimized by an ad from easy room mate last Sept. 6, 2012. I have already sent our contact details including our passport scanned copy but thanks so much to blog regarding scammers in singapore rental. Last night, I discovered that the Bugis room for rent by Barbara Perkinson was a bogus. I have read exactly the same message to others but used another name.Here is the email trail

    From: Barbara Perkinson
    Sent: Thursday, September 6, 2012 3:40 PM
    Subject: Re: Fw: room in Bugis

    My Name is Perkinson Ann Barbara and I am easygoing person, My father is from USA and my mother is from Hong Kong. My Hobbies are swimming,
    reading and traveling. In fact, I have been to Germany, Wales, also recently Scotland, I also like hanging out with friends and
    associating with people but I have not had the opportunity to hang out with my friends as I have been busy with my Intern .My father used to live in the apartment also later moved to Canada where he passed away and I am the only one in this apartment although my mother is still in
    Canada overseeing my late father's business and am not around for now and would not be back for sometime. I am in USA now on an internship
    project attached to a firm and I have being sent to supervise and would be back immediately you proof to me you can afford the rent. As
    soon as i have confirmed you as my flatmate for reservation. You would be sharing with only me in the apartment.I am Very friendly and
    easygoing,I like a drink and a laugh, and the odd glass of wine in the evening.I have busy careers and active social lives, so am not
    around the flat all the time.the address is
    Sunshine Plaza
    10 Prinsep Link, S187948 (D07)
    Living room description:
    Air conditioning ; DVD ; Hifi ; Broadband Internet WIFI ; Tv by Cable; Phone ; TV ; Bookshelf ; Desk ; Sofa ; Chairs ; Double Glass ;
    Shelves ; Armchair ; Window ; Parquet flooring ; Coffee Table ; View on courtyardBedroom 1 description:Bed, bathroom and households linen ; Double bed
    ; Double Glass ; Shelves ; Window ; Bedside lamp ; Bed ; Parquet flooring ; Wardrobe ; Cupboards
    Kitchen description:Vacuum cleaner ; Kettle ; Iron ; Fridge ; Toaster ; Coffee machine ;Micro wave oven ; Chairs ; Shoulder-height kitchen cupboards ;
    Floor-standing kitchen cupboards ; Parquet flooring ; Kitchen Table

    You will have free and unlimited access to all part of the apartment(its a 2 bedroom apartment),the Kitchen, the living room and of course except my room, and you can
    also have your own visitors.The rent for the room is SGD1000Dollas Per Month and this includes the utility bills(all included) and you
    will be required to pay a security deposit of SGD1000. Kindly take your time to swing by the exterior of the building as i am not
    presently in town to show you around the place, but i'm pretty sure you'd like the exterior and incase you wish to proceed further I can
    forward you the full interior pictures for you to have an idea how
    beautiful and spacious the inside looks and we can proceed to the application process.Thanks for taking your time in writting me. This security
    deposit will be refunded to you at the end of your stay in my apartment..
    Regards and waiting to read from you soon


    1. This is the male version. Exactly the same, but from gum tree as"Singapore HDB One Bedroom Apartment For rent" Ad on Gumtree


      I got a contract job in an engineering company for a construction project as part of the structural engineers to build a highrise building in West Africa(NIGERIA). I am a Building tech specialist, so my accommodation period in Lagos will be about 4 years, so that's the reason why i am renting out the unit. I do not intend to make profit out of it all i want is to find a good and clean person to take good care of the place. I`m the owner of the unit and it is furnished but if you want you can make use of your furniture's and help keep mine in the storage locker which is situated both in the unit and in the building and these does not attracts any funds.

      The monthly rent am requesting for includes all utilities (water, electricity, Internet, cable, 1 parking spots, air conditioning, dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, refrigerator, stove, laundry in-suite, washer and dryer) the monthly rent you will be paying includes all this and they will be taken care of as soon as you pay your rent.

      Everything in this unit is functional and in good working conditions. Once you started staying in the unit and there is any case of any repairs which is as a result of normal faults like leakages, you will get in touch with me and i will get it fixed, i am in possession of the keys to the apartment which makes hard for you to view the unit. You can move into the unit when you receive the keys but the only problem is that am the only person who has the keys but i hope that we will be able to reach a compromise on this.

      The lease is month to month , 6 month or 1yrs and can be renewed ~It can be rented furnished or unfurnished ~ You will have to take good care of my unit Utilities are included in the rent ~Pets Allowed Any further questions please contact and get back to me for the pics of the unit and the application form. Thank you for your interest and i`m awaiting your response.


    2. Glad to read back from you,am so happy to find someone like you that will take a very good care of my i have said earlier am not in the state for now so i will be sending the keys to you Via DHL shipping company and it will only takes 24hrs for you to receive them.i wont be coming back until am done with my contract here.i dont have the intention of giving it out not until my wife advice me to do so.since you said you only want it for just a month we dont need to sign an agreement for that all i want to do is to send the keys to you as soon as you pay for the first month rent and as you said that you will help me to monitor my property,so i will continue another rental process as you move out.

      Get back to me for the application form and the interior decoration pics.

    3. Continuation... My reply... After which no response from him anymore.

      Hi Derek,

      Please give me verification details for your apartment. Once verified, will remit money to you.. Please provide the full address, buillding name, Owner's full name and ID number. Thank you.

  18. continuation of Barbara Perkinson scammer

    From: Barbara Perkinson
    Sent: Thursday, September 6, 2012 11:05 PM
    Subject: Re: Fw: room in Bugis

    Thanks so much for the reply and also for your interest..I am
    glad that you are very interested in my apartment and so I will also
    be happy to share the apartment with you.But i will have to be sure
    you will take the apartment before holding the apartment for you and
    so therefore it has to be secured.
    To proceed in securing the room I will like you to send me the
    following details so that i tell my lawyer to Prepare the Lease Tenant
    Agreement Document with your full name and I will send it to you, so
    that you can proceed with the payment
    and get the room secured.I will send you a scan passport of me and
    issue you receipt of payment so there is no worries.I want you to know
    that you will have a room of your own in the apartment and immediately
    the apartment has been secured I will buy my flight ticket and come down
    to Singapore to exchange all keys and documents and show you around the Apartment.

    Full Name:
    Moving Date:
    Present Address:
    How long are you planning to stay?
    Where are you coming from?
    How many months payment do want to pay upfront.
    Mode of identification (Scanned International Passport or Driver's Licence

  19. continuation of rental scam singapore

    This is thefull header of her email to me

    From Barbara Perkinson Sun Sep 9 19:29:38 2012
    X-Apparently-To: via; Sun, 09 Sep 2012 19:29:39 -0700
    Received-SPF: pass (domain of designates as permitted sender)
    X-YMailISG: Pa5BfhoWLDuZTmFFVHizrggKBWtQT6Zy_Og_lGFkrHqeLAP7
    q5iCFmiXHqA1.s5bPMjiAVRZyIP4drgEWma1M4eafu1YSDeVRz8Am3 DsWEg3
    X-Originating-IP: []
    Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=pass (ok)
    Received: from (EHLO (
    by with SMTP; Sun, 09 Sep 2012 19:29:39 -0700
    Received: by qaed18 with SMTP id d18so658476qae.1
    for <>; Sun, 09 Sep 2012 19:29:39 -0700 (PDT)
    DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=20120113;
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Received: by with SMTP id fc10mr14481487qab.42.1347244178931;
    Sun, 09 Sep 2012 19:29:38 -0700 (PDT)
    Received: by with HTTP; Sun, 9 Sep 2012 19:29:38 -0700 (PDT)
    In-Reply-To: <>
    References: <>



    Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012 03:29:38 +0100
    Subject: Re: room in Bugis
    From: Barbara Perkinson
    Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=20cf300514c8b6008c04c94fba97
    Content-Length: 6071

  20. This is the ad of this scammer in easy room mate last Sept 6.

    View this profile Basic Member
    Location: Bugis, D1-8 City & South West
    Rent: $1000 per Month(s)
    Roommate's info: Ann , 28yrs old, Female, Professional, Non Smoker
    Ad ID: H1209047485085
    Description:This is a spacious and newly decorated room for rent in CBD ON Prinsep street.Its fully furnished and you will be sharing the apartment with a professional female .The Apartment is a...
    see more

    Click here to make contact now

  21. Be care of this so called Who's Who Singapore for professionals and mentioned as Free,
    it will haunt you once you registered with all the information as it is a scam....the website is


    Ordered a bag of 130USD but never arrived. No replies and website shut down.

    1. Hi, I think we have communicated through emails. This may not be a scam. The website is, at this point of time, up.

      Do keep us updated!

  23. her fb name used: fel says
    acc number: posb savings 118-97327-5
    hp number: 86512674
    i transferred 180 dollars to this account.
    ib nick: valerie tan
    transaction reference: 10113756931
    date and time: 18 september 2012 1045pm

    the file attached are the snapshots of the convo as well as my transaction details!! please reply me asap!! thanks so much!!

    <3 valerie

    hello apple tiffany=) i heard from jaslyn that ur friend got scammed of purchasing the instagram camera and that u are making a police report. issit?
    the person i bought it from is called fel says. on tues, i ordered an instagram camera from this seller. actually, i noe her personally also but not very well. then i paid her 180 for the camera and she has verified payments. then she say will contact me today to tell me whr and wad time to meet up tmr. she also gave e her number and we have been communicating via sms. than i wanted to ask her tmr how as she hasn't get back to me. but she deleted the Facebook acc she used to sell the camera and she also off her phone=( i am afraid i got cheated=(

    i purely trusted her cos she gave me so much details, and that she is my friend. both play volleyball and all, seen her in real life and i have spoken to her before as a fern. din expect this would happen=(
    actually i noe her in person. sort of a friend but not a close friend. so i trusted her and i paid her alr. and she also verified and said she will tell me today on whether whr and wad time to meet tmr to collect. and i realized she deleted that faceboook acc she used to sell it, and she offed her phone..

  24. -----Original Message-----
    From: Departamento de Formacion Academica []
    Sent: Friday, October 05, 2012 2:05 AM
    To: undisclosed-recipients:
    Subject: Attention!!!


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  25. Hi, was anyone scammed by someone named Shopunicornz (initially) on Instagram who was selling inspired Litas?

    She later changed her instagram name to _PrincessFashion.

    She has deleted her account (or changed the name), and has not been replying to the texts of many girls. Also found out that she's called Amy Natasha on Facebook.

    Some of the scammed are making a police report! If you're one of them, pls do make a police report too! Its a small amount of money but no way is she going to escape scoot-free if she has committed fraud. Do beware!

