Saturday, June 14, 2014

MOM Officer Phone Scam

Received a call from “MOM” officers? Beware it might be a scam!

Police have received several reports of victims who received phone calls from scammers claiming to be officers from Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

The scammers would call the victims using a phone number similar to the MOM Contact Centre’s hotline (6438 5122) and inform them about an error in their personal particulars. They were then told to transfer money to an account to settle issues related to their stay in Singapore or work pass application.
MOM has clarified that such calls are not authentic. MOM will not call members of the public to request for any fund transfers. Members of the public are reminded to exercise vigilance and be wary of such phone calls.

If you receive such calls, you should adopt these crime prevention measures:
• Ignore such calls;
• Do not transfer any money to the caller, either via remittance agencies, banks or any other means; and
• Call the Police immediately at ‘999’ to report the case.



  1. They should be asked to show the proof of their authenticity. Government should do something to reduce these money scams happening everywhere. People cannot invest on opportunities these days without having a doubt of being cheated in the process.

  2. No matter who claim to be GOVT or whatever agency, always ask to call them back on their company phone to verify their authenticity. Thats what we learn in the Army to confirm the identity.

  3. I'm writing this letter to prevent more victims of this Recruitment Agency.
    Last November 24, 2015, I saw an advertisement through application that all foreigners are welcome to apply and fast approval. I send my particulars to the hand phone number +6591321015 that they posted and after few hours. I received a text message to go down to their office at UOB tower 2 raffles place level 35. Then an Indian lady named Angeline, Myanmar lady and a chinese local singaporean gave me a leaflet how the process will be. Got 2 options for resume advertisement first is SGD390 for short period notice (7 days) and a SGD290 for 14 days period notice but your resume will be advertise at Asia Job Mart for maximum of 2-3 months and if no successful job approved refunded. So I chose the 2 weeks notice one as I am eager to get a job. After a day I received a call to this UUBR company named Miss Sol for an interview. So i went down to the office at 1 Raffles Place #20-00 One Raffles Place which is just opposite the bldg. of the Asia Recruit Agency. She lay down immediately the job offer and contract and asks money immediately. SGD 180 for the training and SGD 650 for the program fees which is refundable within a month if job is unsuccessful. Then on November 26, 2015 I went to the training at Asia Recruit 1 Park Road People's Park Complex, Chinatown and then after the training session the Indian small lady gave us the application form and told us to fill up for Employment Pass and she she said we can have our EPASS after 7 working days. But its now more than 2 weeks no job application, no emails despite sending them so many emails about the status of my job application and not taking my calls. When I came back to the Office of Asia Recruit, Ive talked with Indian lady Angeline and she has talked so much like you wait for the email about your application number and so on. she is impolite, rude, very aggressive and bitchy. Can you help me to publish this blog to prevent more victims of their scam. Asia Recruit Owner is Mr. Terry Tan with the phone number 8709-1962. BTW, he never pick up his phone. I thought that Singapore is a zero crime country and i am quite disappointed that there still are Singaporean citizen who taking advantage and ripping off foreign nationals who's trying to get a job for their living. I want them to be punish by the law.

    Thank you very much.