Friday, May 11, 2012

Photoshoot Scams - Nude Model's Photographs Leaked

If you are a model who has been promised a good amount of money and sweet agreements to keep the photos private for a nude photoshoot, you must be very naive.

So what if there is even a contract being signed by the photographer or photographers that they will only keep the photos of your totally exposed body only as part of their personal collections?

We are very sure that celebrity Edison Chen Guanxi had also promised his numerous of flings that he would keep their sex photos and sex-tapes as personal collection - and in the end, all the nude photos are leaked. Do you still remember the "NYP Tammy" video incident that happened years back?

Is there anything that can remain as a secret with the high technology nowadays, especially with the great Internet, which news and scandals can be circulated within seconds? This is why the terms "leaked" and "exposed" are related to porn websites.

We do agree that nude photography is a form of arts, but is also subjected to the real intention of the photographer, which is impossible to be judged. A photographer who can take very nice photographs does not mean that he has a good moral as well.

By the way, taking naked photos in the public is at this moment still illegal under Singapore's laws.

Eileen Yumiko Yap nude picture
Above screenshot is property of photographer Roy Chuang. We have censored part of it due to its sexiness although it doesn't show any of Eileen Yap's private parts.

Recently, a part-time model Eileen Yumiko Yap's nude photos are leaked into the Internet.

In an interview found in XinMSN:

FHM Models 2010: Top 15 scouted babes
Eileen Yap, 21, Sales Beauty Consultant

Vital Statistics: 32"26"36"; Height: 1.68m

What is the sexiest thing that you have done?
That would be when I get naked at home.

What is the sexiest outfit that you own?
My Cosplay costume.

If I win, I promise I will...
Wear a bikini and wash cars.


Photographer in trouble over naked pictures

A photographer has been accused of outraging the modesty of several models he was working with.

The allegations came to light after nude pictures he took of the women surfaced on the Internet.

The photographer, 41-year-old Chen Jun Hao, went to a police station in Geylang at 10am yesterday morning (23 April) in an attempt to clear his name.

Mr Chen has come under fire recently after nude pictures of a 24-year-old part-time model began circulating around the internet.

Soon after these photos were posted, another photographer came forward to accuse Mr Chen of behaving indecently towards models he has worked with.

On his Facebook page, the photographer cited six other alleged instances of Mr Chen behaving inappropriately towards models.

Some of these models complained that Mr Chen would ask them to remove their bras while others said the photographer allegedly asked them to change in front of him.

One underage model even claimed that Mr Chen shaved her pubic hair.

Mr Chen has refuted these allegations, insisting that models could have walked away instead of acceding to his requests.

He also said that it was standard practice to have models in wedding gowns remove their bras.

In his defence, Mr Chen also claimed that the fitting room in the studio was too small for the models to change into their wedding gowns, which often come with wire frames for their skirts.

He said he would walk away to give the models more privacy when they change into these gowns.

We can find screenshots of models relating their stories with Chen Jun Hao aka Tan Choon How aka Mike S aka Candle Ghost to another photographer Roy Chuang at his Facebook Page - "Mike S (Candle Ghost) Exposed!!!".

We are not aware of the truthfulness of the accusation to Chen Jun Hao, however, we believe such things are happening in the modelling world. We hope all model wannabes would take precaution.

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