  26. I want to report an online shop : Kachfashion ( On 13 October 2012. I made payment to KACH Enterprise (PG0221642-W), an online clothing shop in Malaysia. They didn't contact me even after payment was received until I inquired about my purchase 8 days later. Finally, after 15 days or so after they had received my payment, they sent me a torn garment! Upon complaining to them. I was told to send the dress back to the company within 7 days from 5 Nov 2012 if I wanted a refund. Pos Laju delivered the dress back to them on 6 Nov. 2012 but to date (24 Nov), I have yet to receive a refund. Kachfashion has ignored all my emails, Twitter & Facebook messages. The company also deleted my online account so I can't trace my order! They have also deleted all my public messages on their Facebook page inquiring about my refund. The phone number listed in one of their advertisements is also a wrong number. I have proof of all email correspondences with the company. Beware of shopping at Kachfashion! I have reported the company to all the relevant authorities in Malaysia.

    Company Information
    KACH Enterprise (PG0221642-W)

    Correspondence Address
    27B, Jalan Perai Jaya 3
    Bandar Perai Jaya
    13600 Perai
    Pulau Pinang, MALAYSIA


    MALAYSIA Facebook pages : Kachfashion / Karen Kachfashion / Kachfashion Kach / Kach Kachfashion

  27. I got scammed by
    of DBS SAVINGS 014 9 049645, Glaxaypretty Lootssale!!!
    All please beware

  28. Beware of a Singaporean lady using online romance scam on

  29. Do not believe those write-ups in this website :

    Nothing is featured in channel 8 or Straits times or Asia one.

    Dont buy any products as well.

    Chances are they are all scam.

    Check out

  30. I like to bring to everyone attention if you are thinking of making a career change to a wedding planner, there is currently a scam in town call the "DoWed" ( they are engage as wedding planner to help newly wed couple in their wedding.

    They also conduct course on wedding planner under the name "DoWed Academy", and the owner is Sherwin Lee the scamer at large. The fees he charges are high S$2600, in which he promise there will be a employment after completing the course, which he also make everyone of his students sign the employment letter, the course become a scam on the very first day we all started, to my surprise, there were no sales kit given as promise, instead he give us someone else wedding planner sales kits which to me is totally unethical to begin with. This is the wedding planner program we receive from him:, and it is really unbelievable, a professional wedding planner company does not have their own wedding package, they use a link that belongs to another company.

    He is always giving excuses on a last minutes basic and reason to cancelled the classes, and his reasons are like ... my dog is sick, he is sick but when you see the things he uploaded to his facebook the activity he didn't look sick but very well and alive and drinking like a horse ..., other reasons, he give was office air-condition not working, office under renovation, meeting etc but he seem to have a lot of his time having long holidays trip to Japan and America. i believe the expense of his long and very expensive holiday trip are all from the course fees we all paid and not deliver.

    We all start the course last year, May 2012, and there is suppose to have an exam in Nov 2012, because he cancelled almost of the classes therefore, we can no longer is able to follow the timetable as set by him.

    He also promise that the class will be given a lists of listing for us to start with, which he also conveniently brush us aside saying that we do not deserve to be given because we are not committed. and he took the listing that belong to us and when away to work on it, what a scam!!!!

    Then he when on a super long holiday in the States without completely the course with us and this trip was make in early 2013, when he return, we question him about not being able to deliver what we pay for and promise, and to our surprise, he told us that there is nothing to learn from him and so the class just ended with out an examination ... what a scam!!!!!

    He took everyone for a ride in the up most unethical way to earn a living, lies after lies he has been telling and putting the blame on us for his self fish gains .... We are all at a lost as to what should we do with a man scam like this. But I believe we are not the only one, I did a check and found our that they were other victim in his earlier courses too ... sigh!

    He will be conducting another scam class soon by DoWed Academy in July 2013, I believe, that money that he is working toward is to up keep his high life and expensive lifestyle on the expense of the innocent people. I hope people who are like us thinking of making a career switch and want to spend our hard earn money on the right investment, just be very very aware about this company call "DoWed" and the owner is Sherwin Lee.

    Lastly, do spread the word around, S$2600 is not a lot of money to him but is a lot and lot of money to many of us. Even about to be wed couple, please stay far, far away from him and this company, trust me you will not be paying and getting what you want.

    1. Does anyone know the outcome of this issue?
      What happen to Sherwin Lee as was unable to contact him or email?

  31. This kind of scam are so comment in Singapore lately, everyone seem to be operating a academy which is either not listed or a total scam, in your case, it is a total scam! you should go to the ministry of manpower to see if they have any right to make you sign a letter of employment when you are paying good money and being use as a slave for free labor service!!! even go to small claim and sue them for a refund! I believe you have a strong case, don't let this idiot scam on other innocent victim.

  32. I am not sure if this is news worthy, ...
    u may like to investigate into this particular product: Purtier Placenta by Riway International.
    it cost like $600 per box of 2 bottles of 30 capsule each. recommended dosage of 2 per day. ..
    pls refer to their facebook for their claim :
    some of them seems quite unbelievable...

  33. Would like to share, an advert in Gumtree Selling S4 phones, Title New Samsung galaxy s4 16gb / Ad ID 483825838. This is cheater!! He communicates thru Whatsapp 81225366. He will asked you to do a money transfer to a POSB acc but nothing will be delivered. He will whatsapp you again to claim that the item is stuck at ICA and need you to do further transfer aga. Already reported to police and is still waiting for further help. The advert is still alive in Gumtree as of 20 May 13. BEWARE and report to police immediately to make the case stronger so that the police can act.

    1. whats the person POSB account? did he provide to you?

    2. I got scammed too! posb saving account : 406-172-279 another new number 83191956. Lost $360

  34. Followup on the Samsung S4 online fraud in the gumtree, His tel number listed as 81225366, and he com thru WhatsApp, the saddest thing for the victim beside being cheated are his hard earn money gain while working as waiter during school vacation, The victim being a naive student thought that he had strike a good deal but ended up nothing. Seeing his hard earn cash disappear is very cruel. The online cheater are criminals and thrash, If I am their parent, I will be ashamed. The impacts drawn on the innocent victims are far and wide. They have no trust in this society with such scams around. The cheater as we may called them, may think that they can slip thru the long arm of the law. But as parents, we will go all the way out to seek justice. Beside reporting to the police, we will seek legal advice and get the lawyer to demand action from the police. Even to the very last drop, and if the money is able to claim back, donating to charity will certainly made us feel better than giving it to these cheaters. I would like request whoever get cheated by this Samsung S4 online fraud to report to the police. There are free legal consultation from Safra and the CC to begin with. Lets send the message to this guy that he or she can never outrun the law and he or she will be dealed with by the law.

    1. bank account number of the scammer can u post them?

    2. Hi the person who is using the whatsapp number 81225366 has several account numbers under POSB Savings. I am one of the victim as well. Their scam website that looks authentic is I've made police report twice with regards to this scammer. For more info, you can contact me at Beware of this account numbers:

    3. Another of his account number :

      His other number is 85470281

  35. Not exactly a scam but many more potential employees could get cheated and verbally abused like this Singaporean domestic worker:

    Singapore Police Reports (Bullies, Scams, Missing Persons):

  36. Just got a scam message from +16478254805

    Mark & Cindy Hill, Powerball Lottery winners have selected you for a donation of $1.5M USD. To begin claim, send full name/address to email: is a China's Internet service portal owned by Tencent.
    Many others got this scam message...

  37. I was browsing to help my friend and saw this website. My friend has be scammed by an incident similar as the one I saw here (the"Jacky Lee" incident). She added my friend on FB and later on skype for web cam chat which ended up recording video of my friend. Now she is extorting my friend with his video. She even sent him a list of people she is going to send the video to to his FB friends. Right now, only his girlfriend has received the video through FB private message. My friend has already reported to the police.
    The girl was called "Kim Hong Chi". Her FB profile seems normal and stated that she is from Taiwan university.

    1. Hi,

      This is to add on to what happened after this incident that I have commented before: (I was browsing to help my friend and saw this website. My friend has be scammed by an incident similar as the one I saw here (the"Jacky Lee" incident). She added my friend on FB and later on skype for web cam chat which ended up recording video of my friend. Now she is extorting my friend with his video. She even sent him a list of people she is going to send the video to to his FB friends. Right now, only his girlfriend has received the video through FB private message. My friend has already reported to the police.
      The girl was called "Kim Hong Chi". Her FB profile seems normal and stated that she is from Taiwan university.)

      No news from the "kim hong chi" after my friend deactivates his FB.
      So he reactivates it the past few days ago. Today, there's a girl by the name named " Grace Leong" ( that goes around adding people (which includes myself) from my friend's FB account. Looking at her account which is just created a few days ago, i found it suspicious. This Grace Leong looks quite similar to Kim Hong Chi-sweet looking and wearing low cut top. I alerted my friend and he deactivates his FB once again.

  38. Thank you for your comments regarding your shopping experience with us. We are glad that you really reported to the authority, and which they did a check and finally cleared our name from your baseless allegations. Please post your report number online so that all other customers may use that number to trace the actual outcome of the case with the authority, which is a strong proof that carries its business fairly. Thank you.

  39. I get scam also from a person name CHEAH LEONG KAH on facebook or CHEAH SINGLE on meetme. The first time he being nice to me, call me even i am at overseas. Then after i meet him at Jurong East, he ask me to buy samsung so he can call me use viber. So i buy the ssmsung tablet.
    Then since he know i buy the tablet 7 inch, he say can i help him to buy for him, because he dont have time to buy it as he wirking at oil company in Tuas and he always overtime work everyday. He promise to pay me end of febuary 2013 after he get his salary,but until now even he promise to pay me on 24 May,he didnt pay me.
    I call his phone number 94287073, he off his phone, i try to whatsapp, line, viber, wechat, facebook he still didnt reply me.
    Please be carefull girls...
    When his birthday on march, he keep asking me to buy the other samsung 10 inch for his birthday, he keep begging me, he say the samsung tablet he give to his sister in KL because his sister take another course. Then i tell him please pay it first then i buy another one, but he keep begging me, he say dont have money until he say he will ask his mother come to Sg and bring money for pay me. Then he force me to give my bank account because he said he will transfer it. But i didnt give him because i am worry he do bad to me, so i say i will wait he pay me cash. At the end he didnt pay me and he refuse to receive my call and he off his phone number.
    So.... since this happend to me, i want to share my bad experience with the guy from Ipoh Malaysia, his parent in KL, he have 2 brother in KL, 1 sister in KL and 1 sister in Johor while he say he is an eldest son of the family and he is stay at Jurong East, rent a room with the other Malaysian, and he say he work in Tuas at oil company which is he only tell me at S Quay but i really not sure about his working place while he keep moving his rent room because he havent find the place for stay with the budget he wants.

    So... girls...
    Be carefull with this CHEAH LEONG KAH / CHEAH SINGLE ,his real name is CHEAH FO LEONG from Ipoh / KUALA LUMPUR Malaysia.
    Dont ever trust him and buy him anything even he say he will pay you.

    1. you also like me I believe people so I had my lessons just day ago so singapore had scam by money loan name johnsan keymoneyloanhp-92447201sms 84084506 posb saving 293002355 i tranfar 610 next day no answer i report police or

  40. Hi,
    I stupid one I am just day ago get loan scam name johnsan company key money loan hp-92447201sms 84084506 he say before loan mush tranfer money first payment so he gave acct no-6626109547 ocbc saving and I say my acct ocbc he send me posb saving acct-293002355 I tranfer 610 this people very please help me what to do

  41. Please BEWARE of buy in MEMEME Cosmetics Singapore (Carmine Avenue Singapore), is not a serious company, can to provide invoices and e-mails to prove it, don't buy from them.

  42. I think I have be scamed. I know this guy Mark whom is in Florida now. He mention that he sent me a parcel. Then on last Friday the courier service people call me and mention that I need to pay 3280SGD for the documentation of the parcel before it can be release. Then on Monday morning the custom call me and mention that I need to pay 6Kplus for the stamping fees of the parcel. I confronted Mark and he said that I need to pay and he even send me a picture of the courier form. So I trusted him but now the courier service people in Singapore is asking for more .What should I do now?
    Can I report to the police

    1. don't pay any money now singapore had scamed so don't reply or pay report police

    2. Have u recovered your money? I've been scammed too. Would like to learn from others. I've reported police.

  43. this now singaporen don't do but malaysia thiland china do please becareful just report police or do ask

  44. BEWARE OF THIS ROOM FOR RENT SCAM. I'm stupid enough to buy this and paid a large amount. The scam looks so legit, he will send you a passport copy and contract. He is using a name Gerard Joseph/Tang Yew Wah


    I have a Well furnished apartment suitable and decent for a Perfect roommate, the apartment is ready for immediate move in and it is located at 111 Emerald Hill Rd Singapore 229391 but before i start telling you about it, it is only right that I let you know more about me being your potential flatmate so that you can know somethings about me.

    My Name is Tang Yew Wah Gerard Joseph an easygoing jovial and friendly male. My Hobbies are swimming, reading and traveling. In fact, I have being to France,also recently UK,I also like hanging out with friends and associating with people but I have not had the opportunity to hang out with my friends as I have being busy with my studies and also as I am looking to have my masters very soon. My Dad used to live here in this apartment with my Family but we later moved to UK where he passed away and I am the only one in this apartment although my mother is still in UK overseeing my late father's business and am not around for now and would not be back for sometime. I am in UK now on an internship project attached to a firm of my Dad's Company and I have being sent to supervise and would be back by the end of October. As soon as i have confirmed you as my flatmate for reservation, I will send you the Keys to the apartment by mail

    About my apartment,

    The house is located at 111 Emerald Hill Rd Singapore 229391 It is a three bedroom apartment and as I live in one room of the apartment, I have two rooms ready for move in, the rooms are furnished with a sofa-bed, two armchairs, dining table with expendable leaves with 4 matching chairs, television with digital receiver, telephone, parquet floors, and there is a window facing north. The apartment is wireless Internet enabled

    You will have free and unlimited access to all part of the apartment, the Kitchen, the living room and of course except my room, and you can also have your own visitors.The rent for the room is $600 Per Month and this includes the utility bills(all included) and you will be required to pay a security deposit of $900. This security deposit will be refunded to you at the end of your stay in my apartment.

    I hope it suits you well and if you have any more questions you can surely ask me, I also attach the pictures of the apartment and i am willing to send you the tenement contract agreement so that we can conclude and you can eventually move in.

    Regards and waiting to read from you soon


    1. Thank you... i was nearly scammed into this. I was also sent the exact same email content. Some things are too good to be true.

    2. I almost bought this as well. Just yesterday. I was about the send all my details today when my heart wanted to google "111 Emerald Hill Scam" and this came out. It was the same exact email. Same exact script. So thankful to find this page.

      This is the link to the scam:

      He is going by the name of Rahmat Simin.

    3. I just be his victim. I lost my money for SGD1,700. He use the name of Rahmat Simin. What should I do? so sad.

    4. I insisted that he presented me his proof of ownership but he couldn't and got angry. Then I tried to google his name up and TADAH!! Bloody idiot.

    5. I have just had exactly the same, just extremely thankful I googled his name before continuing!! Same email as above, but I wouldn't hand over any money until I had seen the place. Let that be a lesson to all out there.
      I even got a nice fake passport scan!!

      Thanks for your mail,the rooms are still available either for short or long term basis depending on your choice and Like i said,my apartment has 3 rooms and a living room,so i use one room while two is for rent.The rent for the apartment is $600 per month , while you would also make a security deposit of $900.This deposit would be refunded to you at the end of your stay in the apartment if nothing is destroyed during your stay..

      Before we proceed though,there are some conditions and rules and I will like us to decide on and it just requires your consent and afterwards we can proceed with the contract and for me to reserve the room you so you can move in as soon as you want to,i will need you to get back to me with the following:

      1.You shall sign a document confirming that the room has been reserved for you

      2.You shall make your first month payment to me

      3.You shall have to read the agreement contract which i shall send to you firstly as an attached mail before you make your payment. For the document to be prepared successfully,I would be needing the following details:

      (1) Your move in and out date;
      (2) Your current address and also the address where you would like the keys to the apartment,the Original copy of the contract and also the receipt of payment sent to after confirmation of payment from me which you shall sign and bring along with you when moving in finally as my room mate
      (3) Your scanned ID passport for identification
      (4) Your Full Name
      (5) The Total Months you will like to stay in my apartment
      (6) Mobile #

      The house is located at 111 Emerald Hill Rd Singapore 229391 . It overviews the courtyard with a large window. This apartment is ideal for 3 guests.The living room is well furnished and perfect,i am not around for now and would not be back for sometime. I am in UK now and would be back by the end of June.As soon as i have confirmed you as my flatmate for reservation, I would send you the Keys to the apartment by mail and also send the contract documents and receipt as well.You can always call me anytime on +447035956738 so i agree that you sign the lease contract & make half of the total payment as upfront payment then i confirm you as my potential renter then mail the keys to you then you receive the keys and move in then make the rest payment after move in.

      I hope you quite understand me and everything?

      There is also a washer,air-con and dryer in the apartment for the laundry needs and also to the apartment has a car park.Infact,it has being allotted two car spaces.

      I wait to read from you soonest to continue the contract and further details about the documents towards having you as my room mate.

      Warmest regards


    6. I also almost tricked into this scam. Exact same email but using different name, Chew Soon Kwong. Luckily i trust my heart and decided to google it and i found this website that reveals this room ad is a scam. Thankfully i didnt transact any money but im worried because i gave him my passport details. Any advice on how to at least inform relevant parties should he decided to use my passport details for any future purposes?

    7. I just get tricked these few days and lost quite amount. Using all the same email format just different name.
      Lets we all gather to make a police report to prevent this scam to happen again in the future, bring all the documents as prove.
      Because as I know he still active using cheating people around.
      Whatever the result is at least we do something and try.
      Hope he gets what he did, karma will get him.
      And I hope to hear from you guys soon too.

    8. Thank you, I almost got scammed too by a guy called chew soon kwong , please be aware.

  45. My experience would be different from you all, as I'm a seller scammed by a buyer. I'm a seller of virtual in-game goods. I am a victim of a reverse payment scam where the buyer allegedly sent the payment through TT from singapore to malaysia and send me the screenshot of the transaction. Trusting DBS bank and the buyer, i sent the requested items. Sadly, the buyer disappeared from contact till now. apparently, after sending the screenshot, he went on and cancel the payment or report it as a mistake.He now has the money and the stuff i sent. im only a stident and the money he scammed me was a lot. all i have is the screenshot of the transaction with his DBS acc number. Can anyone advise me please?

  46. Its really very shock. People can create official mail id. Eg: , , ...
    Scammers sending the mail from those id . Telling about some money transaction.
    Any one give some advice to public scammers creating this fake email.
    This mails from official web will really make people confuse

  47. Hi guys,


    There's this guy on Locanto posting about Samsung s4, and his email is "". Stating that per set of the phone is SGD 400 and we have to have a local (Singapore) bank transfer to posb savings account as follows:

    POSB Bank
    Acct No: 158-196727
    Account type: Savings
    Account Name: Foo Hee Chew Francis

    After I made a payment of SGD value of $400, he told me that my phone is ready to be shipped. But I need to pay SGD value of $210 for VAT. I refused to pay and requested for immediate refund as he did not mention anything about VAT until I made the first payment. He then ask me to pay for 5 units so it will be more worth because shipping 5 units will be cheaper as be it shipment of 1 unit or 5 units VAT will be $210. I was reluctant to pay and thus he said that he will pay on behalf of me to the courier and "told his boss that that amount will be deducted from his salary". And told me I will receive my item next day 4pm latest. I asked for a tracking number, for couple of hours he refuse to reply me. And when he finally does, he reprimanded me of not letting him sleep "because it is midnight at US now & the courier guy phone is off, he should be sleeping too". So after another couple hours, he text me again, saying that courier is not possible to ship 1 item, and I have to buy 4 more units in order for me to receive item tomorrow. I demanded again for refund, he told me it is not possible because "their accountant is oversea right now in Australia", and either I pay for 4 more sets or I have to wait for him to get another buyer (which is like a ??? timing, because who knows which idiot like me will fall on same trick?) to purchase and then can ship out orders together.

    I told him to do an immediate refund and he said that the account holder name is a FBI and even police can't do anything to him. He then mock at me stating that the account holder name will not be back in Singapore for the next 20 years because he gotten a job oversea for 10 years contract. He gave me info as such:

    License number: 2555491011222
    Name: Cele Bulk Stores
    Address: Liberty Road Salem Oregon
    State: Salem
    City: Oregon
    Country: USA
    Zip code: 97304

    Also he told me his shop is under one of the reported complaint shop call "shop safe store" and they are partners. I believe both company are operated by the same guy I spoke to, and they are scams. He even dare me to go ahead and post review or complaint about him, or even to the authorities as I wish because "police can't so anything to them".

    Please be careful if anyone is searching information about this store "Cele Bulk Store" or "shop safe store" or "shoprite". There is no "cheap" phones online, even if payment method is by local bank transfer, and definitely not any wire money (western union, moneygrammers etc) all hand phone scams through these methods are all scams and they refuse to accept payment by PayPal because we can revert Paypal charges within 30 days.

    1. I have been scam by a company call Smart Mobile Solution Ltd exactly using the same tricks. It was really foolish of me and I remitted a total if $1210 to a local POSB SAVING account in Singapore. and I get nothing. I have made a police report and hoping that something can be done. And there was also this person going by Michelle Wong Gadgets be wary of this also!

    2. I got similarly scammed by Smart Mobile Solutions last month and filed a police report, and reported the account to DBS. Seems like there are a ton of fake POSB accounts.

      I also felt like an idiot, but luckily only transferred the first amount and refused to make a second payment. I cannot believe they have a valid phone number and bank account, yet nothing can be done to stop them.

  48. Hi All,

    I order 2 shirts from online shopping since 25th April 2013 but they still didn't delivered yet .

    Later I cancel order to get refund but didn't transfer the refund to my account.

    They don't pick up my call and always postponed for refund.

    Below are the my email order and their reply for the proof.

    I lost my patient already on Brandsfever.

    Please kindly help me for my issue.

    Brandsfever Pte. Ltd.

    20 Sin Ming Lane
    Singapore 573968
    Office Ph : (+65) 6302 9001 65709606 / 63029001 / 65954960


    On 25 Feb, 2013, at 6:24 PM, "" wrote:


    You sent a payment of $228.90 SGD to Brandsfever Pte. Ltd..
    25 Feb 2013 18:24 SST
    Receipt No: 3060-6779-4710-7872

    Dear ????????????,

    This charge will appear on your credit card statement as payment to PAYPAL *BRANDSFEVER.
    Merchant information:
    Brandsfever Pte. Ltd.
    65954960 Instructions to merchant:
    None provided
    Dispatch information
    Delivery method
    Not specified
    Description Unit price Qty Amount
    Jersey - Black 1
    $129.00 SGD 1 $129.00 SGD
    Long Sleeve Shirt - Navy
    $99.90 SGD 1 $99.90 SGD
    Subtotal : $228.90 SGD
    Total: $228.90 SGD

    Receipt No: 3060-6779-4710-7872

    Please keep this receipt number for future reference. You'll need it if you contact customer service at Brandsfever Pte. Ltd. or PayPal.
    Use PayPal next time!
    It looks as if you already have a PayPal account.

    When you shop online, it's faster and easier to check out with PayPal. Your financial information is securely stored and never shared with merchants when you pay.

    Yours sincerely,

    Brandsfever Pte. Ltd.

    20 Sin Ming Lane
    Singapore 573968
    Office Ph : (+65) 6302 9001 65709606 / 63029001 / 65954960

    1. you can file a dispute form in PayPal account.

  49. did any body received scam calls from Microsoft Windows Care Centre - about viruses?

  50. I may got scam (not too sure because its been delayed for a month plus she said it arrived and sending my regmail tracking number but never) I don't know what to do, any advice? Her account number is 274-01030-4 and her hand phone number is 91125367. Any advice?

    1. hey, i have been scammed by this girl as well. her instashop is rosybulletz, i ordered few hoodies from her and she said will be arriving about 1-2weeks and she blocked me after recv my money and wouldnt want to reply me. can i have your email so i could contact you?

  51. RBMS PTE Company is a Scammer Too..... Representative is someone called Kira aware........they never sent the products and NO refund!!!!!!!!!

  52. Hi,
    My wife was cheated from this site as she believe it was authentic tory burch:

    Please do not order from here. We lodged a complaint with Visa and DBS, but they do not care, and said they cannot reverse the payment, or stop any future payments to the merchant. Shocking!!!!

  53. Muhammad Faraz Ahmad (Pakistani) claimed to be relocating from Singapore to Australia and thus needed to sell his online business that was purportedly running for the past one year. He forged prior three month sales transaction records to "prove" his monthly revenue. Upon payment and given the admin password, we discovered that the website was created and registered only a couple of weeks before we met.
    We notified him of all the discrepancies including information which he provided on the day of handover.
    As the premise of buying the business was based on deception, we requested that he returned the money paid for the business. He refused.

    We're sharing this experience and hope that other will learn to be more careful of the many modus operandi of fraudsters in Singapore

  54. Does the police will really do anything if we report this scamming case?

  55. New email scam info guys:

    To Me
    Today at 7:32 AM
    Chelmsford 3 St Johns Court,
    Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0JD, UK.

    Dear Sir/Madam

    The INTER HOTEL AWARDS Incorporated wishes to congratulate you over your success in the ongoing Global 5-Star Standard Hotels financial bailout plan. You are one of the forty five final recipients of a Cash Grant of GB780,000 to salvage your finances and to develop your community.

    The financial bailout plan was funded by the associations of Global 5-Star Standard hotels which include:
    a. The Union of European 5-Star Standard hotels(UESH),
    b.The Union of Asian 5-Star Standard hotels (UASH),
    c.The Union of American 5-Star Standard hotels (USASH),
    d.The Union of South Africa 5-Star Standard hotels(USASH),
    e.The Union of Middle East 5-Star Standard hotels(UMSH) etc.

    The INTER HOTEL AWARDS Incorporated is engaged to carry out the task of conducting the balloting and to subsequently pay winners. This is the first time this program is taking place. Note that all participants email address were selected randomly from over 500,000 LinkedIn Subscribers from all countries of the world through a random sampling and your your LinkedIn Email Address is attached to file number LNK-20/INDO/1023 that emerged as one of the lucky Subscribers that won the sum of Seven hundred and eighty Thousand Great British Pounds (US$780,000).

    You have cleared/approved payment as winners of the Global 5-Star Standard financial bailout plan.The original copy of your winning certificate/certified bank draft of (Seven Hundred and eighty Thousand Great Britain Pounds) has been granted.

    Fill the verification form below and send it to Graham Norwood the coordinator for identification and claim.

    Contact Graham Norwood via email id; bailoutplan@interhotelaward. com Tell:+447014212544

    1, Names in full:
    2, Country of Residing:
    3, Nationality:
    4, Residential Address:
    5, Date of Birth/Age:
    6, Mobile No:
    7, Amount Won:
    8, Email address:
    9, Scan copy of International passport or any Identity proves.

    On behalf of myself and all staff of INTER HOTEL AWARDS Incorporated, I say congratulations once again. You can visit our website for more details.

    Yours sincerely,
    Ms. Helen Oldfield
    Awards Secretary
    Inter Hotel Awards Incorporated.

    if you check the they really made the effort to create the website. However it was made with Hover to the links in the website and you will notice that the link will contain and so on. I searched one of the judging panel photos and it shows up different name in google. Better watch out guys.

  56. Nguyen Thi cam tienDecember 4, 2013 at 11:19 PM

    Hi you guy please help me something
    I have buy a online phone I already payment $800 but they still talk to me I need give the deposit money the I give them total $3000 for that. But them don't deliver the items for me can I report to police

  57. Peter K Tang; email: POSB account: 102-13392-7.
    Advertised to sell $500 HTC butterfly S in After paying for the set, asked me to purchase 3 more before he can deliver.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. This guy with email replied to me on a smart phone ,advertised on olx brand new and with one year warranty at a cheaper price than market. He gave account number DBS : 0122044047. Please do not fall prey to it. This guy is a pro scamster and after you transfer money to item , he will ask to transfer another SGD150 for delivery which he would never mention before and that will be just start of scamming more money. He communicated thereafter with me on whatsapp from a non Singapore number. This guy has advertised all over different websites like adpost locanto olx etc.

    1. Happened to me recently. He changed his email to Got a website somemore
      Did you lodge a police report and manage to get your money back?

  60. Be careful of Smart Mobile Solutions Ltd, an online electronics store which looks very reputable but after transferring money to "Williams" account POSB 002 764 601 I was asked to transfer a second amount or the goods would not be sent.

    This is not a real business. It is fake. I have made a police report.

    1. hi, me too happened the same right now. did u get back your money now?

    2. hi Anonymous, did you get your money back? What happened to your purchase? Did they also give you a tracking number? Thanks

    3. what happened to your report now? did you get your money back?

  61. Scammer name is chiestian. Active in wechat and skout to use girl's sympathy that he had a baby girl and it's a single father. He will use technique that don't allow victims to think and bring them to buy stuffs and sign up handphone lines with him. All sort of stories to delay e loan that he claimed that he will return once he gets from his shop. I will send the pictures of this person to administrator. He drove a suzuki swift sgc2021c. Beware and don't give him your sympathy.

  62. me also, as i need to buy a phone to use, i attracted to the online shop offering factory unlocked phones. . they are using posb bank account. their shop name is DNS Moblie World. they have adds in gumtree, locanto and other sites. . they care to reply your inquiry about the product and assure you after 2 hours they can deliver your order. After I transfer the payment of 400$ for the phone i waited for 2 hours but no order delivered at our home..
    I called them and i was shock being told that I need to pay for the tax and insurance worth 250$?? I yeld them badly and ask them to return my money, they said they will refund it back to me and they even get my account number and ATM details ei card number. .
    This is the 2nd day but my refund have not yet credited to my account. . Should i know report to the police now? their website ( is still active and their number still ringing but don't answered.I'm still hoping that they will refund my money. . ;'(

    1. DNS Mobile World
      Address: 281 Victoria St, Singapore 188067
      Singapore office:+6531586022

      POSB Account (Passbook): 200-99508-2

    2. Hi. have you received your item? Any police report made against them? Let me know asap! :) thanks

      my email :

    3. Hi, may i know do they refund the money to you? i had bank in 1050 to them. $400 for phone, $250 for tax+insurance, $400 for custom fee.

      my email:

    4. Hi Did u visit the place in Victoria street ? they are selling iphone 6 now online also

  63. March 2014...Scammer from deposited as half payment for SAMSUNG 46' TV and SONY DSLR, then upon delivery I will pay as full payment as our agreement but no delivery was made to our place BUKIT BATOK, they said need to pay the remaining balance so that they can deliver my item, I keep reminding them that is not our agreement but still they pushing me to pay the remaining balance so that they can deliver my items, to finish our discussion I paid the remaining balance, but still they cannot deliver because I need to pay TAX! $200 for 2 item...I paid the TAX but still cannot deliver my item for so many reason, I reported to police I give the account and telephone no. cannot call them but they can reply to my message and all negotiation is through VIBER and WHATSAPP,

    Account No they use: 5729728790 Standard Chartered
    Name of person they used: Wei Xuan

    Account No : 00500097004 DBS BANK

    Account No: 5257-7038-4001 OCBC BANK

    Telephone No. : 8300-5953

    Please help me to catch this person, I worked so hard and save this money to buy TV and CAMERA....still they are online in viber using this number but never answer and reply..dont let this happen to our friends and loveone...thank you

    1. were so stupid to fall. . just pray for them. And learn from our mistake. Anyways we still can earn the money we lost.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Everyone please beware of this Scammer Fabian Y. I got scammed by him about SG$50000. His full name is Fabian Yue Ming Qiu 30 year old this year. Description on how i got scammed by him below.

    In October 2012, I get to know Fabian in tagged and was in a relationship with him on 22nd October 2012. Starting he will present himself as a very rich man. Saying that he drive a Evolution but his driving got suspended due to traffic offence. And he owned a condo in East Coast area and he will tell you his money is your money and your money is his money. As a couple have to help each other if anyone of us met in any difficulties. So the scam start here. I do go to his house and stay with him before. He stay at Blk 41 Cambridge Road that time as he said his dad just pass away due to Cancer and his parent divorced when he was young. So he have to look after the house as they rented the room out but the rental is all collected by his aunt which is his dad sister. He also said that his mum is a big lawyer and he was being force to study psychology in NUS/NTU and transfer to private University.

  66. About a month later when i'm with him, he started his scam tactics. He said that he had been working as a illegal gambling bookie for about 10years since he's young and he got very sick and tired of doing illegal job. But he's unable to quit his job if he did not pay his boss a $10000. At that point of time as a girlfriend of cause i'll support him to quit his job before getting caught. Than he said he had already managed to borrow a $7000 from his friend and still shortage of $3000 and also he said that after quitting this bookie job he gonna start his own business to assemble server for LAN Shop. He ask me whether can i help him out but for a person like me do not have any saving at all. He started to ask me to go and take bank loans. Starting when i rejected to help him to take loans he got very angry and ignore me. Loan are from three different banks OCBC (SG$3700), POSB (SG$4200) & Citibank (SG$3700). And he promised me that he will return me the money but i found out he use the money for soccer betting.

  67. When he started his business he said he had sign contract with his customer and there's a deadline to meet. So he had already order stock from his supplier some motherboards but when it arrived singapore he claim that all his stock were corroded cause of shipment by sea. So he need more money to re-order his stock. But I'm not allow to take anymore loan from the banks as all the bank first installment payment were not paid which he promised he will pay. So he force me to go to licensed moneylender. From 1 company become 16 licensed moneylender company. He also claimed that his Laptop breakdown need to buy a new laptop for his work so he again force me to courts to take up their flexiplan to be able to buy the MACBOOK PRO for him just a normal MACBOOK total cost is $6000 as it's installment plan.

  68. About half year later, with all the debts i'm bearing i was thinking to clear all the 16 licensed moneylender at one go. But his so called business is having problem again. So this time round he forced me to take loan from Loanshark! But i'm awake by that time as my friend are helping me to pay the licensed moneylender loan. I told him straight to his face that i'm unable to help him anymore especially take loan from LOANSHARK! So our relationship turn sour and when he know that i'm not going to help him he broke off with me.

    So on August 2013, I discuss with him the payment and he promised to pay me every end of month a $400 for banks loan and on every 12th of the month a $125 for Courts Flexiplan Installment. For the first four months he had done what he had promised. But he start to come out with lots of excuses like he have a job but required him to own a car so he brought a car under his friend name and he did not pay for the monthly installment for few months already so he only able to pay me a $100 that month end. Than another month came he said he met on a bike accident and was hospitalized with his left hand being amputed and out of goodwill i told him since his hand is like this he don't need to pay the monthly installment till another month than he pay. And this month, when i ask him for payment again he said his Girlfriend is pregnant with his kids so he won't bother about the payment. But too bad i won't believe in his lies. For all your inform two day ago before he said his girlfriend was pregnant he told me he don't think he have a girlfriend.

  69. Anyway cause of my kindness he take everything for granted and i found out he actually ENJOYING with his new Girlfriend which is just 20year old girl this year with his both hand still intact and not useless at all. He even put on braces. This scammer have the money to put on braces but do not have the money to return me. He even claimed that the braces were sponsor by his previous employer.

    Everyone please take note i had also found out i'm not the only victims as there are many more people got scammed by him even his own childhood friends. If there's anyone who got scammed by him kindly reply me through this website. Let justice handle him as the amount he had scammed is not a small amount everyone got scammed by him the least is also 10k.

    1. Hi, your scam case seemed similar as mine and i have found out other victims who got scammed by the same guy. Are you very sure that his full name is Fabian Yue Ming Qiu by NRIC?

    2. Hi,

      His NRIC Name is either Fabian Yue Ming Qiu or Yue Ming Qiu only.. I have to check.. when do you and other victims got scam by him? and do you and other victims launch a police report? Anyway, he had pay me monthly a $100 plus $125 for the courts laptop.. But you all have to report him to police let's justice handle him.. don't let him scot-free. His GF/Wife got pregnant is none of our business too.. he can come out with lots of story when come to payment.. i'm too sick and tired of hearing his story and excuse..

  70. Hi

    I got cheated by a guy call himself STGadget. Who say je was selling ipad air for $600. I found the advertisment in "Locanto" a place to put up advertisment and sell items. Tbis guy claim he has a lot of factory unlocked ipad for sale and say he will sell it for $600 .

    Even give me an offer buy 2 ipads and 2 however i wanted to try to buy only one. He asked me to transfer to a posb bank account 189 873 913. The firat try i could.not transfer the money. Than he give me another account number posb saving 403 453 382. I transfered the $600 and he promised to send the item in 3 hours. However its been a week and he has not sent yhe item.

    When i ask him, he claim there was a problem with the delivery and my item was sent to a different country and he has anotjer delivery tjat can send to be but i have to pay an additional $1000.

    If anyone has ever been cheated by this person pls be aware. Thete is no such thing as ipad air $600.

    1. Hello, you there can u reply me? Got something to ask u

    2. Hi any updates of your case ?

  71. Beware of TWO SCAM SITES:

    I found this two links on Facebook. They advertised FREE trials to try their products but you have to pay for shipping fees and had to enter your credit card details. HUGE MISTAKE! Never enter your credit card details unsecured unless it is through PayPal. They have deducted a few hundreds dollars from my savings account without my knowledge!

  72. BEWARE of this SCAM website:

    I found this through ST Classified ad and they have a few ad with ST Classified. I have already report to ST Classified to blacklist all their ad so more victim will fall into their trap like me been scam $2800.. all my 1 mth hard earn salary just gone down the drain with it..

    Have made a police report but zero hope to recovery back..

    I was so stupid in believing what they say and since i thought is a local website with local bank POSB account.. that i end up transfer more and more money over.. ended up all more hard earn money gone.. no items delivery ..
    please warn all your love one or friends who like buy gadgets online

    1. I was cheated by this website too. For me, I was cheated half the amount what you've given.
      They told me that the courier service ended up carrying 4 items tobe deliver to my house instead of 2 items that I've requested. They asking to pay for the whole 4 items and then return back the goods tomorrow and refund will be given back to me. When they asked me to do more transfer, I got suspicious and told them I've got no more money. They even told me to borrow money from friend to settle this problem.

      So I asked them if this a scam company, they even reply me that I dont have to worry . They are not a scam company. So,I told them I would like to cancel the transaction since I can not afford to make the additional payment and ask to refund me back the money. I believe them when they told me that they will cancel the transaction and refund me back the money.

      But my bro in law told me it was a scam and managed to find my way to this website and read your story. Now I'm confirmed has been cheated too.

      Have you receive your money back since you make a police report ?

  73. Do not be scammed ny this Company called Garcinium and Supracleanse 350. They offer free trial of their products but pay for shipping. Then 2 weeks later they will charge your credit card without your consent and acknowledgement.
    No products received and no reply from them.
    Beware as their order is linked together with the big names like GNC, some celebrities etc.

  74. @ locanto. Offering cheap mobile phones and apple products. FAKE. I got cheated of $250. Delivery was promised 3-4 hrs after delivery but after transfer he remained silent. Then 3 hours later, he replied via whatsapp that "his boss did not allow you to get te package at half payment". He wanted another $250 for "tax and insurance". And refundable. ‪83191956

    1. do u manage to get back you money

  75. Hey. Was being scammed about $500++ but then reported police and it doesn't seems they are doing anything about it? How :( and also my friend was being scammed like an small amt, do you think the police will entertain her? :((((((

    1. Even if you think the police won't entertain you all, you must also make a police report. At least police have a record of this cheater. Who knows this cheater cheat on others and others had already reported to the police. When more people make the police report, it will alert the police and hopefully they will take action on these cheaters especially that cheater who cheat me. My case is below, S$650.

    2. The police did not even entertain a group scam report of total amount est $380,000. I'm starting to think what is the police doing..

  76. Hi all, thanks for sharing your stories. Please report to police about your scam/
    cheating case. I encounter a cheating case (S $650) recently and had reported to the police. I think police wont be able to help us to get out money back or get that cheater arrested. They will close these cases after a certain period by give certain excuses. These cheaters fully understand what sg police will do. They will not get caught and still able to continue to cheat others money. I pray hard on karma to that guy who cheat my money.

  77. Dear All
    This is a true story for which conclusion is yet to come. Three family put advt on Gumtree seeking flat on rent. In response one HDB owner from tampines contacted potential tenants and has given his own flat on rent to different person including me almost at same time in period of one month. On last minute he canceled the deal with everyone with one reason or another and holds back most of good faith advance given to him(one month rent and one month deposit). Till now I have four cases in my knowledge with whom he has done it. He keep on making some excuse not to return money. He is still contacting potential tenants.

    Three victims has filed the police report. Police has asked us to seek SCT help. We all three went to SCT and SCT has ordered him to return the money back in two cases.
    From my limited knowledge of local law, as part of enforcement of order only movable property can be seized for which we are not aware what are his movable properties are. I request my all fellow stompers to be aware and cautious in such case. It was our hard earned money for which we are still exploring all possible avenue to get it back. Money is just one part in such case but kind of frustration and mental trauma ( feeling to get cheated) is another part.

    I have full faith in Singapore system.
    I am confident we will get justice though it demands lot of efforts and time. Please be safe. Let's all together make Singapore safest place on earth. ( Please remember lowest crime does not mean no crime hence take all pre-caution and inform the relevant authorities at earliest)

  78. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing important view and thoughts in this article.i really appreciate !!!!!!

  79. I've recently encountered what seems to be a case of scam on the online platform carousell. I would like to enquire about the outlet to proceed to when this case of scam only involves $27 for me, but many of the users on that platform have actually been scammed by this one member there.

  80. hi..i saw a post on, there's student promotion in singapore and malaysia which will end this May. anyone heard of it?? the account name they gave to pay for the iphone is Nyaguty Sandra Tibaga.. is this a scammer??? please reply. thanks.



    UEN: 201412536E

    NBO SINGAPORE IS DOING MLM SCAM, WHY? THEY SETUP TO GET MONIES TO PEOPLE in Singapore and these Company will incurred a huge LIABILITIES and later on , they will LIQUIDATE. and they are Filipinos.

    Heres the Technical Plan:NO SELL, NO RECRUIT PLAN (even they have a product)
    A (YOU) , B (YOU) C(YOU)
    registration is 988 each x 3 = 2964
    IF A have 2 downline , they called it ACTIVE SLOT
    This is their payout and investment scam scheme
    2964 1 3 1 4,500.00 1,423.00 3,077.00
    6916 2 7 3 13,500.00 4,269.00 9,231.00
    14820 3 15 7 31,500.00 9,961.00 21,539.00
    30628 4 31 15 67,500.00 21,345.00 46,155.00
    62244 5 63 31 139,500.00 44,113.00 95,387.00
    125476 6 127 63 283,500.00 89,649.00 193,851.00
    251940 7 255 127 571,500.00 180,721.00 390,779.00

    THE COMPANY has no Paid Up capital to run and pay the investor. they use all registration and members fee which is AGAINST THE MLM ACT OF SINGAPORE and other International Countries.
    Each Active slot will ACCUMULATE to 4500 to complete distribution but in fact. This distribution doesnt exist. They just simplified just to show the people that they receiving money online little by little. If the money meter reach the amount of 4500. The company will deduct 1423 (cmpany income) then the balance of 3077 will give to 1 investor who register on queue by date and time.

    Lets assume IF YOU invest 255 slot x 988 each =251,940 or sgd equivalent
    The company CANT PROVIDE 571,500 each of 127 Active slot because the cash sales is only 251,940.00
    Instead, The company will pay only 20% of ACTIVE slot( 51 active slot) out of 127 Active binary.
    IT MEANS the 77 active slot is UNPAID. Remember each Active slot company earn 1423.00 or sgd equivalent. (1423x51=72,573.00)
    How to pay the outstanding payable of 77 active slot(77x4500=346,500). ?
    They must GET 1.37% additional slot -NEW INVESTOR VICTIM (352slot) to pay the remaining balance.

    Therefore, they will encourage and find new victims in singpaore until the get 350slot (new investor) = 175 Active slot( Payable again)
    350slotx 988=347,776.00 to pay the 77 active slot 346,500.
    NOW THE COMPANY TOTAL LIABILITIES = 175 active slot which is equivalent to 787,500.00 OR sgd equivalent.

    Until all people in the end, they dont pay and PLAN TO LIQUIDATE the company.
    THERES NO COMPANY are willing to EARN less income and incurred HUGE LIABILITIES.




  82. ***DBGadgetStore online selling new handphones cheap -> CHEATS ***

    Their modus operandi:
    Where they advertise online: Locanto, Gumtree at least those I know.
    What they sell: new handphones
    "Attraction': Buy 2 Get 1 free, or cheap & quite unbelievable price
    They make you believe they are locals by willingly sending you scan image of their Singapore ICs, but I don't think the ICs belong to them.
    Payment mode: Direct bank transfer (one of the methods) to OCBC, DBS, UOB - up to you to choose
    Selling method: pay first, then deliver -> PROBLEM starts here!!!

    Once you pay, they will ask you to top up with a few hundred dollars of insurance money, else they will not deliver.

    How to verify if they are real: ask to meet them face-to-face or go to their office, see goods, then pay cash on the spot. If they are not willing to meet, they are HOAX!

    I have been cheated near to a thousand dollars with their selling approach above.

    ADVICE: NEVER PART WITH YOUR MONEY WITHOUT SEEING THE GOODS for this company. They are money suckers. So, don't be a sucker and fall prey to them!

  83. I've encountered a online cheating/ scam, Saw a online ad of selling phone. Contact seller through email and then whatsapp. Agree to buy the phone and he send me a copy of the front NRIC as assurance and say will deliver the phone within 2 to 3 hours.

    About time, i whatsapp the contact, he said had an issue in the delivery will take more time but nothing come. A long wait..........whatsapp him again no reply. Went MIA. His whatsapp last seen is still active. (Last seen 11:51pm, 3/07/14)

    I've reported this case to the police, they told me if this is a serial case they will investigate more deeply. Told me to go for small claims tribunal, not sure should i, as it will be troublesome.

    Just a student, $700 just gone like that.

    His details,
    9861 4600


    Account name,
    Abdullah Omar

    Delivery contact,
    8473 7307

  84. Facebook seller "Au Wai Lun" posting Galaxy Note 3 + Gear 2 for sale @ $500. PM him and was told to transfer $250 for him as deposit and he will come over to meet me and pay balance, once paid to posb saving acconts 130-69668-6, he say to transfer another $250 so he don't have to carry so much cash around for rest of delivery, then he will say pay another $150 for tax and insurance. sense something not right but money already gone. handphone is 94222285, IC : S8618225D, DOB 9 July 1986, Add: Blk 333 Serangoon Ave 3, #xx-xxx. I'm not sure if this IC or FB account is stolen identity but beware...reported to police and got a case number. Hope police take actions against such scammers. Lucky for me "no real money was transacted" as I smell a fish when a deals is too good to be real and seller ask for fund transfer first before seeing goods. CRAPS!!!

  85. sigh wished i came across this site earlier. just reported a police case with "dbgadgetstore", saw their ad on gumtree - offering phones at a cheap price. ultimate bullshit. I got cheated of $380 for a note 3. delivery was supposed to be done in an hour (1140am), but apparently errors with delivery side kept coming up. then they promised delivery before 1pm, still nothing. received an invoice from them, and wanted another $220 for "100% refundable tax and insurance" upon delivery of item in cash. spam text for hours and at 4pm, replied me with a "wait". start spamming for a response again and i was blocked on whatsapp by 8pm. bloody hell, had to visit the police and bank and praying hard i would be able to recover my money..

    1. Hey i was scammed by the same person too :/ i wasted $360 for a note 3, they told me 11 sets of phones were mailed to my house and asked for more money. In the end, nothing came. I'm still a student so $360 is a lot to me and fearing my parents will find out, i didn't report to the police

  86. A friend of mine was scammed online by a woman who befriended him. She then invited him for a webcam session. She recorded him and started blackmailing him for money. We didn't go to the police fearing a backlash. But we have her name and the address we sent the money to.

    Josephine Villar
    blk 40 lot 5 ph2 nhv bitungol norzagaray bulacan phillipines 3013

  87. Just beware of people claiming they are from another country wanting you to mail item to another country.

    Just wasted my time by this scammer Daniel who claimed to be in US and interested to buy a branded bag from me and have it ship to his "wife" in Malaysia.
    Asked me if i prefer bank transfer or paypal. Even tried a little bargaining on postage costs. I told him to secure the purchase from my ebay post, but he said he don't have an ebay account...well a odd sign.

    When i said bank transfer preferred, he sent a fake-looking bank transfer confirmation the next day, claiming it's from Colony Bank and asked me to provide shipment verification before the funds will be sent to me per bank normal procedure...
    The fake bank confirmation email is sent from an email address
    At first, the email was in my other email folder so I told him I didn't receive the bank confirmation email. Then, wah immediately he checked and resent the confirmation (he own the bank or what haha). He asked me to mail the item to
    Name : Stephanie Anthony
    Address : 5-2,Vista Millennium Condo,Bandar Puteri,47100 PUCHONG, SELANGOR
    City : Kualar Lumpur
    Country : Malaysia

    The address doesn't even look right...those who live in Singapore or Malaysia will know why.
    I read online that these scammers also designed fake paypal email confirmations too.

    Not difficult to identify the scam...but really a waste to time!!!!

  88. Hi to all,

    Please beware of this fake buyer details as below;

    Email address :
    Name : Daniel
    Bank account : Standard Chartered (SG)

    Story starts here;

    I received an email from who was interested to buy a bag which I posted for sale online

    We made a deal through our email conversation for this price of the bag. The buyer agreed to transfer the payment to my Paypal account (as he is in USA not a local buyer so I deal with Paypal) however the money will be put on hold first until I show them proof of a delivery shipping numbers.

    I made a Singpost delivery to this person in Malaysia and forward the shipping numbers to the buyer.

    I received an email from Paypal stating that my account is not a USA authorized internationally. As such a refundable activation fee of $650/- needs to be made to a local standard chartered account. Upon confirmation of the activation fee, I will be refunded $650/- plus the payment amount of the bag from the sales. As such, I made the transfer.

    I again received another email from Paypal requesting for another $1220/- to be transferred as there were other problem. I then sensed something amiss and immediately called to suspend the delivery of the item to Malaysia. Immediately, I emailed Paypal to clarify upon the activation fee matters and they replied there is no such thing. I also called the bank to stop the transfer however they are unable to do so and advised me to lodge a police report before they can initiate an investigation.

    Lastly, have made police report and waiting for the police to contact me.

    Bad luck!!!

    1. continue as above...

      Receiver details; Zurina Binti Harun, no. 5-2 Vista Prima Condo Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong Selangor, KL, Malaysia

  89. continue to above message;

    Fake Malaysia address and name :

    Zurina Binti Harun

    5-2,Vista Prima Condo,Bandar Puteri,47100 PUCHONG, SELANGOR
    City : Kualar Lumpur
    Country : Malaysia

    Local bank account : Standard Chartered (SG) 59-2-990152-6

  90. I was cheated by this unscrupulous woman by in 2011, and apparently she's still actively scamming people, esp mums looking to buy clothes or toys for their kids! She usually sells on craigslist or gumtree Singapore.

    I wrote this blog to compile her deeds


  92. New scam using kitchenware targeting housewives. The product is "Platinum Prado". This is their website and product

  93. Dear friends, I have been cheated by a guy named ROY whom I thought could be trusted. Two years ago, I met him in Facebook and we chatted for a few times. He tried asking me to be his girlfriend but I declined and so he said its ok he will treat me as his younger sister instead.
    Then one day, he asked me to be his guarantor to sign up for a plan in M1. At first, I did not agree and rejected his favor thrice but he kept begging me telling me that I am the only one who can help him sign a new line because both his parents’ names, his wife’s name and his own name has been blacklisted in all three mobile operators (Singtel, M1 and Starhub) and they cannot sign up for a new line anymore. He also said that he was homeless and have to sleep at the park now because he was thrown out of the house by his parents for not paying the electricity and water bills for their home. After hearing his story, I thought what he said sounded real. He also said that he promised to pay all the bills and so I signed up the line for him. Yes, I only agreed to sign up the line because he said he will pay for all the bills not only because I was cheated by his “story-telling”.

  94. continue.....

    He paid for the first bill on time and even brought me out twice with his wife named F. Until, when the second bill came and I was shocked to see the amount stating $200++ and I received the very first lawyer letter sent from M1 demanding payment from me. I immediately contacted him asking him what did he do that bill is like a bomb! He said give him more time because his boss has not given him his salary yet; and so I decided to wait. However, little did I know what he said was just to patronize me. The second bill came along with the second lawyer letter from M1 again and this time stating the bill amounting at $400++! I was really really shocked! I could not believe the amount I saw on the letter. I called him and told him off in the phone and there he goes with all excuses again. This time, he said that his wife has been hospitalized and he has used all his money on her hospital bills. Please give him more time, he promised that he will pay the bill when he receives his next salary. I was stupid enough to believe him again and so I continued to wait.

  95. continue last part....

    Then, the third time the bill came along with the lawyer’s letter as usual. This time the amount went all the way up to $800++. My mom and I were really furious and so we went to a M1 shop to ask for further enquiries about the bill. All M1 said was they could do nothing and if we want to make a police report, we could. So, my mom and I went to the police station to make a report. I told the police officer that I have a photo of that idiot guy but the officer just told me to show it to the IO when he/she wants to talk to me so after that I waited patiently. I thought this could be my chance to get that idiot guy to make his payment but it was a huge disappointment.
    A few weeks later, I received a letter from the police stating that due to insufficient evidence, they cannot do anything and FIND NO CHARGES AGAINST THAT GUY and so they cannot proceed any further investigation. However, that doesn’t give me the right to do what I want. How can there be no charges?? After reading that letter, I thought all hope was lost and I almost went into depression.
    I contacted that guy calling him a cheater and demanded immediate payment and he came up with all sorts of excuses as usual and this time even shouted back at me and accused me of cheating his money too which I did not. He wanted to treat me willingly I did not force him or even asked him to get anything for me at all!
    After the huge quarrel we had, he stopped contacting me.
    I went to call M1 to have the account immediately frozen. Since the account is frozen and I cannot contact him anymore, I decided to call his wife to ask for payment but she has also changed her phone number so I cannot find any ways to ask him for the payment. I could not do anything for a few months until one day I realized that I have F’s (Roy’s wife) Facebook account. I saw two posts that she posted, one about the anniversary present he bought for her and the other one about buying a new phone. HE GOT THE MONEY TO BUY BRANDED STUFF AND HANDPHONE AND GO OVERSEAS WITH HIS WIFE, CANNOT MAKE THE PAYMENT FOR PHONE BILL. WHAT A JOKE.
    So, last Thursday, I received the FOURTH lawyer letter from M1 demanding for the payment of $800++ AGAIN. I took a photo of the letter and Facebook message the photo to his wife, kindly asked her to tell Roy to make the payment as it has already been a very very very long time since he has done so. However, she saw the message I sent and did not bother replying. I sent her a second message on Facebook this afternoon again and she did not reply too.
    I have no means to pay such a huge amount of money as I am from a not so wealthy family. My mom is suffering from cancer but still has to work to pay for her medicines and hospital fee, my sister is actually working too but have to give up her job to take care of my mom because recently her condition worsened. My dad is not on good terms with us and I am a full time student and am not working because my mom wants me to focus on my studies so where can I find so much money? Unless, I quit school to work then I can get the money but my mom won’t allow me.
    I am too naïve and foolish and am embarrassed to say that I made friends with the wrong person and also trusted him too easily. I have learnt my lesson not to trust people too easily, especially with money. I will never commit the same mistake ever again. Once bitten, twice shy.
    Please help me keep a look out for ROY. He lives around Toa Payoh and if you do see him, please ask him to contact me or Singtel to clear the debt. I will be forever grateful for your kindness and understanding.

  96. I have received 2 SMSes from my girlfriend asking me why i need to buy iTunes Credit urgently. After clarification, I was shocked to know that she had received an SMS from me through the LINE chat on the request! I have not used LINE chat for over 6months and have deleted the App from my mobile phone. Lucky she clarified with me or else, $$$ gone!!!!

    I search about this and i found out its really PYRAMIDING SCAM/PONZI. Example: You buy the product $1,085sgd, You will earn $1,650sgd. Their complan is payout is only base on -re entry of the members or they called it re-purchase.
    This kind of system will incurred the more re-entry, the more MEMBERS will SUFFER. This must be stop!!!!! More people will suffer. example: 10 members join. 2 member will payout. and the remaining 8 will unpaid. In Financial Statement , Their balance sheet shows All Liabilities of people it means, Deficit FS, How they will file in ACRA?. Anyone who can call the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) or any DSA agency or police. This must be STOP BEFORE THEY SCAM OUR SINGAPOREAN PEOPLE

  98. Beware of the following scammer using the following details:
    Date: 09/08/2014
    POSB A/C : 247-74428-2
    WeChat ID - Seow007
    HP: 93440244 / 81169525
    URL Link :

    Run-of-the mill online scam, transferred deposit for the item, promised to deliver but did not. Scammer then find excuses that another customer refused to pay remaining amount upon delivery and requested for the remaining amt be transferred over before delivery. When cancelled the order and I demanded for the deposit to be refunded, scammer keep giving excuses that boss overseas cannot return money and such. Gave me a pic of someone's NRIC to appear to be genuine but probably some poor sap that got his NRIC copied.

    NRIC : S7xxx913H
    Name : Seow Aik Siang

    The scammer has other alias out there , so beware if come along to deal with a online transaction with the same info. The HP 93440244 have been flagged by other ppl before for being used as a scam no.,d.dGc

  99. New scam, by HP number 94558951, only have whatsapp but this number the person blocked all incoming calls, was gonna buy a samsung led tv mode of payment is bank deposit of halve first, then when delivered , pay the remaining, i was skeptical because bank xfer method is the highest risk of all, no contact number , no nothing to provide insurance, then he/she only have delivery, i asked if can i go and collect it myself and pay in full with cash he/she replied only delivery, no other option. SO obvious very fisshy. lucky i never xfer a single cent. He/she say will only issue invoice after i xfer half the amount. I requested to scan and email the unfilled or filled invoice first with the tv serial number and the deposit balance, then ill xfer the deposit. if not i wont pay a single cent. With the invoice i can at least trace the person/company. It happened today. But till now no reply from the whatsapp number

  100. a lot of scam in locanto singapore website. i wanted to buy a Macbook pro with $800. the person ask to transfer money to his western union account. initially i pay half of the amount first($400) to the US address. he gave me the story about his boss not allow half payment and the shipping is ready to send.he request to make full payment and the western union address was in Nigeria. he also send with the scam courier website ( and tracking number. he ask u to click the lick and the list of shipment is ready to send to u. after i google about the courier company and it was suspended long time ago. I confirm that it was a fraud and since then he never reply me.
    the person email address is his name is John Harris. kindly aware of this name and email address.
    i hope s'pore police can investigate about it

  101. Avoid TomToce ( at all cost.

    I placed the order on on 1 September.

    I was given a tracking number, and was told that carrier was com1express. After about a week later, it shows up on com1express website that the package was delivered, but I did not receive it. I called up com1express and gave them the tracking number, and they said that that tracking number does not belong to me/my address.

    I managed to contact TomToce online on 10 Sept with much effort and they said that they have not shipped yet but that they have just shipped it on 10 Sept. After waiting for another 9 more days, I still have not received the order.

    And again, with a lot of effort, I contacted TomToce online again on 19 Sept. Again, they said that they have just shipped my order and that it's on its way. I insisted for a tracking number this time, and they gave me a tracking number. When I check the com1express website for the new tracking number, it is invalid.

    1. Selling camera packages and watches as Binoyaudio886. Scam. stupid to fall into it. asks potential buyers to transfer half payment early. and later asks to transfer tax and refundable insurance. then their delivery guy somehow gets into accidents and stuff. no contact number. only viber and email. no shop name, location given as peninsular plaza but no shop number.

      Viber name : Gadget Stores viber +6590164207
      u cant call the number because it never connects.

      Account numbers given.
      Account Type: POSB savings
      Bank. POSB 340-104-930-2
      Dbs Savings 010-5-039981

      Name of email user Binoy Uthup. Hotmail address probably fake.

      If its too good to be true its probably not.

  102. Hi, i do not know whether is this blog is still in use but i need advise on how to go about to get back my money from this ex-boyfriend who cheated approximately S$10,000 from me. I've all bank statements to show the transactions down and the message of which he indicated he wants to return and when i asked for a lump sum, he decided not to return and involved his mother who of course, sided her own son. He took my money and refused to return no matter how i tried to talk nicely to him. He cheated on me with another girl too.

    1. What you have written sounds like you wants to get the money back because he cheated on you with another girl. Perhaps you can ask him to pay you back in instalments and not lump sum? If he has that kind of money lying around, he wouldn't have to borrow from you in the first place.

      Hopefully you can get your money back.

  103. Beware of this company "NJ Enterprise" the guy claims he's from a reputable company and will easily fool you.. checked ACRA website the company is already cancelled.. don't ever believe on him...he's selling lots of stuff in GUMTREE e.g ASICs Shoes, Acrylic Products&Sheets, Acrylic Fabrication, safety boots, desktop charger etc..

    Mobile No: 8268 3853
    Name: Jin En
    Bank Account No: POSB Saving 209-297-604


  104. I just got scammed by, email she is selling iphone 6 plus at$1k which I thought it is bargain it turned out as scam. Her tel number 83443484, her bank account number posb savings 355660354

  105. Just got scammed today by Mobile Apps Pte Ltd at Sim Lim square. Bought an iphone 6 for 1220$ then charged me again for apple care of 990$. His number is 6590825734

  106. I got scammed by a love cheat. His name is Manuel Philip Buthello. This stocky Indian man is a serial liar and cheat. He pretends to be fall deeply in love with a woman. Lies about his background and occupation. After gaining a woman's trust, he will give excuses to scam a woman of her money. Do not believe his lies. Virtually everything he says is a lie. His primary motive is sex and secondary motive is money. He is about 1.73m tall with a stocky build and is a heavy drinker of hard liquor. He usually has alcohol breath. Be careful if you meet him. He has violent character which he masks with his "fun-loving, harmless joke" behavior.

  107. Hi all,

    I just happened to provide my credit card account no. to open facebook free income online programme on the other day and now U$97 was debited from my credit card. It was informed by my bank. The bank said the supplier located in US. I tried many times to call their line to speak with the customer service agents at +1-866-887-1995 M-F 9am-5pm EST. But NO ONE pick it up my call and auto voice replied that 'our operators are busy, you may hold ..........................bla bla bla...' I hold the line even 30 minutes but unable to speak with any customer service or operator. so I left message to call me back at my mobile about 4 time but NO ONE contact me til today. I wrote the email to cancel and refund my money, but auto-email replied that unable to cancel the membership due to security reason. It is bullshit and nonsense! Please advise if u face this kind of matter. I already cancel my credit card and they are unable to deduct money in the future but what did I concern is U$97 that they deducted from my acct. Anyone facing before? How should I report to SPF?

  108. Pls dont send your hard earn money to this Asian China basted website it's looks like good deal but it not real. it's fake. Website base in pucking China less price electronic goods. Don't trust them . Sorry my self me cheated by them.

  109. Don't send money to totally fake (scam) Our Western Union information:
    First Name: JINYU
    Last Name: WANG
    City: Wuhan
    Country: China

    Our Money Gram information:
    First Name: BIAO
    Last Name: SUN
    City: Wuhan
    Country: China

  110. I was scammed by email: She calls herself Rin Yee but her real name is Yee Miao Ling. She sells anime products and I bought $74.19 worth of products from her. The first time, she replies my message, but after a month had gone and I wanted to ask her if they would be reaching soon she started to ignore my emails and messages. When I went back to the website claiming for a refund she ignored me. So now no product and no refund. I'm not sure whether to inform the police because I heard cases like this would case close without any conclusion. Anyone scammed by her too? And should I inform the police?

  111. I bough a perfume from Carousell from the seller @baby_tink. Her posb account number is 241 31236 4 and her phone number is 90294566. It turns out to be a fake one!! I can even go down to counter to verify the authenticity. Everyone, please get your guard up! Anybody have the similar experience? Have reported her to the admin of carousell!!
    Good luck!

  112. This is another scam website..

    Do not deal with them

  113. Have been scammed twice in carousell. Carousell is really a scam city. Got scammed $600 for spending on USS tickets. Even meetup for physical tickets can kena cheated. Metup with buyer exchange cash and tickets then realize tickets are invalid,reported as lost/stolen tickets.

    do not deal with these people : 91809043(Malay guy lives in Hougang but apparently he had arranged meetup islandwide), 209-58676-2 Posb savings
    81247923(China guy who owns many other hp numbers)128-26000-5 Posb savings

    Anybody know how I can get my money back after lodging police report please I would like to hear feedback from you. I need hope! @

  114. On 5th December 2014, 10.30pm, i think i almost got scammed.
    There was a phone call on my house line and the caller was a woman with heavy Indian accent. She told me she was from Windows Service Center, the Global server of service center. She then proceeded to tell my computer registration number has been stolen and pirated around. She have me her name, Sonia, and employee code, 9003, to ensure me that she was authentic.
    !!! (NOTE: i searched on the internet but i found out that Windows will never call you unless you contact them.) !!!
    Continuing, she told me to follow her step by step.
    1. Press the windows key along with the 'r' key. A small ru box will appear at the bottom.
    2. Type in assoc then press okay.
    3.A black box with codes will come out, then she ask me to type something in which i can't remember but after that she will ask you confirm with you your registration number: 888dca60-fc0a.......
    i hanged up after she made me open up something where you can see the active connections with established state or time out state or something. I'm not that good with this kind of stuff so i almost believed her.

    I have seen many comments on how people from India has been doing these scams and i think i should warn you guys before something happens to you too.
    I still don't know if the few things i did for her is safe and not doing anything weird to my computer.

  115. Hi All,

    I got scam.
    Trying to buy PS4 for my kids as a Christmas present.
    Now, loss my money and didn't receive any PS4

    Below is the link i found.

    10 Dec request for make full payment only deliver to my place.
    - did my full payment
    - wait till 10pm didn't receive any item from deliver guy.

    11 Dec confirm will sent to my office at 12 Dec 9am
    12 Dec, wait till now didn't receive any item and no reply from wechat at all.

    Please let me know what is the next step i can do?
    I got her bank account number.

    She told me mother of 3 kids will not cheat
    Now, she is lie to me and didn't deliver item to me.
    Message to her got no reply at all.

    Please advise.

    1. I got scammed too. Mine was a MacBook Pro 17" 2011 model (2nd-handed). Same tactic and method used. Promised 10pm delivery but nothing came and said that she is a mother of 3 and will not cheat. You should report to the police and provide the bank account number to the police.

  116. I payed 650 fr a note 3....i git teir hp num n acount num....n ic...but i dnow weter its teir o not....made a plice report a i dnow muchbout tre ny chnce tat v wil get d mny u ans me sir/madam

  117. Please be aware that this Misslucyheel. Do not purchase anything from them.

  118. Remember scummers may change name but they may forget their contact details...

    Thanks for your mail,the rooms are still available either for short or long term basis depending on your choice and Like i said,my apartment has 3 rooms and a living room,so i use one room while two is for rent.The rent for the apartment is $600 per month , while you would also make a security deposit of $900.This deposit would be refunded to you at the end of your stay in the apartment if nothing is destroyed during your stay..

    Before we proceed though,there are some conditions and rules and I will like us to decide on and it just requires your consent and afterwards we can proceed with the contract and for me to reserve the room you so you can move in as soon as you want to,i will need you to get back to me with the following:

    1.You shall sign a document confirming that the room has been reserved for you

    2.You shall make your first month payment to me

    3.You shall have to read the agreement contract which i shall send to you firstly as an attached mail before you make your payment. For the document to be prepared successfully,I would be needing the following details:

    (1) Your move in and out date;
    (2) Your current address and also the address where you would like the keys to the apartment,the Original copy of the contract and also the receipt of payment sent to after confirmation of payment from me which you shall sign and bring along with you when moving in finally as my room mate
    (3) Your scanned ID passport for identification
    (4) Your Full Name
    (5) The Total Months you will like to stay in my apartment
    (6) Mobile #

    The house is located at 111 Emerald Hill Rd Singapore 229391 . It overviews the courtyard with a large window. This apartment is ideal for 3 guests.The living room is well furnished and perfect,i am not around for now and would not be back for sometime. I am in UK now and would be back by the end of February.As soon as i have confirmed you as my flatmate for reservation, I would send you the Keys to the apartment by mail and also send the contract documents and receipt as well.You can always call me anytime on +447035956738

    I hope you quite understand me and everything?

    There is also a washer,air-con and dryer in the apartment for the laundry needs and also to the apartment has a car park.Infact,it has being allotted two car spaces.

    I wait to read from you soonest to continue the contract and further details about the documents towards having you as my room mate.

    Warmest regards,

    Zairen - Rahmat - or Chew

  119. Hello
    I was scammed by a Singaporean man who's name is Deon Pang.

    We came into contact on a website and pretty soon we got bit more serious. He made me fall in love and then started to talk about a short time money problem.. he asked for 100 sgd. I was so stupid to send it to him on paypal. Email linked is after he recieved the money he said that he didn't get it and asked for more. I refused and then he stopped all contact.

    Everyone beware of Mr. Deon Pang

  120. I post anonymous as I'm very scared at the moment and the issue is very embarrassing. What happened?

    I was on an online adult website where I met a Singaporean who's name is Deon Pang (supposedly from ang mo kio area). He first made me compliments and once we were in touch he told me about a problem he has money whise. I was stupid enough to send 100 sgd to him on his paypal account linked to the email

    as soon he recieved it he refused further contact. the end I'm a victim of a scam. I tried to get back and also asked a friend who runs a company specialized in these kind of issues but so far nothing happened.

    The scam happened on November 14.

    The damage is small and the circumstances embarrassing.. but I fear this Deon Pang will continue to do this with other people.

    Everyone beware of this person!


  121. BEWARE of FRAUDULENT BUYER (not seller this time) from Gumtree

    One day, this fraudster emailed me to indicate his interest in buying an item which I was selling in Gumtree. However, he wants the item to be delivered to Thailand for his daughter who is staying there and he is from USA, therefore he wants me to mail the item directly to his daughter. He told me he can pay me via paypal or bank transfer. So I agreed to sell to him and gave him my bank account number for bank transfer (as I do not have paypal)

    Subsequently, an online transaction email of the money transfer was sent to me. However, the email stated the money will be on hold at Citibank side until I post the item and send them a scanned copy of postage receipt due to buyer/seller protection thing. Well, I believed that because it 'seems' reasonable, so I posted the item and emailed them (via reply button) my postage receipt. It's only after emailing them my receipt that I realized something is wrong, google about it and true enough it is a scam! which some forums and blogger wrote about it 2-3 years ago (exactly the same email format and content!!!) stupid of me for not checking it out thoroughly!

    Now I'm worried if they'll make use of my bank account number, my signature (that was on the postage receipt which I scanned and sent to them) and my address (I wrote a return mail address on my item - assuming that their add is valid and one of the frauder is staying there and received my package). Anyone can give me an advice on this?

    Below is the email which the frauder sent to me
    (PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THEIR EMAIL FORMAT so you don't get scammed like me):

    Email 1:
    Hello i am Mr Peter Clement from United State Of America, how are
    you today and how are your families ? hope all is good ? well i am
    interested in buying the item for my daughter in THAILAND, because it
    my daughter that need it and i hope she would like it , so kindly get
    to me with the total cost of the item including the shipping cost to
    her address below with post office, i pay through either Paypal or
    Bank transfer ok reply soon.

  122. another email to confirm that it is fraud:
    Hello ,
    Thanks for the Shipment,
    Now i just received a notification from the bank about our transaction
    , Is it true that this is the first time you are receiving a money
    transfer from usa ??? your account is not yet activated ??? im not
    happy about this at all, because your account needs to be activated
    before you can take the transfer from Citi Bank Of America ,the bank
    has debited the account activations fees which is SGD-650 from my
    account ...

    Now your account is activated anyway , U only need to send back the
    SGD-650 through Bank Transfer to the provided Bank Information which i
    believe the bank should have sent to you by now and send the deposit
    receipt to the bank....

    The SGD-650 is just a form of verifications (As said by the bank) it
    will be credited back into your account with the SGD-35, so total you
    will get in your account after you have transfer the SGD650 via bank
    transfer and send the bank receipt and to the bank is
    SGD-650+SGD-35......Hope there is a DBS deposit Atm around, that you
    can quickly deposit the money into the Account.You can also make the
    transfer with Internet Banking if you have and you just send the
    Transfer Confirmation to Citibank.

    This is the Bank details below,the bank account is for my friend who
    own a Singapore Account.So kindly email me once you have Bank In the

    Account number-0330103325.
    Bank Name-DBS bank.
    Account name- Chee Puay
    savings account

  123. I am quite convinced that I've been scammed by the same scammer on crimewatch ):

    I paid for a phone via iBanking (stupid me... should have met up with him face-to-face) and he suddenly changed his "terms and conditions" saying i have to buy another phone before I can receive the one I bought.. Thankfully I suspected something and reported to the police before I was fooled into throwing more money away ): and of course, I never received the phone.

    He gave me a fake IC (at that time I thought it was real)
    and apparently, the police have recieved several reports about him... so beware guys!

    His email address is: tansgdd/at/
    I found him on craigslist singapore, but i think he has other email addresses in gumtree and locanto...

    The police told me that the safest thing is to always meet face-to-face, and to bring someone along when meeting up (especially since i am a petite girl).

    I've never posted in a forum before, but I feel i need to warn people that there are such malicious people out there who don't want to make an honest living, and would rather steal from people who do... i honestly pity him, because i'm wondering what he must have gone through in life to make him resort to doing such things... ):